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01 Oct 2009

Communicating in a Flat World

Silvia Cambié on Internat'l Comm Strategy - Dev in Cross-Cult Comm, PR & Soc Media nominated Business Book of the Year by FT & Goldman Sachs

Silvia Cambié will be in Brussels to talk about her new book, International Communications Strategy - Developments in Cross-Cultural Communication, PR and Social Media (co-authored with Yang-May Ooi), published by Kogan Page and nominated for the Financial Times Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Awards 2009.Her presentation : * Overview of the skills communicators need to acquire in order to get up to speed in the new era of cultural interconnectedness. * CSR: international trends, innovative ways of engaging stakeholders, communication for social entrepreneurs. * Web 2.0: going beyond technology. Understanding the cross-cultural aspects of social media. * Best practices and hands-on case studies from a number of countries including India, Sudan, Brazil, Chile and China. Globalisation and Web 2.0 are transforming the world of communications beyond recognition.Multinationals from emerging economies like China and Brazil are globalising aggressively and reshaping world-wide industries. They are developing new communication practices that will soon dominate our way of working.At the same time, technology and the interactive web are creating new on-line cultures and new audiences for communicators.The focus of the communication profession is shifting from content creation to relationship management. While in the past organisations seemed to need communicators only for colorful brochures and news releases, they now expect them to provide strategic advice and help senior executives to engage effectively with stakeholders in different parts of the world. Cost15


1 Oct 2009 @ 07:00 pm

1 Oct 2009 @ 09:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours


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