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27 Nov 2013

Shale Gas World Europe 2013


The 4th Annual Shale Gas World Europe brings together more E&P companies, service providers, and government representatives from across Europe than any other pan European unconventional event you might consider attending. Whether your focus is the UK, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Poland or is Europe-wide, you should join us.Developing European unconventionals from exploration into production.Join Europe’s premier industry marketplace as we cover all major opportunities and solutions in bringing the Shale boom to Europe. Our event will cover all major European nations with the best prospects of production, and our format will provide you the opportunity to attend affordable networking sessions suited to a variety of requirements.10 reasons to attend1. Position yourself in one room filled with the 18 major national players in unconventional development 2. Sit in on deep interviews concerning European E&P outlook and Government incentives surrounding the fiscal regime 3. Participate in geographic and industry specific roundtables, networking with those who make a difference to your business 4. Meet and connect personally with C-level executives and key stakeholders in European Shale 5. Find the right partners to help bring unconventional resources into production 6. Hear NOC strategy in European shale procurement and production straight from company board members 7. Walk through our technical floor and discover the latest case studies, technologies and talk points in maximising the value of shale reserves 8. Discover how varied major and minor operators plan to manage their unconventional portfolios 9. Assess a future of unconventionals varied from shale gas, shale oil, coal bed methane, underground coal gasification, and coal mine methane 10. Discover how European wide Shale production


27 Nov 2013 @ 09:00 am

28 Nov 2013 @ 05:00 am

Duration: 20 hours



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