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How should legislation meet new challenges?

In an increasingly connected world where information is both rapidly saved and sent, and where the internet is a primary platform for exchange between individuals, ensuring security in cyberspace is as imperative as guaranteeing safety in the offline world. Keeping as a priority citizen rights and freedoms, cybercrime must also be fought in order to ensure that the Internet be a promising tool for the EU.Discussion points• Previous efforts by the European Commission and individual Member States have been too fragmented to deal with this growing challenge, will this attempt be more successful?• Official notification by the private sector if cyber attacked – how will this influence the growth of European Business?• How will unclear definitions of cybersecurity influence the process towards EU legislation?• US is likely to apply a more voluntary approach to notifications from private companies, will European companies lose competitiveness?• How should EU avoid duplication of institutional structures and to which extent should the member states be able to decide cybersecurity governance?• What costs should we expect and how much is consumers willing to pay? (in financial terms and in terms of "freedom")• Today the difference between the 28 member states are extensive, will EU legislation solve this discrepancy?• Which role should cybersecurity play in the transatlantic dialogue? Speaker line-upHielke Hijmans Head of Unit Policy & Consultation, European Data Protection SupervisorFredrik Erixon Director of ECIPE - European Centre for International Political EconomyJakub Boratynski Head of Unit H4 - Trust and Security, DG Connect, European Commission PayPal - Name of speaker to be confirmedCarlo Schüpp Non-Executive Director and co-founder of LSEC - ModeratorEuropean Parliament MEP from the ECON committeePrivate stakeholdersAcademicsConsumer representatives etc.


4 Mar 2014 @ 10:00 am

4 Mar 2014 @ 12:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours


Thon Hotel EU (room Belgium)

Rue de la Loi 75


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