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Is Big Data the right recipe for Europe?

Which legislation is needed to create possibilities and ensure security?

Big Data is often described as the next big leap in the ICT revolution. The need for sharing data and increase the possibilities to take advantage of the development has been clearly pinpointed by the European Commission. Putting data together is expected to improve the conditions to make qualified analysis and therefore innovations within different sectors.From the perspective to fulfil the ambition to create a more competitive Europe, Big Data has been described as an important tool. The possibilities to combine large amount of data opens up new opportunities, but it also raises concerns. The discussion concerns privacy issues. The question is which legislation is needed to prevent that the data goes from being anonymized, to contain enough information to make it possible to identify individuals. However, it also raises questions about Cybersecurity and if the citizens will trust business ability to protect the information.  Discussion points•   For which sectors can we foresee increased productivity, innovations and competitiveness?•   Which opportunities will Big Data bring?•   In which areas would we need harmonized EU laws?•   How can we prevent that harmonization leads to increased administrative burden for business?•   How do we build a security system and what is needed in terms of data protection legislation?•   How should we prevent profiling and potential discrimination?•   How can we secure privacy and prevent that integrated data makes it easier to identify personal information?•   How can we build Smart cities with help from Big Data?•   How can the health sector gain and what are the risks?•   Are current marketing rules sufficient in an era with Big Data?•   How can we expect social media to develop and will current legislation be enough?  Speaker line-upGiuseppe Abbamonte Director, Media & Data Directorate, DG CONNECT, European CommissionEuropean Parliament MEPHigh level representative from the European CommissionAcademicsPrivate stakeholdersNGOs User-side representative


18 Nov 2014 @ 10:00 am

18 Nov 2014 @ 12:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours


Stanhope Hotel

Rue du Commerce 9


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