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Closure of the 2007-13 Programmes

Course provides solutions to the problematic situations at closure, based on EC recommendations, past experience and interaction between participants

We recall closing the 2004-06 Programme in Malta in 2009 and 2010. While colleagues were happily immersed in the novelties of the new 2007-13 Programme, opening calls for new, fresh projects, us at the MA’s 2004-06 ERDF and ESF units were sweating to certify the last payments of the programme, dealing with lingering problems of the past and wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side. Yet, Programme Closure may be an exercise of immense satisfaction and pride if completed successfully. It wraps up years of untiring efforts to fulfil the promises made in the programming document, to justifiably absorb EU assistance and to deliver the results that make the difference in people’s lives.This course aims to tap into the procedures set for the Closure of the Programming Period 2007-13, giving an overview of the three main documentary requirements – the final report, the final statement of expenditure and the closure declaration. Yet, it will also give a deeper insight into the implications of the three on the operations of the authorities involved. The possible options to maximise absorption of funds, the efficiency and effectiveness of management verifications and the problems in measuring outputs, results and impacts are discussed. Closure involves the concerted effort of all stakeholders in the system and it starts with the final year of eligibility. This course strives to give possible solutions to problematic situations at closure, based on the instructions and recommendations provided by the European Commission, the past experience of the speakers and the continuous interaction between participants.


23 Apr 2015 @ 08:30 am

24 Apr 2015 @ 06:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 9 hours


Hilton Malta Hotel



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