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Seminar on The Complete 1099, 1042-S and FATCA Compliance Update

We will share the regulatory compliance issues and best practices for collecting Forms W-9 and W-8, performing TIN matching, your information reporting requirements

Overview:We will share the regulatory compliance issues and best practices for collecting Forms W-9 and W-8, performing TIN matching, your information reporting requirements, if and when back-up withholding must begin and the withholding rates, efficient handling of CP-2100 / B-Notices, responding to IRS notices of proposed penalties, reporting to non-resident aliens, and compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).Why should you attend:In addition, how do you determine whether you can accept a W-9 from someone or you must request a W-8 instead? What if you send them a 1099 when you should have sent them a form 1042-S.? How will you deal with an IRS demand for the backup withholding you failed to deduct from the Nonresident Alien's (NRA's) payments? The IRS is working hard to reduce the delinquent tax burden. They know we are becoming relatively compliant with our 1099 reporting, but they also know we are far less sure of ourselves when it comes to identifying and performing backup withholding on our NRA's. Collecting the tax due from NRAs working in the U.S. is a Tier 1 audit issue. This tax burden is minimized when companies making payments to NRAs for dependent and independent personal services properly withhold on these payments.Areas Covered in the Session:Be well versed in the information reporting process includingThe importance of obtaining Forms W-9 or W-8 on all payeesBe able to reduce the amount of time and resources necessary to handle the company's information reporting mandateBe able to minimize the risk and effort involved in performing backup withholdingImprove the accuracy of their regulatory reporting processEnhance the relationship between the company and clients/vendors, etc.Be able to help reduce the company's potential exposure to penalties for noncompliance with the information reporting and withholding regulationsHave a clear action plan for implementing best practices for complianceQuick Contact:NetZealous BDA as GlobalCompliancePanel USA Phone:1-800-447-9407Fax: 302-288-6884


28 May 2015 @ 08:30 am

29 May 2015 @ 05:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 8 hours


Courtyard by Marriott Capitol Hill/Navy Yard

140 L Street Southeast

United States

Organised by

GlobalCompliancePanel (deactivated)

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