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22nd Round Table on Giftedness


Intrapersonal giftedness has in recent decades been either directly or indirectly in the focus of interest of giftedness research, having in mind that as an ability it is related to introspective and self-reflexive capacities of personality, i.e. to deep understanding of oneself, on one’s own strengths and weaknesses, uniqueness and ability to monitor and coordinate one’s own reactions; this further has implications for education quality management and it is considered a crucial determinant of sustainable development strategies in the conditions of highly competitive global market. The strategy is permeated by emphasized note of innovative development based on management of changes which do not remain at the level of adaptive responses to environment, but they are characterized by certain new work competencies. Special place among them belongs to readiness for change. Psychologists explain such a readiness according to characteristic cognitive, affective and conative functions of a person, especially of a gifted person. In cognitive sense, this competence refers to flexible, creative, non-dogmatic thinking of the gifted, as well as the ability to accept plurality of ideas; in affective sense it refers to ability to tolerate suspense and uncertainty, while in conative sense it means initiative, innovativeness and readiness for risk taking. As a consequence, it is necessary to prepare young individuals for the world of work and life in general within pluralistic educational concept which should be characterized by flexibility of educational models, with greater possibilities and choices, creation of personalized programs and multi-perspective teaching, whose task is to encourage self-determination and co-determination, implying self-responsible and co-responsible behaviour of the gifted in learning process.


1 Jul 2016 @ 08:00 am

1 Jul 2016 @ 05:00 pm

Duration: 9 hours


Preschool Teacher Training College

Omladinski trg


Organised by

Preschool Teacher Training College, Vrsac, Serbia (deactivated)

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