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Claims substantiation

Marketers must ensure that they comply with relevant legislation, both in relation to the medium in which the claim appears and the nature of the products being promoted.

Before making any claims about foods (and non-foods), whether on-pack, in marketing, advertising or in any other presentation, marketers must ensure that they comply with relevant legislation, both in relation to the medium in which the claim appears and the nature of the products being promoted. Where claims are not specified by law, marketers must ensure that they are sufficiently substantiated with up-to-date, relevant evidence. In the absence of such evidence, claims are usually deemed to be misleading and therefore likely to breach various legal and non-legal regulations.

In this Claims substantiation seminar, Leatherhead brings together its experts from Regulatory, Nutrition and Consumer, Sensory and Market Insight to offer a comprehensive overview of different types of claims made about food and other FMCG and how to go about substantiating them.

Our Global Regulatory team supports clients in identifying claim compliance. With reference to real case examples and discussion on interpretation of rules and regulations, our Marketing & Claims expert will present regulatory decisions made with regard to claims substantiation, including identifying where marketers have got it right and wrong. 

Leatherhead’s Nutrition team supports clients wanting to submit a health claim to EFSA, based on newly developed scientific data. Our expert will present on what methods need to be followed and what kind of evidence is required to meet the EFSA guidelines.

Our Consumer, Sensory & Market Insight team supports clients by carrying out consumer and sensory tests and proving market data for comparative and non-comparative claims. Our expert will present examples of current sensory claims, methods to substantiate, and relevant protocols and standards.


16 May 2017 @ 09:00

16 May 2017 @ 05:00

Duration: 8 hours


Leatherhead Food Research

Great Burgh

KT18 5XT Epsom

United Kingdom

Organised by

Leatherhead Food Research (view profile)

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