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Once upon a time in Anderlecht @ European Parliament

A social initiative that teaches smartphone videomaking to kids from the suburbs of Brussels

INFO & REGISTRATION: www.OnceUponATimeInAnderlecht.eu

"Once upon a time in Anderlecht" is a 2-year project, which aimed to teach kids from the peripheries of Brussels to make videos with their smartphones.
The goal of the initiative is to foster social inclusion via media education.

On June 21st, thanks to the support of the "commune/gemeente" of Anderlecht, 1070, we will take our young participants to the EP to showcase their work, discuss of media literacy, maybe eat some popcorn.

INFO & REGISTRATION: www.OnceUponATimeInAnderlecht.eu




OUATIA is a social initiative with the support of the Fondation Roi Baudoin (Fonds Alain De Pauw) and Angelika Mlinar, member of the European Parliament.


The project consists of two axes:

1 a series of workshop that were given to kids from the suburbs of Brussels in order to teach them how to film and edit high quality videos using their smartphones only.

2 a series of audiovisual portraits to 10 people that live/work in 1070, like "Humans from New York" but with mobile videos rather than pictures (all videos are available on the official website)


The goal of the initiative was not only to teach low income youngsters a highly valuable digital skill, but in particular to enable them improve the image of Brussels' suburbs using their own point of view (as an antidote to what has happened to Molenbeek)The radical change in the public image of the capital of Europe's suburbs are the best way to counterbalance the "Molenbeek" effect.

Instead of producing an artificial positive image of the city, we have decided to empower real citizens, as the people who live around Brussels are the best candidate to tell the world what Brussels and surroundings really are.

The documentary itself, which represents a dynamic summary of the initiative, can contribute to this beneficial work of international public relations.

Smarpthone videomaking, this groundbreaking technique of filming/editing/adding titles/music/upload online with no need for a laptop computer, is itself innovative and unique.


Smartphone represents the universally accessible tool of communication today (do not believe to those that think that poor people do not own a smartphone, they are so wrong!).


By enabling these youngsters to be completely independent in the digital transmission of their point of view, we are starting a real revolution, which we are going to carry on thanks to the spin-off that "Once upon a time in Anderlecht" has originated (www.smartvideos.eu).

As mentioned above, smartphone is an extremely accessible tool that reduces to zero the cost of an engaging audiovisual production about Brussels and surroundings.

Technically, whoever owns a smartphone can produce a 2minute video to share his/her love for the city with the rest of the world.

Thanks to our project - in particular with your support - this production can be part of a more consistent analysis of the contemporary political/economic/social state of the city.

INFO & REGISTRATION: www.OnceUponATimeInAnderlecht.eu


21 Jun 2017 @ 03:45 pm

21 Jun 2017 @ 06:01 pm

Duration: 2 hours, 16 minutes


European Parliament

rue Wierz, 60

1050 Ixelles


Organised by

Smart Videos

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