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16 Oct 2017
Home Affairs

EU Law for Non-Lawyers


The body of national law derived from EU directives and regulations expands into all areas of government and officials in both, national and EU administrations play an increasingly active role as administrators and enforcers of EU law. Therefore, they need a sufficient understanding of legal norms to avoid actions incompatible with EU legislation, leading to compensation claims against them and their authority. On the other hand, regulatory affairs professionals from business and professional associations are required to possess good knowledge of EU legislative framework in order to actively influence the EU law-making process. This series of tutorials will provide a concentrated, in-depth introduction into the most important rules of EU law. It is divided into two modules, starting with the EU legal framework and the new comitology system after Lisbon, moving to decision-making in the EU institutions, and ending with Internal Market rules and case law of the Court of Justice. Practical case studies and a workshop will enable participants to better understand various legal acts and their application in practice.

Module 1 (16-17 October 2017) The EU Legal System, Comitology procedure after Lisbon, EU founding principles and competences vis-a-vis Member States, decision-making process at EU level, EU law implementation at EU level and the Internal Market and the Fundamental Freedoms.
Module 2 (18 October 2017) Consequences of breaches of EU law by the Member States and EU institutions, infringement proceedings, actions for annulment, damages actions.

The programme is divided into two modules to offer you flexibility in adapting the event to your needs. The tutorial involves coaching by EIPA lecturers and external experts for small groups of participants, allowing for individualisation of the training. The workshops will put the knowledge gained by you into a practical context to demonstrate the relevance and consequences of EU rules for their daily work. In addition, particular emphasis will be placed on interaction to facilitate an exchange of your day-to-day practices.


16 Oct 2017 @ 09:00 am

18 Oct 2017 @ 04:30 pm

Duration: 2 days, 7 hours


Chambre des métiers

Parc des Exposition



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EIPA Luxembourg

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