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EXPLORING THE MICRO, MESO AND MACRONavigating between dimensions in the digital learning landscape

The demand for people with new, enhanced skills is growing. The volume of information produced and shared in all fields is overwhelming. Building the data economy became part of the EU Digital Single Market. Powerful and sophisticated ICT is part of everyday life, and the world of learning is not an exception. Pressure is on all players of the online education community to keep up with new learning solutions, and better supply the skills currently demanded by growing economies.

Open Education continues its success, providing radical advances in knowledge acquisition, sharing, distribution, and improving business models. Digital credentials and open badges are the new currencies which are beginning to transform the economic models in education.

Social and economic tensions continue to raise the issues of scalability, the micro-credentialling of education, training and skill development processes. Practitioners and stakeholders are eagerly seeking right approaches to providing learning opportunities, and many scholars are researching holistic answers.

Micro, meso and macro aspects provide an interesting range of lenses for considering the problem. These aspects may be applied in a general sense, distinguishing between the learning of individuals ( through mobile learning), learning at the institutional or group levels through a meso lens, and the learning of organizations or societies directed through policies through the macro lens.

Navigating these dimensions are the reshaping of digital pedagogy and online instructional design; the social elements including digital societal mechanisms and the position of the individual in our new era. We have need of systematic awareness and research in the critical are of sustainable socio-cultural aspects as they relate to learning.

EU initiatives emphasize solutions to emerging needs, and seek to improve competitiveness and professional development; enhance cross-sectional skills; and fuel the engines of social innovation – creativity, entrepreneurship, critical thinking and problem solving.

There is a natural curiosity to investigate and propose solutions for emerging needs, and a need for solutions. But it is very complicated; proposed, solid formulas are often either overly complicated or become useless.

EDEN is proud to announce its 27th Annual Conference organised around the themes of micro, meso and macro learning aspects of distance and e-learning.

Join the Conference in Genova to tell about your research, projects and experience!

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference experience, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Conference Publications include the electronic Conference Proceedings of double peer reviewed accepted conference submissions and the CC licensed Book of Abstracts.


17 Jun 2018 @ 09:00 am

20 Jun 2018 @ 03:01 pm

Duration: 3 days, 6 hours


University of Genova #eden18

Albergo dei Poveri - Piazzale Emanuele Brignole, 16136 Genova GE, Italy

16136 Genova


Organised by

European Distance and E-learning Network - EDEN

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