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Deep Learning Summit London

The smart artificial intelligence revolution. Explore software that can recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, & data.

The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in deep learning and their impact on business & society. A unique opportunity to interact with business leaders, influential technologists, data scientists & entrepreneurs leading the deep learning revolution and discover advances in deep learning and smart artificial intelligence.


20 Sep 2018 @ 08:00 am

21 Sep 2018 @ 03:00 pm

Duration: 1 days, 7 hours


155 Bishopsgate

Liverpool St

EC2M 7PD London

United Kingdom

Organised by


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Live from @Davos - ERC grantee @jrockstrom on Feeding the Planet for the Future - tune in https://t.co/E8TNnG2UH5… https://t.co/v9Tv04S4dn

@ERC_Research - 22 Jan 2020 16:21

Climate change, digital revolution and demographic trends are transforming European economy and society, defining huge challenges for the industrial ecosystem and deeply affecting citizens’ way of life. The next five years will be crucial to set the Europe’s role on the world stage: as outlined in the President von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines, the new EU leadership is called to adopt and implement a wide set of very ambitious policies, that will enable the EU to lead the transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world and to remain innovative and competitive at global level. I-Com will organise on February 18 (h14:30 – h18:45) at The Office in Brussels (Rue d‘Arlon 80) the Public Conference “Innovative Europe: The Way Forward. Taking Stock and Thinking Ahead”. The event will give the floor to EU institutions, trade and consumer associations, companies, civil society organisations and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the future agenda for an Innovative Europe through three different panels – Setting the Future Digital agenda, Connecting EU Health and Industrial Policies and Towards the European Green Deal – designed to reflect the main political guidelines of the new European Commission. Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for ‘Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth’, has already confirmed her participation. Further details on the program will follow soon. Innovative Europe: The Way Forward is the final event of the I-Com 2019/2020 Brussels Flagship Initiative Back to the Future. Therefore, the conference will be the occasion to present the I-Com Blueprint and a related Manifesto, which finally aim at informing the new EU institutions about the state of innovation in three sectors (Digital, Healthcare and Energy & Mobility) and making recommendations for the new institutional cycle to contribute to a social and economic agenda oriented to innovation.

@http://ec.europa.eu/research/index.cfm?pg=events&eventcode=04F1F456-C213-341A-ED673FD4D04998E5 - 22 Jan 2020 13:57

Within Croatia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2020, Rijeka, one of the largest cities in the country, will proudly take on the title of the European Capital of Culture 2020. In this unique framework, the University of Rijeka has the honor to host and organize a conference entitled "The Role of Cultural Heritage in Socio-Economic Development and Preservation of Democratic Values - HERItage", which is set to take place on March 11-13, 2020. The conference is organized in collaboration with the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education and is financed through Horizon 2020: Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies. The three-day HERItage conference will focus on research and innovation in the field of the social sciences and the humanities, with particular dedication to the domain of cultural heritage, including the role of digitalization and the importance of education

@http://ec.europa.eu/research/index.cfm?pg=events&eventcode=04D57B1E-D1A3-FC47-9AEC7FA586CC596B - 22 Jan 2020 13:46

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