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Regional Cooperation and EU Decision-Making: Impact of the Benelux, Nordic Council and V4

Formats and approaches to regional cooperation of the Benelux, Nordic Council and V4 and their influence on the EU decision-making process.

Beneath the European Union’s formal structures there exists a layer of (sub-)regional groupings of member states that influence and shape EU-level strategies, policies, decisions and legislation.
The Benelux Union, Nordic Council, Baltic cooperation, Visegrad Four, Hansa cooperation and the Three Seas Initiative are just a few of them. Based on shared history, common goals and/or geographical proximity, those groups vary significantly in their membership, level of institutionalisation, scope of activities, funding base and working methods. Nevertheless, they provide a platform for individual member states to forge common positions not only regarding regional topics, but also concerning the decision making process in the EU.

This seminar will compare the formats and approaches to regional cooperation of the Benelux, Nordic Council and V4 and discuss their influence on the EU decision-making process.


Alain de Muyser, Deputy Secretary General, Benelux

Petra VARGOVÁ, Deputy Permanent Representative, Slovak Permanent Representation to the EU

Matilda af Hällström, Adviser of the Nordic council in Brussels

Jakub Groszkowski, The Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW), Poland

Piret Kuusik, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, Estonia


Zuzana Stuchlíková, EUROPEUM, and Steven Blockmans, CEPS

Please register at  or contact us via brussels@;


19 Oct 2018 @ 12:30 pm

19 Oct 2018 @ 03:30 pm

Duration: 3 hours


Centre for European Policy Studies

1 Congresplaats

1000 Brussel


Organised by

Europeum Institute for European Policy