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Women in Leadership Summit

GLC Europe has unveiled the Women in Leadership Summit set to take place on the 12th and 13th September 2019 in the beautiful vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain.

The event welcomes all women from around the world coming from different industries to discuss emerging topics such as skills that support the success of women in leadership positions, work-life balance, the difference between a manager and a leader and many ;

This conference will provide a platform for ladies to share the challenges they face and find strategies to overcome them. During our interactive panel discussion about the power of diverse communities at work, participants can debate how can individuals bypass their personal biases and hire people who don’t look, talk or think like them

Topics to be discussed but not limited to:

  • Female competencies

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Managing health challenges for women in the workplace

  • Women in the Tech industry

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and building confidence

  • How to use personal branding to advance your career

For more information about the event, please request the Agenda!


12 Sep 2019 @ 08:30 am

13 Sep 2019 @ 04:30 pm

Duration: 1 days, 8 hours


Renaissance Barcelona Hotel Carrer de Pau Claris, 122, 08009 Barcelona Spain

122 Carrer de Pau Claris

08009 Barcelona


Organised by

GLC Europe

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