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ONLINE: Re-thinking and re-building: exploring opportunities to transform the civil society sector

Join us (online) for Accountable Now's 2020 Annual Workshop 17-19 Nov. REGISTER NOW!

Accountable Now's Annual Workshop will take place on 17 - 19 November and registration is now open! 

Get 20% off with our early-bird special! Deadline for early registration is: 30th ; Registration closes: 20th October

Civil Society Organisations´ (CSOs) internal and external contexts are evolving at an unprecedented speed as the crisis provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic has no end in sight. Over the past 7 months, CSOs have had to: swiftly adapt to a fast paced and very uncertain environment; operate with limited funding as the pandemic has attracted a significant portion of resources; deal with persistent closing or shrinking of civic space due to states of emergency; implement more and stronger safeguarding measures not only in communities but also for ;

Whilst the situation can seem overwhelming, it has also proven that the sector can change dramatically the way it operates as we face chaos, uncertainty, and disruption. But,

  • How can we use this opportunity to learn from the adaptation process to a crisis which might seem temporary but in reality might become something permanent? 

  • How can we strengthen this new way of working and rethink the way CSOs are operating and implement new approaches which are more inclusive and innovative?

  • How can organisations use these extraordinary circumstances as an opportunity to challenge enduring assumptions and systemic problems that exist in the sector? 

These are some of the questions that we wish to explore at this year's annual workshop as the Covid-19 pandemic pushes us to discuss systemic issues that our sector faces, such as power imbalances, toxic organisational culture, inclusivity, and ultimately, guaranteeing that the people we work for and with are the main drivers of our work.


17 Nov 2020 @ 12:00 am

19 Nov 2020 @ 12:01 am

Duration: 2 days


Organised by

Accountable Now

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