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I got it!

Master of Finance – Third-parties, Subcontractors and other Direct Costs in H2020 and Horizon Europe

The final episode in our epic Finance Master series helps you to understand the difference between third parties and subcontractors, introducing the concept of the Linked Third Parties, and explains one-by-one the other direct cost reporting protocols.

Topics covered:

  • Third party articles – why, there are more than one?
  • Resource needed or service outsourced?
  • Subcontractors or Linked third parties?
  • Which one should be foreseen? Which one would your office prefer?
  • Travel costs – for employees and for other – is there a difference?
  • Equipment and other assets – how to calculate your facility costs efficiently?
  • Other goods and services – what’s in here?
  • How about internal cost transfers and charges? Are they eligible?
  • Funding rates, receipts, CFS rules and payments – learn them all!


27 Nov 2020 @ 02:00 pm

27 Nov 2020 @ 04:00 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Timezone: GMT +1:00


Online Webinar

Organised by

Europa Media Trainings Ltd

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