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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum

The Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum aims to prepare utilities and other energy providers for coping with cyber security risks in the real world.

The digitalization of the energy sector is a critical area of development that contributes to increased energy efficiency and the acceleration of the energy transition. However, with the different advantages of sophisticated computer technology come new cyber security dangers. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are becoming more widespread, owing to the rising volume of sensitive data shared or kept on computers. As technology advances, energy systems become more exposed to cyber assaults. This and more will be discussed at the Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum by various experts in the field.

The energy sector is changing to become more sustainable, responsive to rising energy demand, and ready for a more linked and digital world. While the energy world of tomorrow will provide numerous benefits, it will also provide new security risks. Natural catastrophes and cyber-attacks are making electricity networks more susceptible, and a rising amount of renewable energy must be properly incorporated without jeopardizing system stability.

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum aims to strengthen the energy sector's cyber security and capabilities to deal with the rising threat of cyberattacks. This two-day event will foster a better knowledge of the escalating threat of cyberattacks and what efforts it may take to reduce this threat.

The need for utilities to defend substations and distribution and transmission infrastructure from cyber assaults is critical, because control networks are naturally a weak link for cyber ;To assist utilities in meeting this challenge, Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum, provides a concentrated arena for utility executives to network one-on-one with peers dealing with similar difficulties. Presentations by prominent suppliers, utilities, and technology thought leaders give vital insight and advice on how to safeguard the network from cyber threats. The interactive approach creates a concentrated, networking-centric environment in which utility peers and solution providers may exchange ideas and lessons gained.

The energy industry includes a substantial chain of inputs and delivery systems involved in the transformation of raw energy into usable energy, ranging from commodities extraction (coal/oil/gas) or collection (solar, heat) through transportation and from hardware and software network services to end consumers. Renewable energy is comparable, but considerably riskier, because manual extraction methods have been totally abolished and highly networked infrastructure has been installed.

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum focuses on helping utilities to be knowledgeable about their own cyber hazards, but they may be unaware of the cyber threats posed by these diverse suppliers. They have their own controls but are not concerned about external risks to their enterprises.

The clean energy transition is causing a significant structural change in the generation profile of the world's power networks. Variable renewable energy has already increased dramatically over the last decade, owing to cost reductions and favorable regulatory contexts, a trend that is expected to continue and potentially accelerate in accordance with climate change goals. While appropriate rules can provide consistent energy availability during the transition, the diffuse and decentralized structure of much renewable generating raises the danger of cyberattacks.

The Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum brings together IT/OT security experts from prominent power and utility firms to benchmark best practices in safeguarding critical infrastructure and navigating the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape.

The utilities business has grown increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks as a result of increased digitalization and proliferation of integrated technology. Energy businesses report an increasing number of cyberattacks each year. To safeguard critical infrastructure, legacy OT systems that were not designed with security in mind, as well as a lack of cybersecurity culture and awareness, must be addressed. Today, strengthening security and risk mitigation remain significant challenges, and utility stakeholders must prioritize cybersecurity.

One cannot afford to be out of the loop and misjudge the vulnerabilities and threats that may be lurking around the corner. Aside from the modern solutions and protection technologies that are accessible and regularly refreshed in the market, utilities must also deploy the correct organization to improve awareness culture and guarantee the security of their IT and OT systems is prioritized by their corporate executives.

The Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum will address all of the most recent energy-related topics. How technology may alter energy operators' and especially investors' policies, as well as how green policies throughout the world might find common ground in the current economic and geopolitical setting that stresses energy security.

Join like-minded colleagues at this 2-day event to hear how prominent businesses in the renewable energy sector have been able to remain resilient, invest in the correct technology, and persuade their stakeholders that it is worthwhile to prioritize cyber security.


6 Jun 2023 @ 12:00 am

7 Jun 2023 @ 12:00 am

Duration: 1 days



3 Karl-Liebknecht-Straße

10178 Berlin




Organised by

Leadvent Group

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