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According to the conditions of the ERC Consolidator Grant 2021 (ERC-2021-COG) call, would a male applicant who is entitled to maternity leave from the social security system in his country, be granted 18 months extension for maternity?

7 May 2021 / Source: erc.europa.eu

As indicated in the ERC Work Programme 2021, for the ERC Consolidator Grant 2021 (ERC-2021-COG) call, the eligibility periods can be extended in case of specific and properly documented circumstances. In case of maternity, the PIs may request 18-months extension for each child born before or after the PhD award. If the applicant can document a longer maternity leave, the eligibility period will be extended by the documented amount of actual leave taken until the call deadline.
The ERCEA is trying to follow the national rules in order to accommodate different couple/family scenarios. Hence, for the partner who was entitled to ‘maternity leave’ according to the national rules we would apply the same, provided that it is properly documented.
If, in light of the above, the male applicant considers that he should be entitled to the extension based on maternity leave, he should make the case and together with his application submit all relevant supporting documentation, including also documents from the national Social Security scheme (see more details on the supporting documents in the Information for Applicants document).
Reference nid: 14864Archived: Top 10: FAQ Programme: Horizon Europe (HORIZON)Faq Type: Funding opportunities, calls

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