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Letter from the European Ombudsman to the European Commission on how the European Commission dealt with a request for public access to documents related to the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Netherlands

27 June 2022 / Source: ombudsman.europa.eu

Head of Unit - C2
European Commission

Dear Mr X,
I am writing to follow-up on the meeting between your colleagues and the Ombudsman inquiry team on 10 June 2022 from which we understand that the Commission is concerned about our request to review the documents at issue before it has finalised its confirmatory assessment.
It is not unusual for the Ombudsman to review the documents at issue at this stage and we have often done so in the past.[1]
As you know, Regulation 1049/2001 requires the EU administration to deal with requests for public access promptly. Delays of several months are therefore of great concern to the Ombudsman.
The prescribed time limit in this case expired in February 2022. In addition, the Commission was not in a position to reply within the deadline set by the Ombudsman (

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