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330 Cambridge Science Park
CB4 0FL Cambridge, United Kingdom

Supplier of antibodies, kits and reagents. Online catalog includes protocols, conferences and technical support.Abcam also organizes non-profit scientific conferences, meetings and webinars - forums for scientists to get together, provide opportunities for junior scientists to present their work and encourage networking and sharing of knowledge.

330 Cambridge Science Park

CB4 0FL Cambridge

United Kingdom

01223 696000

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Lucy Purser Senior Events and Marketi... Account Admin

Past Events (31)

Cancer and Metabolism | Digital Discussion 15 Jun 2020
RNA in epigentic and chromatin regulation 6 May 2019
Cancer and Metabolism 2018 25 Jun 2018
Exploring identity: lessons from genomes and epigenomes 31 May 2018
Mechanisms of Recombination 2018 20 May 2018
Adult Neurogenesis 2018 2 May 2018
Chromatin and epigenetics: from mechanism to function 5 Apr 2017
Programming and reprogramming the brain 3 Apr 2017
Chromatin, Replication and Chromosomal Stability 2016 19 Oct 2016
Free Webinar on Single Cell RNA-Seq and cell heterogeneity in the central nervou... 7 Sep 2016
Free Webinar on the role on NNMT in mitochondrial bioenergetics in Parkinson's 2 Mar 2016
Free Webinar- Understanding Pain: Voltage-Gated Ion Channels (Part 2 of 2) 17 Feb 2016
Free Webinar- Understanding Pain: Human Mendelian Pain Disorders (Part 1 of 2) 27 Jan 2016
Free Webinar on MicroRNA biomarkers and targets in breast cancer 21 Jan 2016
Webinar: Intestinal Organoids as a Model System & Tools for Genetic Manipulation 19 Nov 2015
Free Webinar: Benefits and Limitations of Antibody Conjugates 12 Nov 2015
Free Webinar: Developing Durable miRNA Biomarker Technologies 4 Nov 2015
PI3K-like Protein Kinases 3 Nov 2015
Epigenetics, Obesity and Metabolism 11 Oct 2015
Adult Neurogenesis: Evolution, Regulation and Function 6 May 2015
Free webinar: Lighting Up the Pathways to Cell Death: Fluorescence Microscopy Ap 12 Mar 2014
Mechanisms of Recombination: 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Holliday Model 3 Mar 2014
Free webinar: Epigenetic dynamics in stem cells and differentiation 19 Feb 2014
Free webinar: Investigation of glutamate receptors using immunochemical techniqu 5 Feb 2014
Angiogenesis and Leukocytes in Atherosclerosis 30 Jan 2014
Webinar 21 Jan 2014
Webinar: Introduction to the SimpleStep 3 Dec 2013
Cardiac Failure 2013 - Epigenetics, MicroRNA and Mitochondria 31 Oct 2013
Quantitative Single Cell Biology in Stem Cell Research 10 Oct 2013
New Frontiers in Persistent Pain 31 May 2011
The Leukocyte in Cardiovascular Disease Conference 27 Jan 2011