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ARS for Progress of People

Rue Potagére, 73
1210 Brussels, Belgium

ARS for Progress of People is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels. ARS4Progress works for the promotion of economic, social and cultural development in all its facets, with particular focus on issues related to education, human rights, civil society and youth policies.

The mission of ARS4Progress is to provide individuals (particularly young people), NGOs, international donors, formal educational institutions, intergovernmental institutions and local authorities with technical advice and expertise to empower professionals and support formulation and implementation of their activities and project ideas.

ARS for Progress of People (ARS4Progress) chooses to prioritise a concept of development that privileges education and the human dimension as essential evolution factor. It contributes to its achievement by suggesting tailor-made services, with a careful attention to the needs of its interlocutors. In this framework, it is essential to put different actors in contact: ARS for Progress of People is based on a widespread European network, aiming at using and strengthening the capacities of projects’ applicants, by letting them better understanding the various possibilities given by different donors.

Rue Potagére, 73

1210 Brussels



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