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CascadeTraining Consultancy

Kilcatherine, Eyeries, Beara,
n/a County Cork, Ireland

 Cascade Training Consultancy is a dynamic training organisation with a broad range of experience and expertise, serving the needs of the Public and Private Sector andNGOs. We are the market leader for training in effective communication with non-native speakers of English.We developed our flagship course, Communicating Across Language Barriers, to meet the needs of our increasingly multicultural and multi-lingual society. This unique course delivers practical knowledge and strategies that enable native English-speakers to dramatically improve their interactions with non-native speakers of English.Due to demand we developed our Practical Interculturalism. course to explore the insights, tools and skills necessary for competent intercultural interaction. We examine the component elements of culture shock and provide participants with flexible strategies for tackling issues that commonly arise. Cascade also provides training courses on an array of legal and other topics, such as Inheritance Planning, Family Law and Time Management. Participants enjoy our highly interactive training style, based on state-of-the-art educational theory. We are flexible and highly-motivated, with a proven track record and combined training experience of 28 years. 

Kilcatherine, Eyeries, Beara,

n/a County Cork


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00 353 27 74203

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