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EFCC Estonian Fieldbus Competency Centre

Pihlametsa tee, 16
11912 Tallinn, Estonia

Since 2015 EFCC Estonian Fieldbus Competency Centre is helping customers to reap the benefits of innovation through education and socialization activities at every level, like training courses, conferences, publications, and coaching. EFCC has developed a specific know-how in the area of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (the so-called Industry 4 0) and innovation. In fact, the underlying concepts of Industry can be very useful also in everyday life and that to master these concepts is the key to a better future: whether you want to become a teacher or a medical doctor or the manager of a company, concepts like networking, Blue Ocean, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twins and many others will be part of your life and will help you to make better decisions, to co-operate with others and to create something new, with positive results for you and our society as a whole.

As an Electronic Engineer graduated in Milano, Italy, the technical director of EFCC has been involved in some of the technical arguments that lead to Industry 4 0. Lectures and keynotes for customers like the Tallinn Technical University, the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology (Barcelona University) and international Erasmus+ projects, plus a partnership with the German Innovation Center for Industry 4 0 (Regensburg), GFCC (Genova) and GISI (Milano) are among his recent references, from which some books resulted and also the open Linkedin group 'Industry 4 0 in Europe'. Since he became an Ambassador of the past Watify initiative (European Commission) he was committed in helping specially small and medium companies in their roadmap towards the technological innovation through a better understanding of Industry 4 0.

This experience resulted in a catalogue of courses, like ‘Fundamentals of Industrial Automation’, ‘Industrial Controllers’, ‘Fieldbus and Industrial Networks Technologies, ‘Industry 4 0: the enabling technologies’, ‘Implementing Industry 4 0', ‘Digitizing your company’, ‘Are you ready for Industry 4 0?', ‘The Internet of Things’ and ‘The Internet of Things in non-industrial applications’.

Pihlametsa tee, 16

11912 Tallinn


+372 51564440

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Dr Valerio Alessandroni General Manager Account Admin

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Introduction to fieldbus technologies 12 Mar 2019 1552379230

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