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Rue du Trône 108
1050 Brussels, Belgium

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) represents the biopharmaceutical industry operating in ;Through its direct membership of 36 national associations, 39 leading pharmaceutical companies and a growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), EFPIA’s mission is to create a collaborative environment that enables our members to innovate, discover, develop and deliver new therapies and vaccines for people across Europe, as well as contribute to the European ;

Rue du Trône 108

1050 Brussels


VAT BE0418.762.559


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Mr Communications EFPIA Account Admin
Dr Sophie Millar Team Member
Ms Lavinia Meloni Team Member

Past Events (29)

From Crisis to Catalyst: building resilience, backing innovation and boosting ac... Belgium 29 Jun 2022
Bend but don’t break: Future-proofing the pharmaceutical supply chain 9 Dec 2021
Pandemic Prevention: how Europe can lead the fight against AMR 16 Nov 2021
Investigating the syndemic threat of COVID-19 and chronic disease: The diabetes ... 9 Nov 2021
How can we make the impossible possible for rare and paediatric disease? 12 Oct 2021
Accelerating Adoption of Complex Clinical Trials in Europe and beyond 5 Oct 2021
How can we close the East-West healthcare investment gap in Europe? 4 Oct 2021
Health Systems after COVID-19 - how can the industry contribute to strengthened ... 24 Sep 2021
Building an Attractive Environment for Clinical Research in Turkey 14 Sep 2021
How can COVID-19 treatments help us on the road to recovery? 29 Jun 2021
EFPIA & EFGCP Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Paediatric Unmet Medical Needs 28 Jun 2021
Beating cancer: Looking ahead, learning from the past 25 Jun 2021
AMR: how can we prevent the next pandemic? 24 Jun 2021
Lessons from the crisis: how a value-based approach can make health systems more... 17 Jun 2021
Unlocking the power of health data: the promise of the European Health Data Space 10 Jun 2021
Unlocking the potential of the European Health Data Space to improve diabetes ma... 25 May 2021
Launch of the Joint Letter on COVID-19 and cancer 6 Apr 2021
Are current investments in medical research focusing on unmet health needs? 26 Mar 2021
Unlocking the Potential of Precision Medicine in Europe 23 Feb 2021
How to turn around the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe? 8 Dec 2020
Together against Cancer: How can Europe benefit from breakthroughs in personalis... 30 Nov 2020
From silo budgeting to financial integration: Where does the EU stand in diabete... 20 Nov 2020
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drug Shortages (But were afraid to ask) 12 Nov 2020
Orphan Medicines: how to sustain innovation in an area of high unmet need? 30 Oct 2020
EU Health Summit | Time for Action 26 Oct 2020
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drug Shortages (But were afraid to ask) 22 Oct 2020
Are we spending smart in healthcare? 15 Oct 2020
Flu Vaccination as public health measure during COVID-19 14 Oct 2020
What delays access to medicines? 5 Oct 2020

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