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European Cockpit Association

rue du commerce 20-22
1000 Brussels, Belgium

The European Cockpit Association (ECA) was created in 1991 and is the representative body of European pilots at European Union (EU) level. It represents over 38,000 European pilots from the National pilot Associations in 37 European states.The European Cockpit Association represents the collective interests of its Member Associations at European level, striving for the highest levels of aviation safety and fostering social rights and quality employment for pilots in Europe.

rue du commerce 20-22

1000 Brussels



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Kameliya Encheva Account Admin

Publications (25)

The Future of Flying in a Single European Sky: a crew perspective 2 Apr 2015 1427983144
Concept of Operations for Drones A risk based approach to regulation of unmanned aircraft 27 May 2015 1432726358
Joint call to safely integrate Drones / UAS into Europe 25 Sep 2016 1474785886
Research Also pilots are under pressure - how a profession lost its glamour 3 Oct 2016 1475493107
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Safe integration of drones into airspace study 17 Oct 2016 1476700341
Urgent call to implement measures for safeguarding safety in the Dutch airspace 26 May 2016 1464255623
Technical Aspects Concerning th e Safe and Secure Use of Drones 17 Mar 2016 1458209906
European pilots' perceptions of safety culture in European Aviation 30 Nov 2016 1480501870
Safety Culture in European aviation 7 Dec 2016 1481119959
Low cost = low safety culture? 7 Dec 2016 1481119655
ECA Annual Report 2016 2 Jan 2017 1483371210
Exporting EU Aviation Business & Jobs EU to Liberalise 3rd country Wet-leasing 18 May 2017 1495103107
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European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) 2017 31 Jan 2017 1485864583
Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (drones) Mid-Air Collision Study 7 Jul 2017 1499439420
TEN/628 Proposal for amending regulation on operation of air services 11 Sep 2017 1505123504
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