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Non-profit sector

European University Foundation

31 rue du parc
5374 Munsbach, Luxembourg

The European University Foundation aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area. The Foundation focuses its action on five pillars (Quality Mobility, Employability, Digital Higher Education, Policy Innovation and Active Citizenship) and it stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education.

31 rue du parc

5374 Munsbach


+352 261510

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Ms Isabel Catarino Office manager Account Admin
Mr Joachim Wyssling Team Member
Ms Viktiorya Terzieva Team Member
Mrs Debora Lucque Team Member

Past Events (30)

7th EUF Open Space training 2024 Spain 28 May 2024
Student Mobility Summit - "EWP Back to the Future" Spain 30 Jan 2024
EDSSI L2 EU Student eCard Conference & Training Germany 27 Jun 2023
6th EUF Open Space training 2023 Croatia 7 Jun 2023
Erasmus Goes Digital - Conference in Brussels Belgium 3 May 2023
Improving Training and Career Progression of Doctoral Candidates 18 Jan 2023
6th EUF Open Space training Croatia 1 Jul 2020
PhD Hub Starter Workshop 29 Apr 2020
Effective Management of Erasmus+ Projects Belgium 3 Dec 2019
DoCENT Conference - How to Enhance Digital Creativity in Education? Italy 25 Sep 2019
Training on Erasmus+ projects France 3 Jul 2019
EUF Staff Training Belgium 11 Jun 2019
Erasmus Salon #7 - Is Erasmus+ inclusive enough? Belgium 22 Nov 2018
Blended Erasmus+ for Higher Education Professionals Belgium 24 Oct 2018
Erasmus Going Digital - Barcelona conference Spain 18 Oct 2018
Erasmus Salon #6 - Are universities a hub for Lifelong Learning? Belgium 11 Oct 2018
Business and University cooperation: fostering entrepreneurship and innovation i... Belgium 27 Jun 2018
EUF Open Space training Greece 20 Jun 2018
Erasmus Salon #5 - Is Bologna alive for all study programmes? Belgium 29 May 2018
BEST+ Lodz International student experience Poland 22 May 2018
Erasmus Salon #4 - Can Virtual Exchange help intercultural understanding? Belgium 18 Apr 2018
Erasmus Salon #3 - Promoting Quality Internships through Erasmus+ Belgium 27 Mar 2018
Erasmus Salon #2 - How can we improve the global attractiveness of Erasmus+? Belgium 6 Mar 2018
Erasmus Salon #1 - What do students want from the new Erasmus+ Programme? Belgium 31 Jan 2018
Blended Erasmus+ Staff Training on International Attractiveness of Universities Finland 28 Nov 2017
OLA Luxembourg Conference Luxembourg 26 Oct 2017
EUF Open Space training Italy 26 Jun 2017
Blended Erasmus+ Staff Training on Intercultural Competences Latvia 29 May 2017
EUF Open Space seminar Portugal 15 Jun 2016
OLA Aveiro Conference Portugal 14 Jun 2016

Videos (1)

EUF Open Space 10 Nov 2016 1478789933

News (445)

@GEANTnews @Vetenskapsradet @SrceHr @UniBarcelona @HumboldtUni @ELTE_UNI @norman... 15 May 2023
Are you still wondering whether you should come to Berlin and attend the #EDSSIL... 15 May 2023
Well worth a listen! https://t.co/xrlboU31q3 8 May 2023
Scalability and sustainability of European university alliances will largely dep... 3 May 2023
Full room today at the #ErasmusGoesDigital event hosted by @Uni_Foundation &... 3 May 2023
75% of students travel to their #Erasmus by plane because it's cheap & conve... 27 Apr 2023
Our latest KEC session focused on #sustainability and #internationalisation. R... 21 Apr 2023
Good to see you again at the EUF Coordinators' meeting! :) Thank you to @tcddubl... 20 Apr 2023
For the past 2 years, EDSSI L2 has been progressing the digitalisation of @EUEra... 19 Apr 2023
After the launch of the @EUErasmusPlus 2021/22 Review with @ESUtwt & @Uni_F... 5 Apr 2023
How can Member States better support #EuropeanUniversities financially? 🆕 re... 29 Mar 2023
Does the new Erasmus+ programme fulfill its horizontal priorities?🤔 @AnikoMak... 23 Mar 2023
⏰Early bird registration for the EUF Open Space will close soon! Save your spo... 20 Mar 2023
🌍#ErasmusPlus offers study abroad opportunities for #highered students, but l... 16 Mar 2023
Do not miss the launch event of the #ErasmusPlus review 2021-2022 on March 23rd!... 13 Mar 2023
👋Project partners meet in🇧🇪Brussels for the kickoff of #HIBLend! #HIBLe... 14 Feb 2023
📣The 2023 #EuropeanUniversities call has attracted: ☑️26 applications (i... 10 Feb 2023
Have your say on the EC initiative about #learning #mobility abroad in #Europe f... 9 Feb 2023
📒Are you curious about the first lessons, main challenges & perspectives ... 24 Jan 2023
🎓On the #InternationalDayOfEducation, we reassert our commitment to quality e... 24 Jan 2023
We have set a new strategic priority to express our commitment to ensuring much ... 18 Jan 2023
As we are entering the 2023 #YearOfSkills, the EUF and its member universities a... 16 Jan 2023
After years of work by teams across Europe, 2022 was when the #ErasmusWithoutPap... 9 Jan 2023
The Curricula Matching Tool is a #digital solution developed in the framework of... 6 Jan 2023
@Univ_CotedAzur @UiTNorgesarktis @UPorto @UAHes @hvl_no @DocEnhance @UL 4 Jan 2023
What are the challenges faced by #PhD candidates during their studies? What can ... 4 Jan 2023
Students want to travel by train but high prices are an obstacle 💶 This is w... 3 Jan 2023
Adopting a #European Student eCard will revolutionise the #StudentMobility exper... 29 Dec 2022
We never forget. We continue to #StandWithUkraine. Erasmus+ boosts its support... 27 Dec 2022
Are you looking for a #training on #ErasmusPlus funding to: 💶learn more about... 20 Dec 2022
Sign the @GreenErasmus petition if you agree that the support must be increased ... 19 Dec 2022
Discover what the @DocEnhance platform has to offer you, presented by our EUF co... 13 Dec 2022
The #ErasmusWithoutPaper initiative uses digital technology to pave the way to m... 12 Dec 2022
📣Newly funded project: HIBLend! Coordinated by @ACASecretariat w/partners @Un... 8 Dec 2022
Discover how to submit a good proposal to our new 2023 higher education call and... 6 Dec 2022
Where are we today in terms of EWP data exchanges? Find out the details in the l... 5 Dec 2022
📢Last chance to register to the @DocEnhance Final Event. Registration for in-... 25 Nov 2022
⚠️Last chance to save your seat at the "Welcome HOME" final conference!⚠�... 25 Nov 2022
We are pleased to invite you to the #Erasmuswithoutpaper 10th Anniversary celebr... 25 Nov 2022
#ICYMI | The recording of the @AllErasmus event is now on our YouTube channel! ... 21 Nov 2022
We also took part in the European @Uni_Foundation coordinator's meeting at the U... 17 Nov 2022
The upcoming #HOMEprojectEU conference on 28-29 November will offer a unique opp... 16 Nov 2022
If you feel that #ErasmusPlus, the flaghship mobility programme of the European ... 10 Nov 2022
Do not miss #HOMEprojectEU final conference on November 28th-29th, in Milan. Yo... 8 Nov 2022
Many of us across Europe are working together, in close collaboration with each ... 27 Oct 2022
The renewed #PhDHub brings together #research collaboration opportunities across... 26 Oct 2022
How to improve transferable skills in #doctoraleducation? Expiring presentation... 24 Oct 2022
Let’s make Erasmus an “Erasmus for All”! Join the #E4A online event on No... 21 Oct 2022
The University of Limerick (@UL), EUF member university, organises a full day #c... 20 Oct 2022
How important is it for your HEI to provide affordable housing to international ... 18 Oct 2022
💡High-quality 🎓PhD Supervision is a crucial tool for #doctoral #education!... 17 Oct 2022
#HappeningNow 🇪🇺 #ErasmusDays start today with 12 European Universities al... 13 Oct 2022
@etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @Aristoteleio @Fond_Endisu @HumboldtUni @UniBarcelona @... 11 Oct 2022
🧐Did you know that 🗃️#Research #data management has been identified as s... 10 Oct 2022
Don’t miss the next #EWP Town Hall meeting 🔜 on 18th October! ⏰ Ask the e... 7 Oct 2022
During the #SIEM conference on #inclusion & #mobility, #HOMEProjectEU was th... 6 Oct 2022
We welcome two recent Nobel laureates from EUF member universities! Our heartfel... 5 Oct 2022
The @EU_Commission has launched a 🆕 European Universities #ErasmusPlus 2023 c... 5 Oct 2022
The way and the content of communication also play a huge role in achieving soci... 3 Oct 2022
📣 CALL FOR POSTERS ! @DocEnhance invites #HigherEducation stakeholders to su... 3 Oct 2022
It´s #InternationalPodcastDay!🎙 #ICYMI today might be the perfect day to li... 30 Sep 2022
Validating electronic signatures in an EWP-compatible way: this was the focus of... 27 Sep 2022
Have a question about the EWP? Ask at the #EWP town hall meeting on 18 October! ... 27 Sep 2022
Happy European Day of Languages🇪🇺!A multilingual EU is a more united EU. ... 26 Sep 2022
Find out what attempts are being made to reconcile the administrative processes ... 23 Sep 2022
Have a question about the #ErasmusWithoutPaper? Check out the Q&A report fr... 19 Sep 2022
What kind of #student cards does your #university use? 14 Sep 2022
Are you attending the #EAIE2022? 13 Sep 2022
#Reminder | 2 / 3 Our sessions line-up at the #EAIE2022 on September 15th 09:30... 13 Sep 2022
#Reminder | 1 / 3 Our sessions line-up at the #EAIE2022 on Sept. 14th 13:30 CES... 13 Sep 2022
Our team has just checked in at the #EAIE2022! If you see them, don´t be shy. ... 13 Sep 2022
The average university #student has more social media accounts than courses in a... 12 Sep 2022
All you need to know about EWP governance. https://t.co/axy1aD2Akp 9 Sep 2022
Improving transferable skills in doctoral education: save the date! #PhD #phdti... 6 Sep 2022
Would you like to help the @EU_Commission develop its 🆕 initiatives? You have... 5 Sep 2022
Are you ready to start your next semester abroad? Would it be nice to have someo... 26 Aug 2022
Last month, we reached together w/ @ELTE_UNI @ESN_Int @Aristoteleio the end of t... 24 Aug 2022
We are expanding the Erasmus+ website and we need your help! Take this quick s... 23 Aug 2022
What does the Erasmus+ App offer international relations officers and students? ... 23 Aug 2022
Registration is open for the first EWP Town Hall meeting! Do you have any questi... 19 Aug 2022
Share your best practices on inclusion and mobility. You can now propose a sess... 12 Aug 2022
In 2020, we surveyed 12K students & 750 staff members in Europe in one of th... 10 Aug 2022
Discover the best new features of the Erasmus+ App! Download the App and find an... 9 Aug 2022
Join the EWP+ Town Hall meeting on 22 August to hear the news, ask questions, an... 8 Aug 2022
Did you know that ERUM Open Educational Repository contains freely accessible re... 8 Aug 2022
The results of the 2022 call for the European Universities initiative: with a bu... 1 Aug 2022
Are you curious 🤔 who work on the EWP initiative? You can get to know some of... 30 Jul 2022
4 new & 16 existing alliances are selected as #EuropeanUniversities under th... 28 Jul 2022
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) announces a call for submissions for... 28 Jul 2022
@ESN_Int and @esnukraine are organising a webinar to share how #ErasmusPlus work... 25 Jul 2022
@ESN_Int and @esnukraine are organising a webinar to share how #ErasmusPlus work... 25 Jul 2022
What does the international office staff in higher education institutions think ... 22 Jul 2022
Did you know that with hundreds of tips shared in the Erasmus+ App, Thessaloniki... 20 Jul 2022
University of Warsaw is looking for young professionals eager to work in an inte... 19 Jul 2022
Two months to go before the #EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona where t... 14 Jul 2022
The European Commission adopted a New European Innovation Agenda to position Eur... 11 Jul 2022
📢 System specific business user groups 🎯 were announced at the Erasmus Goe... 30 Jun 2022
How to counter media disinformation? Debora Lucque (@Uni_Foundation) calls for h... 28 Jun 2022
Have you already watched the ERUM video produced by @Uni_Foundation? We provide ... 27 Jun 2022
🌟We are on it! Share & like to help other students know about #HOMEprojec... 21 Jun 2022
The Education & Innovation Summit will bring together universities, student ... 20 Jun 2022
3/3 Survey 2️⃣📝 👥Target group: International Relations Officers 🎯Go... 17 Jun 2022
2/3 Survey 1️⃣📝 👥Open to all students 🎯To understand the impact gra... 17 Jun 2022
Did you think that student #mobility programmes are a recent invention?Then thin... 15 Jun 2022
Blended intensive programmes, supporting refugees and intercultural preparation ... 14 Jun 2022
📣#PhD #schools, #HigherEducation institutions: Your feedback is wanted 🗣�... 10 Jun 2022
If last week you couldn't attend the #OLA 3.0 final webinar, do not despair! Fo... 8 Jun 2022
@Auth_University @ESN_Int @Fond_Endisu @ugent @UPorto @etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @... 7 Jun 2022
Thank you for the invitation! We are happy to share our thoughts on #digitalisin... 3 Jun 2022
@ERUMproject 3 Jun 2022
📌 What is the digital future of the Erasmus administration? 📌 What are the... 31 May 2022
How to make mobile #students more environmentally aware and change their #travel... 31 May 2022
#ICYM | The recording of the keynote speech and of the plenary session from last... 25 May 2022
What are the best functions of the Erasmus+ App? Hear what students said about i... 24 May 2022
@Auth_University @ESN_Int @Fond_Endisu @ugent @UPorto @etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @... 18 May 2022
Don´t forget to tune in tomorrow for the Conference on the European Digital Stu... 17 May 2022
📱What’s in the Erasmus+ App for students and IROs? 👨‍🎓 Higher educ... 16 May 2022
@Auth_University @ESN_Int @Fond_Endisu @ugent @UPorto @etudiantgouv @GEANTnews ... 11 May 2022
Are you looking for #teaching #mobility opportunities? Does your institution int... 6 May 2022
#Throwback to ERUM final conference which took place last week in Vienna and onl... 5 May 2022
The greening of Erasmus+ has only just begun! Read the article co-authored by ou... 2 May 2022
🚨 ERUM Final conference "Facts & Figures" is about to start! Make sure ... 28 Apr 2022
📣 #PhD #Supervisors : Would you like to support #DoctoralCandidates through e... 27 Apr 2022
If you missed the Erasmus Goes Digital webinars but want to know more about the ... 21 Apr 2022
📢@ERUMproject final conference is around the corner! Among our panelists, s... 20 Apr 2022
@Auth_University @ESN_Int @Fond_Endisu @ugent @UPorto @etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @... 19 Apr 2022
@etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @Vetenskapsradet @ugent @UPorto @UniWarszawski @Humbold... 13 Apr 2022
Are you still wondering whether you should fly to Thessaloniki and attend the Co... 13 Apr 2022
📅 #SaveTheDate What are the advantages and challenges of blended intensive p... 6 Apr 2022
🆕 #EurydiceEU report! Where do 🇪🇺 countries stand when it comes to equ... 4 Apr 2022
The #OnlineLearningAgreement is built by universities & students with the su... 1 Apr 2022
📢 There are still some available places at the Erasmus Goes Digital webinars!... 1 Apr 2022
What comes after a successful pilot course? The next course! @DocEnhance #datas... 25 Mar 2022
Both non-qualified and qualified e-signatures are appropriate to clearly identif... 21 Mar 2022
Your HEI is offering assistance to #students fleeing #Ukraine and would like to ... 18 Mar 2022
What are the #employment prospects of #PhD holders? Take a look at the @DocEnhan... 17 Mar 2022
@etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @Vetenskapsradet @ugent @UPorto @UniWarszawski @Humbold... 16 Mar 2022
@WydawnictwaUW @universitatelv @univienna @UZH_en @HumboldtUni @UniEastFinland @... 16 Mar 2022
💻 Flexible, reliable, user-friendly, and transparent #OnlineLearningAgreemen... 16 Mar 2022
@UJIuniversitat @etudiantgouv @GEANTnews @Vetenskapsradet @ugent @UPorto @UniWar... 7 Mar 2022
Read the DocEnhance Career Tracking survey report to find out more on #doctorate... 2 Mar 2022
Read the full statement: https://t.co/zgPXzsrhP8 25 Feb 2022
How employable are #doctorate holders? Do the skills they acquire match the skil... 23 Feb 2022
Surge in demand for Erasmus places among Irish students is welcome news https://... 22 Feb 2022
🔎 Small glimpses into our learning material - part V: DEVELOPING THE METHODOL... 22 Feb 2022
The outcome of our complaint against Belgium is out! Unpaid #internships violate... 21 Feb 2022
@ESN_Int @ugent @UPorto @UniWarszawski @UJIuniversitat @RENATERnews @etudiantgou... 10 Feb 2022
What are the advantages & obstacles of virtual exchange? Find out at the #H... 8 Feb 2022
If you are running an #ErasmusPlus project, 📢don't forget to tell your story ... 3 Feb 2022
Brand 🆕 video tutorials on our YouTube channel!🎥 The videos cover differe... 2 Feb 2022
There is still some time left to save your spot to the #HLiTL online conference ... 31 Jan 2022
🔎 Small glimpses into our learning material for higher education - part III ... 28 Jan 2022
In which sectors do #PhDs mostly work❓ 🔎Findings from the @DocEnhance #Care... 25 Jan 2022
The Universities for the Future of Europe Forum will be an incubator of new prop... 24 Jan 2022
🚨What is the optimal design of various #mobility types? Register to the onl... 19 Jan 2022
What comes after a #PhD? Check the findings from the @DocEnhance survey of #doct... 14 Jan 2022
Our online workshops on #Erasmus KA2 project call will continue in Jan and Feb. ... 13 Jan 2022
#ICYM | The recording of the #training “The solution that makes #ESI available... 11 Jan 2022
The 5️⃣th and final article from our round-up of top news & stories of 2... 10 Jan 2022
Did you know that #MyAcademicID became a success story last year? No? Good thi... 6 Jan 2022
The 2️⃣nd article of our round-up of top news & stories on #digitalisat... 5 Jan 2022
#Digitalisation in #HigherEd has been, undeniably, a trending topic in 2021. B... 4 Jan 2022
The #ETMonitor is the annual publication on the state of play in education in th... 3 Jan 2022
The holiday season is the perfect time to catch up on your reading!📚 Check ... 28 Dec 2021
Micro-credentials certify the learning outcomes following a small #learning expe... 20 Dec 2021
Help your students to discover and use the features of the #ErasmusPlus App effe... 16 Dec 2021
🆕 #EurydiceEU report - 2021 update! Discover key figures on ✅early childh... 15 Dec 2021
‼️Please note that the workshops are reserved to staff members from EUF network. 14 Dec 2021
Do you want to know what's new in Capacity Building in #HigherEducation and find... 2 Dec 2021
Have you ever used the #EDSSI Knowledge Base? 🔍 If you answered "YES", give u... 1 Dec 2021
Have you ever used the #EDSSI Knowledge Base? 1 Dec 2021
“Action is urgently needed to ensure all mobile students get grants without fu... 22 Nov 2021
How can #universities support #student #mobility by means of the new features of... 16 Nov 2021
#INCYM | The #NORM conference is now available online! Learn how the curricula m... 10 Nov 2021
Why should we use the European Student Identifier? Orsolya Posch from @ELTE_UNI... 10 Nov 2021
🔴LIVE | HEIs Social Inclusion Multiplier Training How to increase the inclus... 9 Nov 2021
What challenges do #refugee #students face in your HEI? If you are a university... 5 Nov 2021
Save your spot today for the HEIs #social #inclusion Multiplier Training to get ... 2 Nov 2021
This week is UN’s #GlobalMediaandInformationLiteracyWeek Have you read our gui... 26 Oct 2021
By joining the workshop you will: ✅Become familiar with the #OLA and the Erasm... 26 Oct 2021
How can #universities support #student #mobility by means of the new features of... 25 Oct 2021
Working with #refugee students in #HigherEducation? Do not miss the chance to at... 25 Oct 2021
🔐 We're ready for this Friday's #HOMEprojectEU student housing quality label,... 15 Oct 2021
Do you have #refugee students enrolled in your #HEI? Would you like to play an a... 14 Oct 2021
Don't miss the opportunity to get first-hand insight into the 🆕 features of t... 12 Oct 2021
Ready to learn how to help students self-assess the competencies gained when stu... 1 Oct 2021
Have you discovered what the new features of the #ErasmusApp offer you? If you ... 28 Sep 2021
Join @Inspire_MSCA for the launch of its report, Researchers at Risk: National-L... 28 Sep 2021
Happy 🇪🇺 Day of Languages today! #EDlangs To celebrate it, we invite you ... 27 Sep 2021
2/2 The upcoming sessions will be all about: ✅Sharing practices & exchang... 23 Sep 2021
1/2 We are looking forward to kicking off the new cycle of our Project Manager a... 23 Sep 2021
How to improve the environmental aspects of #student exchanges? Join us at the E... 20 Sep 2021
How to improve the environmental aspects of #student exchanges? Join us at the E... 17 Sep 2021
As of yesterday, our #network monthly meetings are ?, and our members cannot be ... 17 Sep 2021
2/2 At the #EAIE2021, EUF and European Commission representatives will explore n... 15 Sep 2021
1/2 What are the success factors and conditions for high-impact #traineeships? W... 15 Sep 2021
Join @JWyssling discuss w/ @ESN_Int and @UAM_Madrid rep ways to support students... 14 Sep 2021
DYK that the EUF has a session on Erasmus students skill development at the #EAI... 14 Sep 2021
Discover the full report➡️ https://t.co/f19n4wPdSf 13 Sep 2021
When it comes to building back, how do we improve and not maintain the way we wo... 9 Sep 2021
If you have ever wondered what makes you vulnerable to #misinformation, the 3-pa... 8 Sep 2021
Re-warch the presentation on integrating transferable skills training in PhD pro... 7 Sep 2021
The second part of the Intensive Study Programme of the #ERUMproject “From Pos... 26 Aug 2021
With fully-digital #Erasmus on the horizon and the implementation of the Europea... 25 Aug 2021
Designed to explore the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the students´ before... 24 Aug 2021
Have you already come across the 3rd version of the media and information litera... 20 Aug 2021
Don’t miss our topics at #EAIE2021! Learn more about the #GreenErasmus or the ... 20 Aug 2021
What transferable skills are essential for #PhD graduates seeking employment in ... 19 Aug 2021
As we heard in our last @PRIDE_network annual conference, #communication is the ... 19 Aug 2021
? The 5th #HOMEProjectEU label we share today is “premium accommodation” ide... 17 Aug 2021
? Inclusive mobility leads to social mobility. ? If you're a policymaker you ca... 13 Aug 2021
For international students with reduced mobility finding a suitable #StudentAcco... 12 Aug 2021
What do you want the future of?? #education to look like? Join the discussion a... 11 Aug 2021
Disinformation surrounding Covid-19 and 5G has been a topic since the start of t... 10 Aug 2021
The #ErasmusDays 2021 are the unmissable occasion to present the success of your... 9 Aug 2021
How can education contribute to environmental sustainability?? The @lllplatform ... 6 Aug 2021
Session highlight! How can we make our universities greener? What are the expect... 5 Aug 2021
? “1st -Free- Conference on Online Teaching for Mobile Education” deadline ... 30 Jul 2021
New in the #RRI Toolkit @ERUMproject | Enhancing Research Understanding through... 28 Jul 2021
The Erasmus+ funded project, #WeShareWeCare, aims to foster intergenerational an... 20 Jul 2021
What is the most effective way to communicate about science? What are the challe... 20 Jul 2021
?Register now for the Teach with #Erasmus+ Closing #Conference, titled "Tomorrow... 22 Jun 2021
Intensive Study Programme II (July 19-21 & Sept 13-14, online, for PhD &... 7 Jun 2021
? Ready, Set, Go – ESCI. We are LIVE to present the European Student Card Ini... 18 May 2021
Mobile #students and #seniors have more in common than you think. We are pleased... 29 Apr 2021
Our second online event on research understanding through media will take place ... 23 Apr 2021
Our Executive Manager – Joao Bacelar – will participate in a roundtable duri... 19 Apr 2021
Higher education institutions are invited to “Meet the Erasmus+ App” on 29 A... 15 Apr 2021
.@euatweets launch an initiative on #greening in #higherEd institutions - analys... 2 Apr 2021
Our project #MyAcademicID has become a ?? success story. An #inclusive and #digi... 29 Mar 2021
The #SIEM conference, on 31 March, will present the collected data of +12k stude... 25 Mar 2021
European University @charm_eu introduces a Master’s degree in Global Challenge... 23 Mar 2021
A great start to the week! We welcome the University of Trieste (@UniTrieste) an... 22 Mar 2021
Don’t miss the 1st #WebSeminar on #QualityAssurance organised by the @DAAD_EU ... 18 Feb 2021
On March 2nd and 4th, two interesting webinars will take place on the subjects o... 18 Feb 2021
Did you know that #HEIs and international #students can play a key role into bri... 4 Feb 2021
Learn more at https://t.co/e9Aue5irLD! https://t.co/leOaZemmxq 27 Jan 2021
The FESC Seminar to IROs, focusing on how to manage the #communication in times ... 26 Jan 2021
New Year, New #ErasmusPlusApp! ? Join us on January 28 ?️ for an online confer... 19 Jan 2021
#HigherEd Institutions can now update their #incoming mobility status for the fo... 15 Jan 2021
News from the #DocEnhance annual conference: the project platform builds on the ... 12 Jan 2021
? What are the best strategies to deal with change in the international educatio... 17 Dec 2020
@Aristoteleio @univienna @UAHes @uvsq @CyUniTech #VytautasMagnusUniversity #Di... 14 Dec 2020
In today’s1⃣day of #MyAcademicID final conference, high-level speakers are ... 14 Dec 2020
@Aristoteleio @erasmusuni @UAHes @UiB @univienna @UniWarszawski @SorbonneParis1 ... 5 Nov 2020
?LIVE - Follow the #EGD conference: https://t.co/fC0EGPGLtr. What's new in the u... 5 Nov 2020
Today the3⃣webinar of the #EUDocTuesdays focused on the importance of #Transfe... 20 Oct 2020
We are proud to announce that @DocEnhance's first newsletter is soon to be issue... 19 Oct 2020
This week, don't miss the MyAcademicID national workshops! Register today to get... 19 Oct 2020
We celebrate #ErasmusDays! That’s why, in our Open Letter, we call on EC @vond... 17 Oct 2020
Tune in the Big Event for #MentalHealth tomorrow and hear more about WHO's work ... 9 Oct 2020
?Today we kicked off the #Doctoral Training Tuesdays! A big thank you to our spe... 6 Oct 2020
? Join us at the Quality Teaching Mobility Conference where we’ll be discussin... 18 Sep 2020
Watch the #ErasmusSalon on the future of ??Erasmus+ with the contribution of MEP... 8 Sep 2020
The University of Murcia (ES) @UMU is the newest associate university of the #EU... 7 Sep 2020
? The #ErasmusSalons are coming back on Sept 3rd. We’ll be joined virtually b... 20 Aug 2020
? Early-stage researchers: Join the virtual event #EIF2020, 14-->16 Septembe... 19 Aug 2020
We have discussed with @DavidMJourno from the @timeshighered about universities�... 8 Aug 2020
For the first #Erasmus500 reflection piece, @BrikenaXhomaqi tells us that grant ... 4 Aug 2020
@GiannidisKostis, President of @ESN_Int, considers the current #Erasmus grant al... 28 Jul 2020
Today the @EUCouncil is meeting in Brussels to discuss the long-term #EUBudget. ... 18 Jul 2020
The #ERUMproject partners recently released #reports on #disinformation and #mis... 15 Jul 2020
? Members of ESN Luxembourg share their reasons for supporting #Erasmus500. You ... 6 Jul 2020
? The European Union created an interactive tool for a safe re-opening of Europe... 3 Jul 2020
Nadja believes that everyone should have the opportunity of receiving an interna... 2 Jul 2020
Did you miss the 3rd EGD webinar about the new Online Learning Agreement? No nee... 1 Jul 2020
Georgina thinks that a more inclusive and accessible @EUErasmusPlus is an import... 27 Jun 2020
Help us identify the effects of studying abroad on the skills and employability ... 26 Jun 2020
More than 90% of students would recommend the Online Learning Agreement to their... 25 Jun 2020
How can the #research and #innovation needs of businesses, #universities and PhD... 23 Jun 2020
Gianluca told us that, in order to be promoters of a better world, the new gener... 19 Jun 2020
? A little over one week ago, the Swiss National Agency @movetia_ch and the EUF ... 15 Jun 2020
Ines, a former #Erasmus student, strongly supports the #Erasmus500 campaign, and... 13 Jun 2020
? We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar tomorrow at 10:30 on the ... 10 Jun 2020
We are currently researching the problems students from disadvantaged background... 9 Jun 2020
#Erasmus500 Are you in? ?️ Find out more about the campaign on https://t.co/j... 4 Jun 2020
For scientific findings to be reproducible and for research data to be fully exp... 26 May 2020
Milestone reached ✅ 40 #universities have already joined #Erasmus500 - do you ... 22 May 2020
Maria João would like for everybody in Europe to be given the opportunity to ha... 19 May 2020
Approximately half of all European students work while they study and those who ... 15 May 2020
A little over a week into the #Erasmus500 campaign and several universities and ... 9 May 2020
Meet Winter, the 4-year-old llama whose antibodies have neutralised coronavirus ... 8 May 2020
???20 universities from 18 countries have already joined #Erasmus500 - can we co... 30 Apr 2020
?‍? If you could change one thing on the Erasmus grants what would it be? RT ?... 29 Apr 2020
2/2 EUF member universities are developing #GreenerMobilityExchange pilots to br... 28 Apr 2020
1/2 #GreenerMobilityExchange will be part of the forthcoming @EUErasmusPlus prog... 28 Apr 2020
Join the #EUvsVirus hackathon to #HackTheCrisis! https://t.co/04DBgAqdJw 24 Apr 2020
Delighted to become an associate member of EUF @Uni_Foundation to keep close con... 17 Apr 2020
???? DEADLINES EXTENSION As a result of the difficulties experienced by applica... 17 Mar 2020
Through the #EuropeanUniversities initiative we're building the universities of ... 12 Mar 2020
#conference Erasmus Going digital Luxembourg: https://t.co/PjUmtKHw9h updates ar... 13 Feb 2020
The University Institute of Lisbon @ISCTEIUL is the newest associate university ... 31 Jan 2020
#UniBarcelona | A la sala de juntes del Rectorat, ha tingut lloc la signatura de... 29 Jan 2020
Congratulations to the winner of the #PhDHubHack for their outstanding performan... 22 Jan 2020
Who is the winner? Our evaluation committee members are carefully listening to t... 21 Jan 2020
Exciting news: #PhDHubHack started today. 20 PhD candidates, 6 international/mul... 20 Jan 2020
UZH is a new member of the European @Uni_Foundation (EUF) - another step towards... 8 Jan 2020
#TBT for the past three years Latin American Embassies in #Budapest organize a #... 19 Dec 2019
Today in Greece: #Erasmus going digital with 100+ participants learning about th... 13 Dec 2019
Read more about the webinar here 11 Dec 2019
ℹ️ The webinar "Recommendations on the new Erasmus+ Programme Templates" tak... 11 Dec 2019
Great discussion last night on the impact of the @EUErasmusPlus program! 10 Dec 2019
Green Erasmus?♻️ Tonight we meet with stakeholders in Brussels to discuss ho... 9 Dec 2019
POWER partners meet in Thessaloniki to discuss how to strengthen cooperation bet... 9 Dec 2019
We are happy to welcome a dynamic group of participants in Brussels for a 3-day ... 3 Dec 2019
We are attending the Swiss annual HE conference #Movetia_HEI2019 and presenting ... 21 Nov 2019
We kicked off the #MyAcademicID conference in Berlin at @HumboldtUni. We are hap... 20 Nov 2019
Toit + Moi aims to provide a shared housing and intergenerational connection ser... 12 Nov 2019
It was a pleasure to meet colleagues & partners @ #UBForum. "Investing in in... 25 Oct 2019
Inspiring speeches during the opening plenary of the #UBForum on the importance ... 24 Oct 2019
On October 15th, @erasmuswp and #digitisation tools for efficient #ErasmusPlus m... 17 Oct 2019
Exploring the opportunities and impact of Erasmus+ KA2 projects with the partici... 16 Oct 2019
Erasmus Without Paper is recognised by the European Commission as one of the thi... 15 Oct 2019
Want to know how to do implement this at your #HigherEd institution? Save a spot... 11 Oct 2019
We are delighted to join IROs and Vice-Rectors from all Romanian universities in... 10 Oct 2019
Erasmus Salon #8 in Brussels - Does student mobility impact the future of Europe... 7 Oct 2019
The third speaker of the 8th #ErasmusSalon is Harpa Harpa Sif Arnarsdottir. Jo... 6 Oct 2019
The 8th #ErasmusSalon debate will focus on "Erasmus+ and the future of Europe". ... 3 Oct 2019
Paperless Erasmus. Why #digitisalising? How to get on board? EUF and the @EU_Com... 26 Sep 2019
#europeanstudentcard presentation at #eaie2019 The #europeanstudentidentifier #... 26 Sep 2019
The @EUstudentcard is at #eaie2019 until Friday, 27. Let’s meet on our boot sh... 24 Sep 2019
Join Stefan and the panellists from the European Commission and the Erasmus With... 20 Sep 2019
We were pleased to take part in the roundtable at #UeAnimafac2019 to discuss the... 2 Sep 2019
Are you going to the #EAIE2019 in #Helsinki? @Uni_Foundation will have several... 26 Aug 2019
The members of the European Parliament Committee for Education were announced. A... 4 Jul 2019
The results of the 2019 #EuropeanUniversities initiative are out! Congratulation... 26 Jun 2019
Hosting the training: Optimise your Erasmus+ partnership in Prague this week. Th... 24 Jun 2019
The @EU_Commission is cooperating with Civil Society in the sector of education.... 17 Jun 2019
MyAcademicID will create a European Student eID scheme to support students to st... 5 Jun 2019
the second MyAcademicID consortium meeting is in full progress: we are discussin... 3 Jun 2019
⚡⚡Just released: two new major #ErasmusPlus Impact Studies⚡⚡ Press relea... 21 May 2019
The number of universities and colleges in the UK facing financial deficit has i... 14 May 2019
The Berlin declaration on Validation of Prior Learning presented by @BrikenaXho... 8 May 2019
Discussing validation of competences gained in informal settings at @VPLBiennale... 7 May 2019
Today at @eracon_congress we presented, together with our colleague from @ESN_In... 2 May 2019
The EUF annual training on @EUErasmusPlus projects – the Open Space – will b... 2 May 2019
The #OpenU project is being kicked off @SorbonneParis1 and aims at bringing Euro... 23 Apr 2019
Meeting of UnILiON - a network of university liaison offices in Brussels. Today'... 9 Apr 2019
Meeting at @unhcr in Brussels to discuss possible education related activities a... 5 Apr 2019
The "Erasmus Goes Digital" informative webinar on the #digitisation of @EUErasmu... 20 Mar 2019
Annual meeting of the Council of Rectors @Uni_Foundation has started in Ghent. @... 12 Mar 2019
Opening of the 1st Teach With Erasmus+ Focus Group Meeting in Budapest at Eőtv�... 28 Feb 2019
The first #MyAID workshop is over. Two intense days discussing the future of stu... 25 Feb 2019
In case of a #NoDealBrexit on 30 March, @EU_Commission will ensure that @EUErasm... 31 Jan 2019
We are happy to be part of the Coalition and to continuously contribute for a mo... 30 Jan 2019
We are kicking-off MyAcademicID which brings together key digitisation initiativ... 28 Jan 2019
Ms. Andronescu, Minister of Education of RO stressed it is important for young p... 24 Jan 2019
Petra Kammerevert, CULT chair of @Europarl_EN calls for a considerable increase ... 24 Jan 2019
Exciting! The EU approves the 2019 budget and @EUErasmusPlus gets 240 million eu... 14 Dec 2018
Following the recent announcement of the 2019 #ErasmusPlus call, an information... 12 Dec 2018
Exclusive EUF member event prior to the #erasmuswithoutpaper launch event at Ghe... 11 Dec 2018
To offer better #quality of learning, teaching & improve the student experie... 4 Dec 2018
.@EUCouncil adopts conclusions on the @EUErasmusPlus programme. They stress the ... 29 Nov 2018
Exciting time for Erasmus staff mobility - we are improving https://t.co/pEtYCCD... 28 Nov 2018
#ErasmusSalons @GabrielWims "The economic aspect of Erasmus+ is never the only a... 22 Nov 2018
#ErasmusSalons João Bacelar: Should @EUErasmusPlus go towards a more personaliz... 22 Nov 2018
Matching international students with local buddies is done by hand in 71% of the... 16 Nov 2018
We are kicking-off the Erasmus Skills project under the leadership of @UAM_Madri... 14 Nov 2018
Today, EUF is kicking off the 1st edition of the Project Innovation Lab at @IAE_... 5 Nov 2018
The recognition of student engagement across Europe varies a lot between member ... 29 Oct 2018
@EECS hosting Blended @Erasmus BEST+ project, pesenting an incentive to activel... 24 Oct 2018
.@EUstudentcard pilot project presented at 'Erasmus Going Digital' conference by... 18 Oct 2018
"Reduir al màxim les gestions en paper necessàries per a permetre l'experiènc... 18 Oct 2018
Excited to present #Erasmuswithoutpaper to #HigherEd professionals in and around... 17 Oct 2018
50,000 downloads of the Erasmus+ App! 3 Oct 2018
We are discussing the digitalization of @EUErasmusPlus at the #bolognadigital co... 26 Sep 2018
What are the benefits of buddy programmes? How to develop or further improve you... 14 Sep 2018
"Time to prepare, the digitisation is now!" @EU_Commission - It is time to devel... 13 Sep 2018
Today we aim to improve the support we give to intl students by discussing the p... 29 Aug 2018
Participate in this #ScientixSurvey about #STEM practices and help us identify d... 7 Aug 2018
#Erasmus Mundus Master scholarships of 110 different programs will open Oct 2018... 2 Aug 2018
Help us identify the tech & social challenges facing education & trainin... 16 Jul 2018
✅Get the app now: ➡️AppStore: https://t.co/pJb4AAitsz ➡️GPlay: https:/... 13 Jul 2018
"True entrepreneurs, like backpackers, are ready to explore new terrain, more op... 11 Jul 2018
SocialErasmus+ partners discuss how to best implement Erasmus in Schools type of... 4 Jul 2018
Honoured to receive from the @EUErasmusPlus national agency in Luxembourg an Era... 3 Jul 2018
Presentation of the University-Business cooperation forum and the HEInnovaite to... 27 Jun 2018
#EUFOpenSpace is a great place to gainknowledge on @EUErasmusPlus & bechal... 21 Jun 2018
Registration desk… ✅ Badges… ✅ Welcome bags… ✅ Smiles… ✅ The EU... 20 Jun 2018
Excited and looking forward to train at the @Uni_Foundation Open Space next week... 15 Jun 2018
⌛️ In a few hours we will close the registrations to the #EUFOpenSpace 2018,... 5 Jun 2018
We’ve reached a new milestone! 40,000 downloads of the Erasmus+ App! 31 May 2018
Erasmus+ detailed budget proposal 2021-2027: €30b in total. €25,9b for educa... 30 May 2018
What could be done to remove the obstacles that students from regulated study fi... 29 May 2018
For the next three days we are hosting a blended @EUErasmusPlus training at the ... 22 May 2018
.@Olczyk_Kacper, Communication Manager of @ESN_Int, showcases the Online Learnin... 10 May 2018
"Erasmus will be digital." @lloydanthony19 from the @EU_Commission is presenting... 10 May 2018
#CedefopPhotoAward is back! 6 May 2018
Kicking off the -Erasmus going digital- conference at @eotvos_uni in Budapest to... 24 Apr 2018
❓What can Virtual Exchange bring to the Erasmus+ Programme? 14 Apr 2018
it’s not just about connection or digitalization, it’s a state of mind, an i... 12 Apr 2018
#Eplustips #IROlife #Accomodation Do you want more tips on how to improve the e... 11 Apr 2018
#EUFOpenSpace workshops are tailored to challenge our participants & ensure ... 10 Apr 2018
Another excellent mapping of the increasingly complex & ever changing landsc... 3 Apr 2018
Great interview of @dlopez39 - encouraging young people to keep looking for lear... 3 Apr 2018
⁉️ Are you managing international students? Our BEST+ training on "internati... 3 Apr 2018
A new multiplier event of CAPQI Project was organized by @Uni_Foundation as an E... 2 Apr 2018
Interesting perspective on the goal of #HigherEd. What do you think - how necess... 1 Apr 2018
#Eplustips #IROlife #OLA 30 Mar 2018
.@EURASHE 28th Annual Conference: “Partnerships for a Digital Future – Strat... 29 Mar 2018
#Eplustips #IROlife #ErasmusDashboard Do you want more tips on how to improve t... 28 Mar 2018
What could potentially be part of the new @EUErasmusPlus programme to improve th... 27 Mar 2018
We are ready to welcome you at our third #ErasmusSalons! Tonight we will discuss... 27 Mar 2018
☎️ Reminder: Join our 3rd #ErasmusSalons “Promoting quality internships t... 26 Mar 2018
❓Do you wish to discuss the impact of the latest developments in information t... 26 Mar 2018
Happy to host @Uni_Foundation Joao Bacelar, in Cyprus this week, to learn more a... 24 Mar 2018
#Eplustips #IROlife #BuddySystem Do you want more tips on how to improve the e... 23 Mar 2018
#Eplustips #IROlife #ErasmusApp Do you want more tips on how to improve the ex... 21 Mar 2018
❗️ How to promote quality internships through Erasmus+? Join us on the 27/03... 20 Mar 2018
Did you know that you can benefit from a staff mobility grant to attend the #EUF... 19 Mar 2018
Erasmus is going digital: How can it support the work of your #HEI? The “Digit... 26 Feb 2018
We are pleased to welcome the Eötvös Loránd University - @eotvos_uni as a new... 16 Feb 2018
Presentation at UNESCO regional consultation meeting: #Unibility is an @EUErasmu... 15 Feb 2018
The Erasmus+ App has reached another milestone - more than 30,000 downloads and ... 6 Feb 2018
Placements promotion in #UAH. Approaching Large Enterprises to our students. A n... 5 Feb 2018
Le projet d’un espace européen de l'éducation est fondateur d’une nouvelle... 25 Jan 2018
#ErasmusWithoutPaper - faster, simpler and more efficient! ⚡️Today kicks off... 23 Jan 2018
Please to present the new logo for the next Ministerial Conference #EHEAParis2018 18 Dec 2017
Yesterday, EU leaders at the @EUCouncil put forward concrete initiatives for #ed... 15 Dec 2017
The European Student Card is striving to improve student mobility. Today partner... 14 Dec 2017
The #FutureOfEurope is mobility for all students. The EUF contributes with simpl... 17 Nov 2017
Kick-off meeting of DoCENT for an innovative model to guide teacher educators in... 16 Nov 2017
The aim is to have a common database of quality internships available for univer... 10 Nov 2017
Internships are often not of sufficient quality! That is why the Transparency at... 10 Nov 2017
We need digital tools in order to make sure that the last approved version of LA... 26 Oct 2017
Information is dispersed over many systems. Connecting them with projects such a... 10 Oct 2017
Register Now! Blended training on "International Attractiveness of Universities"... 4 Oct 2017
Univ. of Alcala: Online Learning Agreement - white knight to manage @EUErasmusPl... 26 Sep 2017
Congratulations to our member @ugent for its #EAIE2017 award! We look forward to... 13 Sep 2017
Have an opinion on how European policy can help shape the future? Let us now! 7 Sep 2017
How to strengthen Business-Uni coop & unlock student employability? #empl-oi... 31 Aug 2017
EUF organises high quality workshops to provide you with a complete training exp... 24 Aug 2017
Are you looking for partners to grow an E+ Project? ➡️ The EUF #OpenSpace is... 31 Jul 2017
Have a closer look at the #ErasmusPlus Mobile App and read the @Wort_EN article:... 10 Jul 2017
30y @EUErasmusPlus with @Martinereicher1: we should ask for 9 times more mobilit... 6 Jul 2017
Enjoying the food and the view from the restaurant in Naples. Thanks to all part... 26 Jun 2017
I love the hands-on approach at @Uni_Foundation #OpenSpace to train uni staff on... 26 Jun 2017
#Erasmus for students in 2021 is under discussion with the Erasmus Experts group... 19 May 2017
This afternoon, the Learning Agreement revolution is on its way! Join us LIVE fo... 16 May 2017
@ESN_Int @SSabuni @DominMontagnese @Uniplaces @HousingAnywhere @StefanJahnke @es... 31 Mar 2017
12% of students experience some sort of fraud when looking for housing abroad. 29 Mar 2017
Testing the EC self-assessment tool on HEI's performance in implementing the #EC... 16 Mar 2017
Want to receive @EUErasmusPlus funding for your institution? Join the EUF Open ... 6 Mar 2017
Want to find out what successful @EUErasmusPlus projects look like and get inspi... 27 Jan 2017
Do we talk about inefficient university partnerships? A challenging task tackled... 8 Dec 2016

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