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Euroscicon ltd

00 London, United Kingdom

Euroscicon is the longest running independent life science events company with a predominantly academic client base. Our multiprofessional and multispeciality approach creates a unique experience that cannot be found with a specialist society or commercially.


00 London

United Kingdom


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Shara Cohen Managing Director Team Member
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Mr Stephen Bruce Manager Team Member
Ms Crystallography Conferences Program Director Team Member
OphthalmologySurgery Team Member
Lauren cooper Team Member
Mr Steve Johnson Program manager Team Member
Ms Carolina Jones Team Member
Ms Rachel Walker Walker Program Director Team Member
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Ms Caroline Thomas Team Member
Mr Ryan Will Program Manager Team Member
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Ms Maryam Nicolas Team Member
Ms Adreaana Collis Team Member
Mr Richard Thomas Team Member
Ms Ojesvi Viera Team Member
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Mrs Scarlet Bary Team Member
Mr Christopher Adam Team Member
Mr Austen Dines Team Member
Mr daniel Wilson Team Member
Mr Jhon Carry Team Member
Mr Sandy Sins Team Member
Mr Austin Matthews Team Member
Mrs Christina Williams Team Member

Past Events (72)

24th Annual Conference on Infectious Diseases and Public Health 22 Apr 2019
3rd EuroSciCon Conference on Food Technology 22 Apr 2019
Catalysis Conferences 11 Mar 2019
22nd International Conference on New Horizons in Cardiology & Cardiologists Edu... 7 Mar 2019
6th Edition of World Cancer Conference 25 Feb 2019
Chemistry 2019 19 Feb 2019
18th Edition of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials Science... 29 Jan 2019
EuroSciCon Conference on Nursing Science & Education 28 Jan 2019
18th Edition of International Conference on Emerging Trends in Materials Scienc... 27 Jan 2019
Renewable Energy and Emerging Technologies 5 Oct 2018
World Summit on Climate Change and Global Warming 21 Jun 2018
Plant Genomics Conference 20 Jun 2018
4th International Conference on polymer science 4 Jun 2018
3rd Edition of International Conference on Applied Crystallography 4 Jun 2018
3rd Edition of International conference on Advanced Spectroscopy, Crystallograph... 4 Jun 2018
3rd Edition of World Congress & Exhibition on Vascular Surgery 24 May 2018
Neonatology 2018 7 May 2018
European Congress on Obesity and Eating Disorder 12 Apr 2018
11th Edition of International Conference on Proteomics 22 Mar 2018
6th Annual Cell Culture Technology Event 7 Mar 2013
Biomarker discovery 28 Feb 2013
Regulatory Cells in Autoimmunity 6 Dec 2012
2nd Annual Regulatory Cells in Autoimmunity event: 4 Dec 2012
Improving in situ hybridisation 29 Nov 2012
Realizing the value of plant natural products 16 Nov 2012
3rd Annual Miniaturisation Event 14 Nov 2012
Cell suicide is not painless for flow cytometrist 7 Nov 2012
Future Technologies in Downstream Processing Event 18 Oct 2012
Improving Immunohistochemistry Discussion Forum 17 Oct 2012
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 4 Oct 2012
Stem Cells Forum 3 Oct 2012
3rd Annual 2 Oct 2012
Molecular Pharming - recent progress in manufactur 21 Sep 2012
Comparing and contrasting techniques that measure 6 Jul 2012
Inducing and Breaking Tolerogenic APC 5 Jul 2012
International Forum for Disaster Victim Identifica 29 Jun 2012
Multidisciplinary integrated approaches to underst 20 Jun 2012
therapeutic protein production event 14 Jun 2012
Taking the heat out of chaperokine function 23 May 2012
Biomarker discovery: Driving technologies 17 May 2012
Innovations in Renewable Energies 27 Apr 2012
Strategies for commercial success of biosimilars 19 Apr 2012
Histopathology: Advances in research and technique 30 Mar 2012
Cell culture technology 9 Mar 2012
The 2012 London Regenerative Medicine Event 16 Feb 2012
Exploiting bacteriophages 20 Jan 2012
Exploiting bacteriophages for bioscience 20 Jan 2012
Discussion workshop: imaging cell migration in 3D 25 Nov 2011
Small Scale Bio-production: Beyond the Flask. 18 Nov 2011
Discussion workshop: Flow Cytometry 4 Nov 2011
2nd Improving immunohistochemistry workshop 28 Oct 2011
Host-fungal interactions 21 Oct 2011
2nd Annual Miniaturisation - Micro Scale Bioproces 20 Oct 2011
Mucosal dendritic cell-epithelial cell cross-talk 14 Oct 2011
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells 6 Oct 2011
Seminar on Car Sharing 6 Oct 2011
The three Rs of innate immune recognition 23 Sep 2011
Future Technologies in Downstream Processing 16 Sep 2011
Biomarkers for Personalised Health Care: Need, dev 9 Sep 2011
Discussion Workshop: Imaging Cell Migration in 3D 17 Jun 2011
2nd Annual Therapeutic Protein Production meeting 10 Jun 2011
Discussion workshop: Stem Cells 6 May 2011
Histopathology: Advances in research and technique 15 Apr 2011
Biofuels in the UK: Challenges and Opportunities 11 Feb 2011
Understanding dendritic cells 12 Nov 2010
Veterinary Allergy: Current Research and Diagnosis 5 Nov 2010
Recombinant pharmaceutical manufacture from plants 15 Oct 2010
Discussion Workshop: Improving immunohistochemistr 8 Oct 2010
Induced pluripotent stem cells 7 Oct 2010
Regulatory T cells in inflammatory and infectious 5 Mar 2010
The Bacteriophage in Biology, Biotechnology and Me 26 Feb 2010
Antimicrobial Peptides: New challenges for Science 27 Nov 2009