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Fricot Project

Lisnascreghog Road
BT515DN Coleraine, United Kingdom

The quest to find the origins of Europe’s indigenous food ingredients, the artisanal food products that have evolved through generations, the traditional recipes that have remained popular, their re-emergence in the kitchens of imaginary bakers and visionary chefs … the start of a new food revolution that has roots in sustainable food security and the protection of localised employment.

This is the interaction between people and place ... the fields and forests, the seas, rivers and lakes, the mountain pastures, the settled estuaries, the plains and steppes, the allotments, plots, rooftop gardens, terraces ... and produce!

This is the opportunity to listen to artisanal and smallscale food producers — bakers, cafe cooks, cattle (beef and veal), goat, pig, poultry and sheep farmers, cheese makers, chef-restaurateurs, chocolatiers, confectioners, fish processors, food educators, food innovators, freshwater, inshore and offshore fishers, grain farmers, grocers, legume farmers, confectioners, vegetable farmers and assorted people working in small-scale and family food production — to discover whether fresh and local are the true ingredients in a new world order of food that is not dominated by exports and imports.

This is the identification of indigenous produce, artisanal products and the traditional foods that make up the popular food cultures throughout Anatolia, the Caucasus and Europe.

This is the Fricot Project:-

applying strategic applications for food artisans;

assessing bio-economic impacts of short food chains;

assessing eco-social impacts of short food chains;

localising the value-chain system;

organising local food distribution schemes;

supporting artisanal food businesses;

understanding co-operative systems;

This is the Fricot Project:-

sustainable food security for the 21st century.

Lisnascreghog Road

BT515DN Coleraine

United Kingdom


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