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Mark-Com Event

140 Rue de Stalle
1180 Brussels, Belgium


" For about 30 years, Mark-Com Event has been organising IT-related events based on a concept model that combines conferences on relevant topics on the one side and on the other networking and transactional opportunities for economic actors from both the public and private sectors in Europe and more particularly in Belgium. Our audience is composed of big international groups, manufacturers, distributors, trade unions but also associatoins and public administrations that have a stake in the fast-paced sector of New Technologies and Innovation.

In the recent years, Mark-Com Event's focus has been on issues related to Infrastructure, Digital Tranformation, the Internet of Things (IoT), App Mobility, Artificial Intelligence but also (Cyber)security (GDPR, DPO) and alike matters that belong to the realm of the new digital era. "

140 Rue de Stalle

1180 Brussels



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Ms Sophie Graftieaux Communication & Event Man... Account Admin

Past Events (1)

ICT Infrastructure 23 May 2019