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Petit Pas

viale Europa,63
76125 Trani, Italy

The association of social promotion Petit Pas was founded in Trani (BT) - Puglia - Italy, in 2015.

The association is non partisan and aims to develop social initiatives, inspired by democracy, equality and pluralism.

Petit pas aims at the development of education, training and entrepreneurship of young people, women, migrants and the disabled in Puglia (IT) and abroad. To achieve these aims Petit pas has an ongoing collaboration with the leading universities, schools, associations, NGO’s and research organizations in Puglia for the development of projects, trainings and educational material.

Petit pas pursues these objectives through the use of public places and infrastructure and the provision of specific services by supporting:

• Youth empowerment

• The social and cultural rehabilitation

• The social and labor integration of people

• Active and collective participation

• The dissemination of information

• The historical, artistic and architectural heritage

• Changing lifestyles in harmony with the natural environment and a sustainable future

• The ecological restructuring of society and economy

• The fight against crime

• Individual freedoms

• The relationship between health and well-being

• Promote Sport Values

• organic and quality farming

• New sustainable technologies

• The rights of future generations

• The fight against poverty

• The restoration of terrestrial ecosystems

• culture and art dissemination


The association will pursue these goals and objectives using knowledge and soft and specific skills of its members, taking every opportunity to increase the social, cultural and technological.

Added value of the association is the network of local partners.

Integrated seamlessly into our territory, we collaborate with: schools, universities, companies, cooperatives, associations, vocational training institutions, public institutions and amateur sports associations.

viale Europa,63

76125 Trani


+39 3343848629

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