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Polis Network

Rue du Trone, 98
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. Since 1989, European local and regional authorities have been working together within Polis to promote sustainable mobility. Polis fosters cooperation and partnerships across Europe with the aim of making transport research and innovation accessible to cities and regions. Through its activities, Polis is committed to provide insight and practical support to make urban and regional transport more efficient, safer and accessible.

Rue du Trone, 98

1050 Brussels



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Dagmar Roeller Communication Manager Account Admin
Dr Florinda BOSCHETTI Senior Project Manager, C... Team Member
Mr Francesco Ripa Communications Manager Team Member
Ms Alessia Giorgiutti Communications Officer Team Member
Mr Jamie Wylie Team Member

Publications (34)

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