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Terra Humana Ltd.

BIOFARM Agri Reserach Station
2472 Kajaszo, Hungary

Terra Humana Ltd was established as a Swedish-Hungarian joint venture in 1989 (ALSTOM Power subsidy) and became an independent company in 2001. Since 2002 Terra Humana Ltd. has coordinated multiple international research and development programs in the specific field of carbon refinery and Phosphorus recovery. The company is a science & technology intensive company with core competence of applied scientific RTD and industrial engineering of circular economical nutrient recycling and reuse from unexploited agricultural and food industry by-product streams, most importantly Phosphorus recovery. The applied technology is the innovative 3R zero emission pyrolysis technology and combined biotechnological formulations and including full production and product application value chain research, development, industrial engineering, scale up and full industrial/market valorisation.

The ownew  Edward Someus is the original source and inventor of “3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse zero emission advanced pyrolysis technology. The 3R development has been financed by the company until 2002. From 2002 the European Commission selected the technology and co-funded the further developments through large scale EU research and development programmes.

Based on the 2002-2018 extensive applied research activity in ten EU Member States with large number of academic and industrial partners, by mid 2018 high “TRL” Technology Readiness Level with high research-maturity reached and significant progress made towards market uptake. The flagship project of the company is recovering Phosphorus (BIO-PHOSHATE) recycled natural organic fertilizers and its BIO-NPK-C formulations made from agricultural and food industrial by-products for organic and low input farming applications.

During the past years Terra Humana has built up a wide network of stakeholders both in scientific and industrial sectors. The owner and managing director of the company is Mr. Edward Someus, a senior Swedish S&T environmental engineer with core competence and specialization on industrial pyrolysis, carbon product development, Phosphorus recovery from animal by-products and marketing of such products in the agricultural and environmental industrial sectors as adsorbent. Mr. Someus is also involved in European Commission standardization and law harmonization as a consultant for revision of the EU Fertiliser Regulation in the area of Phosphorus, biochar, struvite and ash products for the use of innovative fertilisers.


  • Circular economical nutrient recovery for organic and low input farming applications;
  • Phosphorus recovery technologies and products, P reuse applications, LCA and CBA, market evaluations in the EU, USA and Australia;
  • 3R zero emission pyrolysis technology and recovered nutrients combined formulations, incl. all elements from science into full industrialization value chain under market competitive conditions;
  • EU policy knowledge and policy support, including Circular Economy – Fertilizers Regulation revision, REACH and Authority permitting of processing technologies & bio-based products.
  • Standardization and EU law harmonization of innovative fertilizer products with economical important European dimensions.


BIOFARM Agri Reserach Station

2472 Kajaszo


VAT HU10254073


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