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Transport & Environment

Square de Meeûs 18
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Transport & Environment’s mission is to promote, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development. Transport policy should minimise harmful impacts on the environment and health, maximise efficiency of resources, including energy and land, and guarantee safety and sufficient access for all.

Square de Meeûs 18

1050 Brussels


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Mr Pierre Dornier Account Admin
Ms Lea Hemetsberger Team Member

Publications (48)

A Study on Oil Dependency in the EU 7 Jul 2016 1467887268
NOx controls for shipping in EU seas 16 Jun 2016 1466077532
A new EU Sustainable Bioenergy Policy - Proposal to regulate bioenergy production and use ... 2 Sep 2016 1472816689
A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility 20 Jul 2016 1469013488
Transport & Environment 2015 annual report 13 Mar 2016 1457909366
Bionfrontiers - responsible innovation for tomorrow's liquid fuels 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Towards a European Market for Electro-Mobility 24 Oct 2016 1477329978
Draft 2030 biofuels proposal: a brief impact assessment 21 Nov 2016 1479751784
Red flags on ExxonMobil 25 Oct 2016 1477405385
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the environment 18 Nov 2016 1479484889
COP22: aviation emissions under Paris 14 Nov 2016 1479119442
Dieselgate: Who? What? How? 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Understanding the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation 16 Nov 2016 1479314090
Implementing Act on Access to Service Facilities 13 Dec 2016 1481625102
Ministerial Declaration Rail Freight Corridors to boost international rail freight TEN-T D... 17 Jun 2016 1466163519
Europe keeps burning more palm oil in its diesel cars and trucks 24 Nov 2016 1479992318
Globiom: the basis for biofuel policy post-2020 4 Jul 2016 1467640429
The Commission's future spending plans in accordance with climate targets 12 Dec 2016 1481534355
Road charging for cars. What the European Commission should do. 5 May 2017 1493978662
The world without food-based biofuels 5 Apr 2017 1491385270
Transport is now Europe's biggest climate problem 29 Mar 2017 1490782683
Impact of Tolling on Environment 12 Apr 2017 1492017862
Tolls for sustainable High Capacity Roads 12 Apr 2017 1492017773
Heavy Duty Vehicles Technology Potential and Cost Study 2 May 2017 1493739147
Valletta Declaration on Road Safety 27 Mar 2017 1490634393
Fixing Dieselgate in Europe 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Sustainable advanced biofuels 6 Jun 2017 1496758493
Three revolutions in urban transportation 10 May 2017 1494428506
Will European trade undermine the EU’s move to clean biofuels? 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Automotive Disruption Radar Issue #1 21 Apr 2017 1492792865
EV market trends and outlook 8 Sep 2017 1504870646
A perspective on light-duty vehicles in Europe 8 Sep 2017 1504872807
Speeding up European Electro-Mobility - How to electrify half of new car sales by 2030 7 Sep 2017 1504780343
DIESEL - the true (dirty) story 26 Sep 2017 1506441626
Putting the environment at the heart of Brexit 1 Jan 2001 978307200
Hydrogen (H2) trucks will kick-start from 2018 on EU and international roads 27 Sep 2017 1506497955
Regulating speed: a short-term measure to reduce maritime GHG emissions 18 Oct 2017 1508319538
Greenhouse gas emissions from global shipping, 2013-2015 19 Sep 2017 1505831127
Fuelling Europe's Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economy 19 Feb 2018 1519045674
Low-carbon cars in Europe: A socioeconomic assessment 19 Feb 2018 1519057545
Ending the cheating: using real-world CO2 measurements within the post-2020 CO2 standards 23 Apr 2018 1524497134
CO2 emissions from cars: the facts 4 Apr 2018 1522858259
The future of transport in the EUropean Commission' 2050 strategy 25 Jul 2018 1532540167
Ending the cheating and collusion: Using real-world CO2 measurements within the post-2020 ... 28 Aug 2018 1535455731
Trucking into a Greener Future: the economic impact of decarbonizing goods vehicles in Europe 5 Sep 2018 1536178620
Trucking into a Greener Future 27 Aug 2018 1535380981
How to decarbonise European transport by 2050 26 Nov 2018 1543232683
Marketplace, economic, technology, environmental and policy perspectives for fully electri... 12 Nov 2018 1542020101

News (1828)

#Dieselgate: Cheating carmakers deliberately harm people. In Norway alone ~1,500... 27 Jan 2017
Ireland under fire over EU emissions deal https://t.co/zhfvyF6a3q @CarbonMrktWa... 27 Jan 2017
Pollution automobile : la refonte des homologations patine à Bruxelles https:... 27 Jan 2017
Oil burning is a principal cause of climate change and air pollution. Neither ad... 28 Jan 2017
.@Audi hiring engineers in Belgium to build e-tron #EV. #greengrowth #greenjobs ... 28 Jan 2017
German transport agency suspected VW cheating on CO2 emissions too! KBA hasn't y... 29 Jan 2017
The electrification of road transport is happening. Oil giants diversifying to s... 29 Jan 2017
#Rail freight: the customer is always right, writes @samkennyis https://t.co/2bF... 30 Jan 2017
Super initiative de la #police britannique pour le #respect des distances de #se... 30 Jan 2017
In 2015, transport #CO2 emissions rose by 0.7% in Germany. The head of @Umweltbu... 1 Feb 2017
.@AngelaMerkeICDU says that Germany will work with Sweden to promote overhead wi... 1 Feb 2017
Don't underestimate #EVs and renewable energy: Electric cars & cheap solar '... 2 Feb 2017
Let's take ticketing to the 21st century, dear railways! @samkennyis @Transport_... 2 Feb 2017
Autobauer betrügen beim #Spritverbrauch. Wir fordern ein Ende der #Verbrauchert... 3 Feb 2017
Bruselas propone que el CO2 de los vuelos hacia y desde Europa continúe sin reg... 4 Feb 2017
El 'paraíso fiscal' del concesionario: el 76% de los coches que se venden no pa... 4 Feb 2017
Autobauer betrügen beim #Spritverbrauch. Wir fordern ein Ende der #Verbrauchert... 5 Feb 2017
Poland's climate bluff: cut MEPs out of #EffortSharing #ESR legislative process ... 6 Feb 2017
#Dieselgate: LUX takes legal action over #VW scandal being "a victim of criminal... 7 Feb 2017
Did you know that drivers are the main consumers of #palmoil in Europe? https://... 7 Feb 2017
Due to landuse change #Palmoil biodiesel produces 3x as much co2 emissions as di... 7 Feb 2017
Cafébabel Brussels is at the @Europarl_EN watching "Frontera Invisible". @trans... 7 Feb 2017
What a great documentary #palmoil. Stunning experience. Thanks @transenv & ... 7 Feb 2017
Currently @Europarl_EN to discuss social & environmental impacts of agroindu... 7 Feb 2017
Palm oil plantations in Cameroon took away families' crop land and burial lands,... 7 Feb 2017
45% of #palmoil in Europe is consumed as biodiesel 7 Feb 2017
Thanks Nico and Seb for a wonderful experience #palmoil @transenv https://t.co/B... 7 Feb 2017
Italian diesel probe easier for Fiat models! Disgraceful but not surprising! @tr... 7 Feb 2017
Exclusive: Italian diesel probe shows collusion with Fiat, omits emission data #... 8 Feb 2017
Almost 90% of new power in Europe from renewable sources in 2016 #renewableenerg... 9 Feb 2017
How to stop breaching air pollution limits? Brussels City switch off the monitor... 10 Feb 2017
Hausgemacht @FiatDeutschland #dieselgate #Abgaskandal https://t.co/Iy2jwZyuud ... 12 Feb 2017
We have waited for #IMO for 19 years without a progress. Can we wait for another... 13 Feb 2017
#CETA: Civil Society Organisations call on Members of Parliament to reject EU-Ca... 13 Feb 2017
Environmental injustice. Public transport users exposed to the most pollution @t... 14 Feb 2017
Deadly #diesel is going to cost the car industry billions. Cheating was the wron... 14 Feb 2017
CO2 emissions from trains are 19X less than from cars when travelling the same d... 14 Feb 2017
MEPs vote tomorrow on 'smartly designed' #shipping #EUETS proposal, says @o_merk... 14 Feb 2017
#CETA: MEPs rubberstamp bad deal for people and the planet https://t.co/FgBAnqDE... 15 Feb 2017
Parliament’s #EUETS reforms the best outcome for reducing ship and aircraft CO... 15 Feb 2017
La gasolina ecológica que todo lo mancha. https://t.co/DmCZKZkLVl https://t.co/... 16 Feb 2017
#Photography enthusiast? Join our #InspireChange photo contest on #sustainablefo... 19 Feb 2017
#Dieselgate: Fiat's special treatment shows why Ministers meeting today should s... 20 Feb 2017
#Dieselgate: Italian action on Fiat shows why reform of EU testing system is urg... 20 Feb 2017
Le biodiesel, un désastre écologique? #PalmOil https://t.co/tvBzzXA5dz 20 Feb 2017
Another bad day in the office for @vwgroup_en. Still not listening. @transenv @C... 21 Feb 2017
University of Heidelberg confirms use of deceptive software by some HGV operator... 21 Feb 2017
As of 2018, Stuttgart bans all diesel cars below EURO6 in case of #airpollution ... 22 Feb 2017
Il nostro ricorso al TAR contro la Regione per l'#AriaPulita in #Lombardia https... 22 Feb 2017
With Trump in the White House, Europe's on its own again. Read more in T&E's... 22 Feb 2017
Biobrandstoffen zijn hernieuwbaar maar lang niet altijd duurzaam. Bio-olie uit v... 24 Feb 2017
Tuesday @EuroShippingWk : eNGOs will hold press conference "Dirty Ships: What ro... 24 Feb 2017
Kierowcy głównymi konsumentami oleju palmowego w Europie! 46% to #biodiesel #... 24 Feb 2017
The gap with real fuel economy goes from 42% to 20-25%. Not very realistic! http... 25 Feb 2017
#biofuels industry and Big #Oil team up to kill #electriccars #EV in the US. Sam... 25 Feb 2017
Car buyers should have 'long, hard think' about #diesel, says UK's transport sec... 25 Feb 2017
Minister Hendricks' flight to Brussels costs €0.25 in #EUETS – just 8% of ca... 27 Feb 2017
Minister Galletti's flight to Brussels costs €0.35 in #EUETS – just 8% of ca... 27 Feb 2017
Minister Lilleholt's flight to Brussels costs €0.33 in #EUETS – just 8% of c... 27 Feb 2017
How dirty is #shipping? Press Conf 1100 this morning in #Brussels https://t.co/S... 28 Feb 2017
Minister Famellos' flight to Brussels costs €0.60 in #EUETS – just 8% of car... 28 Feb 2017
Minister Matos Fernandes' flight to BXL costs €0.54 in #EUETS – just 8% of c... 28 Feb 2017
Para recortar as emisións de CO2 da aviación, hai que voar menos. O #EUETS no... 28 Feb 2017
.@transenv Faig Abbasov updates press on carbon free shipping. NGO not too impre... 28 Feb 2017
‘Shell knew’: oil giant's 1991 film warned of climate change danger, then th... 28 Feb 2017
"We could spend 2 days talking of + biofuels examples" by @BoeingEurope.Could al... 28 Feb 2017
'Frontera invisible', the dark side of #biofuels https://t.co/xLqNmloKAV #PalmOi... 28 Feb 2017
"At the heart of the #dieselgate scandal in Europe lies a testing system that is... 28 Feb 2017
new #diesel passenger car sales share in France took another dip in February to ... 2 Mar 2017
People in the Philippines: we need our land, not oil palms! https://t.co/rTc2CIU... 2 Mar 2017
Docu Frontera Invisible has been selected for the @MilleniumFest in Brussels! Ho... 2 Mar 2017
#alternativefacts @SMMT less #diesel = more hybrid & electric = less CO2 @df... 3 Mar 2017
Study: Volkswagen’s excess emissions will lead to 1,200 premature deaths in Eu... 3 Mar 2017
Shows how much potential there still is for cleaner trucks. CO2 standards needed... 3 Mar 2017
Dirty diesel joined by polluting petrol - how small hot-running petrol engines c... 5 Mar 2017
The moment the US auto industry becomes irrelevant #ElectricVehicle @TeslaMotors... 5 Mar 2017
Europa: vehículos que cumplen la normativa de emisiones son la excepción, esta... 6 Mar 2017
We are hiring! Come join our communications team as an intern. Deadline is March... 7 Mar 2017
PSA publishes real-world fuel consumption data for 1,000 Peugeot, Citroën and D... 7 Mar 2017
Première mondiale: PSA publie la consommation réelle de 58 modèles Peugeot, C... 8 Mar 2017
First EU 2016 car #CO2 data but wrong conclusions less #diesel = more hybrid &am... 9 Mar 2017
Líders també en producció d'oli de palma... Ho fem tot al revés o què? http... 10 Mar 2017
Registrations open for #Mediterranean #Shipping Conference in #Rome, March 28th ... 11 Mar 2017
20 years of progress? Sounds familiar. https://t.co/YeVv79jrF1 12 Mar 2017
Este revelador documental lo presentaremos en el evento @AjaProyecto inicia mié... 12 Mar 2017
New #diesel vans still poisoning city air. @transenv @CleanAirLondon @doug_parr ... 12 Mar 2017
Just 15 of the biggest ships emit more oxides of nitrogen and sulphur than all o... 13 Mar 2017
Registration open "Reducing air pollution from ships in the Mediterranean" Rome ... 14 Mar 2017
Volkswagen Group CEO says German carmakers discussing in @VDA_online whether to ... 14 Mar 2017
Although Renault told @ep_emissions its vehicles were in compliance with EU stan... 15 Mar 2017
Explainer: The challenge of tackling aviation's non-CO2 emissions | @jloistf htt... 15 Mar 2017
Know how to tell good stories in video??? Send through your application please!!... 16 Mar 2017
#Dieselgate: En 2016 Bruxelles a constaté et déploré que VW est loin d’êtr... 17 Mar 2017
.@Europarl_CAT fa una crida per a prohibir l'ús dels combustibles més bruts a ... 18 Mar 2017
#Emissioni, in Germania la CO2 va su. E i Verdi puntano il dito contro il traspo... 20 Mar 2017
238 NGOs join the call for #EuropeWeWant: "United, we call for the full implemen... 21 Mar 2017
@GregGtarcher @UKVolkswagen @GroupePSA @transenv No need for that, we have the f... 21 Mar 2017
Bonn wants to become a bicycle capital to reduce CO2 emissions and #AirPollution... 22 Mar 2017
The cost to implement tough fuel-efficiency standards for cars could be up to 40... 23 Mar 2017
.@beuc want 75g & 50g 2025/30 @transenv 24 Mar 2017
Lunedì 27.3.2017 - 10 a #Roma conferenza stampa @NABU_de e @Citizensforair s... 24 Mar 2017
In procinto di monitorare l'aria a #Civitavecchia : il Mediterraneo deve istitui... 25 Mar 2017
The #EuropeWeWant is the one of solidarity, justice, democracy, sustainability a... 25 Mar 2017
28/03 Conferència Internacional sobre contaminació del transport marítim al ... 27 Mar 2017
Continental - CO2 cuts at €50/g "acceptable" -hybrids on the up @TheICCT @tran... 27 Mar 2017
My op-ed in @SvD this morning - the Swedish government should resist industry sc... 27 Mar 2017
RANKING: Poland, Italy and Spain get a fail grade in its efforts to comply with ... 28 Mar 2017
Italia al penultimo posto in Europa per le politiche green https://t.co/1ZSrvN8R... 28 Mar 2017
.@transenv working with @TheICCT @FIAFdn to improve air quality in Paris and Lon... 29 Mar 2017
#ElectroMobility brings jobs, technological innovation and growth. Help us promo... 29 Mar 2017
EU overestimated cost-optimal #bioenergy share – study https://t.co/JXrhCYV3R6... 31 Mar 2017
#MakeDieselgateHistory: vote for a European vehicle surveillance agency https://... 3 Apr 2017
France urges for Mediterranean Emission Control Area to limit air pollution from... 3 Apr 2017
Germany finds new defeat device on Fiat car approved in... Italy! #MakeDieselgat... 3 Apr 2017
In contrast with other sectors covered by EU ETS, planes emissions increased by ... 3 Apr 2017
Thx @EleonoraEvi for supporting a European vehicle surveillance agency. #MakeDie... 3 Apr 2017
Belangrijke stap naar beter gelijk speelveld Noord en Zuid, in het voordeel (!) ... 4 Apr 2017
Thx @younousomarjee for supporting an EU vehicle surveillance agency. #MakeDiese... 4 Apr 2017
Dieselgate was a failure of national authorities, we need an independent Agency ... 4 Apr 2017
#Dieselgate @Anne_Hidalgo demande au Parlement européen de voter la création d... 4 Apr 2017
Thx @WimvandeCamp for supporting clean air in the EU. #MakeDieselgateHistory, pr... 4 Apr 2017
MEPs reject EU vehicles agency but strengthen checks on cars and national regula... 4 Apr 2017
MEPs demand phase out of vegetable oil biofuels by 2020 https://t.co/CQ0LrnyEMf ... 4 Apr 2017
#dieselgate le Parlement UE rejette l'Agence européenne de surveillance du marché 4 Apr 2017
MEPs demand phase out of vegetable oil biofuels by 2020 https://t.co/siIglrtsxX ... 5 Apr 2017
Make car makers, not drivers, pay for the diesel crisis, experts say @transenv @... 5 Apr 2017
But probably won't be future for cars. Interesting. https://t.co/tMRttlhLdY 8 Apr 2017
My plans to clean up London's air in this week's @thetimes. Under these plans, L... 9 Apr 2017
Of course he's a denialist. His airline emits more CO2 than Costa Rica, its emis... 9 Apr 2017
New test shows that 'fixed' Volkswagen cars emit more NOx than before. @Altrocon... 11 Apr 2017
Tolls can improve freight transport, combat climate change and increase public b... 12 Apr 2017
CSO express concerns over Hungarian government stigmatisation in joint letter to... 12 Apr 2017
German carmakers discuss publishing real-world fuel consumption data https://t.c... 13 Apr 2017
Germans ready to ditch cars in favour of buses, trains and bikes https://t.co/1W... 14 Apr 2017
Turning large vehicles #electric kills oil, pollution Σ truck fuel use > car... 14 Apr 2017
Tras el artículo de los consumos reales de PSA, mucha gente ha ido a webs de @C... 17 Apr 2017
.@JunckerEU proposed @Volkswagen to offer payouts to 8.5 million EU car owners a... 18 Apr 2017
La #sharingmobility in Italia: numeri, fatti e potenzialità. Un handbook reali... 18 Apr 2017
Also see @jonahbusch and @FrancesJSeymour's book on forests, deforestation, and ... 21 Apr 2017
.@acea support road tolls based on real CO2 emissions. @transenv agrees for cars... 21 Apr 2017
This #Earthday2017 support the Paris Agreement! It's under threat from climate d... 22 Apr 2017
On #earthday #transport is at a crossroads. Huge opportunity to move from dirty ... 23 Apr 2017
"Aviation enjoys exemptions from both fuel duty and VAT, an exemption not enjoye... 23 Apr 2017
New diesels dirtier than ever shows @E_Analytics tests @transenv @beuc @EBienkow... 24 Apr 2017
Ministers under fire over bid to delay publication of air pollution plan https:/... 24 Apr 2017
.@Valeo_Group say at #CLEPA2017 we can have clean cars or cheap cars. Clean plea... 25 Apr 2017
The end for diesel? Podcast with @pilitaclark & @Petercampbell1 on the drive... 26 Apr 2017
MENTION SPÉCIALE du Jury décernée à Nicolás Richat et Nico Muzi pour leur f... 30 Apr 2017
Exclusive by @Jonathan__Leake (£) | We demand an inquiry into diesel cars with ... 1 May 2017
In an Spanish airport. Someone in Brussels told me that the aviation sector didn... 1 May 2017
@TomTom Is there any independent study supporting what you say? Link please @tra... 2 May 2017
It's time to ban the use of heavy fuel oil in #Arctic waters before it does any ... 2 May 2017
Agriculture can make significant emissions cuts, study finds – showing need fo... 2 May 2017
This is big! Chinese rule could require up to 8% of vehicle sales to be electric... 2 May 2017
#AirPollution: European ports calling for additional NOx abatement measures for ... 4 May 2017
Electric Car Sales Are Suddenly Taking Off in Europe https://t.co/57j2joZcY9 htt... 5 May 2017
Another russian-backed conspiracy against democracy. One more reason to end Euro... 6 May 2017
Our polluted air is a public health emergency. These proposals announced by Gove... 7 May 2017
Will the Empire strike back in the next #Dieselgate fight? @juliepolie in @EURAC... 8 May 2017
@TheICCT_Fuels @TheICCT Not all wastes, residues and advanced biofuels are low c... 8 May 2017
#Dieselgate reform on agenda at #EUCO tomorrow. Our govs must not block the fixi... 9 May 2017
Come to our #UNFCCC event on #Aviation & #ParisAgreement today 16:45-18:15 K... 10 May 2017
.@Roma e @Altroconsumo pretendono di rivedere il sistema di omologazione dei vei... 10 May 2017
... and yes: "CO2 standards for trucks must be adopted as soon as possible"! htt... 11 May 2017
#AirPollution: Reducing nitrogen emissions from shipping can save 28.3 billion e... 12 May 2017
EU countries stand firm against Germany's opposition and agree their position on... 12 May 2017
A random day in #London. Taking a stand against @HeathrowAirport #ThirdRunway ... 13 May 2017
New: Quantifying the health & envir impacts of excess diesel NOx (links to N... 15 May 2017
Diesel cheats kill at least 38,000 people a year & most deaths in Europe cau... 16 May 2017
Giant Hands Emerge From a Venice Canal to Raise Climate Change Awareness https:/... 16 May 2017
#Pollution Automobile L'UE en justice contre l'Italie pour manipulations des ém... 17 May 2017
We revealed last year that Fiat might cheat like Volkswagen, now the EU will lau... 17 May 2017
Risks of heavy fuel oil spills in #Arctic are an 'elephant in the room' + not be... 19 May 2017
EU to target road death toll with revised vehicle safety rules cc @ETSC_EU @dud... 20 May 2017
37% of potential car buyers are considering purchasing an electric battery car. ... 21 May 2017
Now #airpollution shown to wreck sleep @transenv @beuc @ibuscke @CleanAirLondon ... 22 May 2017
Read our latest press release: Rail freight far better at reducing congestion th... 23 May 2017
Le transport routier, premier défi pour Macron à Bruxelles https://t.co/W5ahFl... 23 May 2017
German police raid Daimler offices! Finally people valued more than cars. @trans... 24 May 2017
#RoadSafety: Hundreds of cyclists and pedestrians lives could be saved with new ... 24 May 2017
ammessa #class action vs @Volkswagen_it, 650mila le auto coinvolte in Italia htt... 25 May 2017
Extremely polluting Nissan and Renault diesel cars still on sale, data reveals h... 26 May 2017
I hope Council will understand citizens rights ... https://t.co/LdWkWvt9ob 26 May 2017
EVs will be cheaper than gasoline #cars by 2025. Crucially, #EVs will be cheaper... 27 May 2017
Les diesels "sales" toujours plus nombreux en Europe. @FNEasso @RACFrance @green... 28 May 2017
Merkels Kampf gegen Brüssel @Umwelthilfe @Umweltbundesamt @VCDeV @verkehrsclub ... 29 May 2017
Want 2 know what the #effortsharing safety reserve is? https://t.co/KtLzhtZhbs @... 30 May 2017
Environment MEPs strengthen EU’s key climate law #EffortSharing #ESR https://t... 30 May 2017
Will be in the press room around 12:45 to present #MobilityEU initiatives w/ @Ma... 31 May 2017
Nouvelles réductions des émissions de CO2 du transport routier à l’horizon ... 1 Jun 2017
Current tech can cut #shipping emissions 75% @ShipandBunker reporting https://t.... 1 Jun 2017
Delighted that @GlobalNCAP is partnering @TheICCT @FIAFdn on city #TRUEemissions... 1 Jun 2017
@VDA_online opportunists argue down car CO2 rules due to #parxit. Shameful and s... 2 Jun 2017
New #Audi allegations in DE worrying. Proves again that Commission proposal for ... 3 Jun 2017
#Dieselskandal - einer der größten Umwelt- & Industrieskandale - VW nur Sp... 5 Jun 2017
.@IATA calls 4 public subsidies 2 have "equal footing" with road biofuels. Time ... 5 Jun 2017
Air pollution fears see UK demand for diesel cars fall by fifth @transenv @Clean... 6 Jun 2017
New energy storage plant could 'revolutionise' renewable sector https://t.co/4bn... 6 Jun 2017
Robust #EUESR needed to save money in transport fuel, breath cleaner air, improv... 7 Jun 2017
@ePURE_ethanol @TheICCT @federley @pepeblancoEP @vivergofuels @PannoniaEthanol @... 8 Jun 2017
@ePURE_ethanol @TheICCT @federley @pepeblancoEP @vivergofuels @PannoniaEthanol @... 8 Jun 2017
How not to waste a Trump-led crisis? Tackle transport. See more in our bulletin ... 9 Jun 2017
How #US withdrawal from #ParisAgreement may impact the #shipping sector. - @tran... 10 Jun 2017
#BCN on the way, we need a step further #FearlessCities Sign for BCN, for the g... 10 Jun 2017
#Dieselskandal Kinder müssen giftige Schadstoffe einatmen wegen skrupelloser Ma... 11 Jun 2017
Morgen gaan wij @NatuurenMilieu verhuizen, maar natuurlijk wel 100% elektrisch m... 12 Jun 2017
Parliament to decide on strengthening key EU climate law https://t.co/dNiBRbqyXh... 12 Jun 2017
@imcroger @EUwatchers @CleanAirBXL @transenv @rudivervoort @celinefremault @Smet... 16 Jun 2017
VW's latest offer to European cheated #diesel owners is 'inadequate and window d... 16 Jun 2017
How do you put a price on trucks’ impact on society? https://t.co/O89mk0ZcU8 h... 16 Jun 2017
EU policies “have a very limited effectiveness in preventing #biofuel-led #def... 16 Jun 2017
München plant Diesel-Fahrverbote #airpollution https://t.co/Kw409JcAkJ https://... 16 Jun 2017
Munich, home to #BMW, considers diesel ban. Its time for change #electromobility... 16 Jun 2017
#EPlive priorité: débattre au Parlement avec notre Commissaire @Bulc_EU des 8 ... 19 Jun 2017
#BCN on the way, we need a step further Sign for BCN, for the global right to br... 19 Jun 2017
A football pitch of food crops can fuel 2.4 cars. A football pitch of solar pane... 22 Jun 2017
1 football pitch of food-based #biofuels powers 2.4 cars 1 football pitch of #so... 24 Jun 2017
1 terrain de foot d'#agrocarburant alimente 2,4 voitures 1 terrain de foot de pa... 24 Jun 2017
"Biodieselin" CO2 päästöt jopa 80% pahemmat kuin tavallisen. @nestecorp 'n k... 26 Jun 2017
After China and California: @EU_Commission thinks about introducing a sales quot... 27 Jun 2017
#GlobalWarming: Not just palm oil, even EU rapeseed biodiesel is worse for the c... 27 Jun 2017
See how a reformed aviation #EUETS can work better: check out T&E's ETS calc... 27 Jun 2017
Carlos Dora @WHO: "Car are used only 4% of time, they are parked 96% of the time... 28 Jun 2017
#JobOpportunity: we're looking for an intern for our Vehicles team (paid). Inter... 30 Jun 2017
Daimler, MAN & Tesla: Warum E-Lastwagen in Städten bald Standard sind - WEL... 1 Jul 2017
Europe's contribution to deforestation set to rise despite pledge to halt it. Be... 2 Jul 2017
MEPs can get Europe’s buildings up to speed with electro-mobility by strengthe... 3 Jul 2017
The efficiency of new ships is falling, study finds https://t.co/ibXMG9SoVE #Shi... 3 Jul 2017
.@UBS predicts #EVs will reach cost parity in 2018 and be 1 in 3 EU sales by 202... 3 Jul 2017
Drivers are the top consumers of #PalmOil in Europe https://t.co/GgQv1PFgCA http... 4 Jul 2017
MEPs are awaiting a strong signal from the IMO in the form of firm reduction of ... 4 Jul 2017
France will 'ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040' https://t.co/rLFEQLADYs... 6 Jul 2017
EU, China Bolster Cleaner Ships to Cut Emissions! If shipping was a country, it ... 8 Jul 2017
Must read blog by @TheICCT on how Germany helped its carmakers' high car co2 emi... 9 Jul 2017
“It’s great to have a vision,” Mr. @GregGtarcher said. “We have to now ... 9 Jul 2017
France Plans to End Sales of Gas and Diesel Cars by 2040 https://t.co/pNEDTxnc3c 9 Jul 2017
See how a reformed aviation ETS can work better https://t.co/ZKFEjK7nyp https://... 10 Jul 2017
IMO Marpol Annex VI EU sulphur Directive means to an end? Bill Hemmings @transen... 10 Jul 2017
MEPs sceptical of UN #aviation scheme while strengthening #EUETS https://t.co/ro... 11 Jul 2017
BREAKING: Daimler accused of manipulating emissions of 1 Million Mercedes cars i... 13 Jul 2017
Hat Daimler Abgaswerte von 1 Mio Fahrzeugen manipuliert? #Dieselgate https://t.c... 13 Jul 2017
Paris se implementa mediante instrumentos fuertes a nivel de la UE. España debe... 13 Jul 2017
Running on empty: how to optimise logistics and slash emissions https://t.co/EDK... 13 Jul 2017
.@ING_news report - 100% #EV's by 2035 - just what the climate needs! https://t.... 13 Jul 2017
Biofuels needed but some more polluting than fossil fuels, report warns https://... 14 Jul 2017
CONFIRMED: EVs are not a problem of demand BUT supply. Carmakers want China to s... 14 Jul 2017
Shipping companies among the biggest emitters;yet 20 years after Kyoto the secto... 18 Jul 2017
Pour en finir avec la voiture, partageons-là... (par @transenv) #pollution http... 18 Jul 2017
Daimler llamará a revisión 3 millones de coches en Europa por las emisiones 19 Jul 2017
@transenv @florent_grelier @ecodes @Bellona_EU @Citizensforair @VCDeV @Qualitat_... 20 Jul 2017
#Abgasskandal - Manipulierte VW-Diesel sollen von den Straßen verschwinden #Die... 21 Jul 2017
BREAKING: German car companies ran cartel going back to the 90s. They even agree... 21 Jul 2017
#Break Dieselgate blijkt mogelijk Duits auto-kartel dat begon jaren 90 https://t... 21 Jul 2017
Das Kartell The Cartel Le Cartel @EBienkowskaEU @TimmermansEU @MarosSefcovic @MA... 22 Jul 2017
@ePURE_ethanol @Stijn_Dewulf You don't answer the embarrassing question and pref... 24 Jul 2017
Long-time backer of hydrogen, Toyota is set to sell long-range, fast-charging #E... 25 Jul 2017
Renewable electricity is a must to decarbonise land freight transport https://t.... 25 Jul 2017
#airpollution is ‘the tobacco of the 21st century - so needs similar bans and ... 25 Jul 2017
UK plans to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 Air pollution is lar... 26 Jul 2017
MEPs express doubts over global aviation CO2 scheme while reforming ETS https://... 26 Jul 2017
Dear #VW, standardisation discussions happen at the UNECE & don't include ur... 27 Jul 2017
'Das Kartell', and why we can’t go on regulating carmakers like this – T&... 27 Jul 2017
Das Kartell: Collusion claim halts the ‘clean’ diesel comeback https://t.co/... 27 Jul 2017
Power of th German auto industry's cartel rightly exposed here by Brussels-based... 27 Jul 2017
Gamechanging! Stuttgart court recommends #Dieselban to solve city's#airpollution... 29 Jul 2017
#JobOpportunity: EEB is hiring Communications Assistant and Climate & Agricu... 30 Jul 2017
#AirPollution | 9 European countries use loophole to keep polluting air above li... 30 Jul 2017
#Shipping sector has higher #NOX emissions than 850 million passanger cars - tim... 30 Jul 2017
Europe Electric Car Sales Up 54% https://t.co/On51S6px0R https://t.co/xSKPR9b7kP 31 Jul 2017
Germany's car #cartel is an historic anachronism - but probably still illegal! h... 1 Aug 2017
Amid ongoing #Dieselgipfel, official German data show registrations of new #dies... 2 Aug 2017
Diesel summit greenwash misses the long-term solution that electric offers Our r... 2 Aug 2017
Carmakers Say Trump Should Want a Deal to Boost U.S. Fuel Economy https://t.co/5... 3 Aug 2017
#Ford say software upgrade "ineffective!" it's solution sales bribes - what a sh... 4 Aug 2017
#Dieselgipfel fallout: German carmakers will stop developing new combustion engi... 4 Aug 2017
"Bburning through billions to make old diesel cars less dirty is not the answer.... 6 Aug 2017
Why "pay" by sitting in traffic when road-pricing would encourage more efficient... 7 Aug 2017
The famous Mayor of Bogota quote at the weekend: 'a developed city is not one wh... 7 Aug 2017
For #Germany to be top #car country it should consider# electric cars quotas, de... 8 Aug 2017
Le temps que vous lisiez ce titre... 1 million de kilos de CO2 on été émis da... 9 Aug 2017
Electric revolution continues in #Norway: 50 new #electric passenger #ferries to... 9 Aug 2017
We are hiring!! Want to join the #trade team @transenv then apply ASAP: https://... 9 Aug 2017
Higher diesel (6.5%) and jet kerosene (8%) use drove the rise in oil-linked emis... 10 Aug 2017
As the Global Demand for Palm Oil Surges, Indonesia’s Rainforests Are Being De... 10 Aug 2017
Policymakers must be 'midwives to rules for public recharging stations, recyclin... 11 Aug 2017
Germany's magazine Der Spiegel talks about the end of a legend, how the diesel s... 13 Aug 2017
4 de cada 10 propietarios de coche eléctrico pone paneles solares en casa. En C... 14 Aug 2017
Diesel is back under a black cloud - how long can it survive in the UK? https://... 14 Aug 2017
@NewstalkFM @PatKennyNT How to optimise your car for NEDC test courtesy @transe... 15 Aug 2017
Merkel sees Germany joining gasoline, diesel car sales bans #Dieselgate #diesel... 15 Aug 2017
Germany’s KBA failed as a watchdog in years leading up to, and during, Dieselg... 16 Aug 2017
Another dirty secret of the #aviation industry @transenv https://t.co/K5j7LKvS9n 19 Aug 2017
Germany prepares for electric car quotas - says German government official. #EV ... 21 Aug 2017
Electric vs hydrogen cars? Battery electric cars are at least three times more e... 22 Aug 2017
.@VDA_online Dieselgipfel soll NOx-Emissionen verbessern?@Umweltbundesamt zeigt... 23 Aug 2017
@AndrewTMurphy from T&E @transenv will be joining us as a speaker at #CF2017... 23 Aug 2017
#Opportunity #Brussels @transenv is looking for a new #EUTrade Policy Assistant.... 24 Aug 2017
BREAKING: Volkswagen Engineer Gets #Prison in Diesel Cheating Case. #DieselGate... 26 Aug 2017
UK 'can halve oil imports by banning new petrol and diesel cars in 2030' https:/... 27 Aug 2017
Is the #bmw 520d designed to detect or pass the RDE test? Needs investigation! ... 31 Aug 2017
Why only suspend sales of #mercedes E350d in #Germany? @EBienkowskaEU needs to ... 31 Aug 2017
Vanmiddag @BNR: nieuwe testcyclus voor auto's, Jeroen Mul (coureur bij Lamborghi... 1 Sep 2017
Malgré le cycle #WLTP, l'association @transenv estime que les rejets de #CO2 so... 1 Sep 2017
About to start: top event on new car CO2 regulations with @BloombergNEF @EUClima... 6 Sep 2017
.@w_todts at #Shiftupagear event: "The Chinese are heavily focused on leapfroggi... 6 Sep 2017
.@DZSperling: electrification is one of three revolutions in road transport - mu... 6 Sep 2017
Revolution in battery development: Prices have gone down significantly in the pa... 6 Sep 2017
"There can be a mandate ... an incentive for zero and low emissions cars," says ... 6 Sep 2017
Real-world testing for car fuel consumption and CO2 emissions works, says @Group... 6 Sep 2017
The car-industry dream of selling diesels around the world is dead – they kill... 6 Sep 2017
En la presentación de La Frontera Invisible en el huerto de Lucas, sobre el eno... 6 Sep 2017
.@JLR_News CEO "one thing is clear the future is electric." #jlr join the revolu... 7 Sep 2017
Mesures de consommation en usage réel : rapport publié par @GroupePSA , @FNEas... 7 Sep 2017
This week, @EU_Competition have OKed three German ✈️ bailouts. https://t.c... 8 Sep 2017
Another nail in the #Dieselgate coffin: Leaked French anti-fraud agency report a... 8 Sep 2017
This week: @jackfostr speaks to @GregGtarcher of @transenv about @scotgov pledge... 9 Sep 2017
China, the world's biggest auto market, to put a date of death for the infernal ... 10 Sep 2017
Rapport @NABU_de L’industrie de la #Croisière ne fait RIEN pour rendre ses #N... 10 Sep 2017
Not here to make anyone feel guilty (we all take flights at some point), but may... 12 Sep 2017
MEPs can act to help cut aviation’s soaring CO2 emissions - by voting today to... 13 Sep 2017
.@Europarl_EN place limits on aviation #ETS exemption and put airlines on reduct... 13 Sep 2017
Do you still think diesel cars are better for the climate? Check the official #... 13 Sep 2017
Le #dieselgate est un triple scandale : 13 Sep 2017
.@EBienkowskaEU tells @Europarl_EN she now supports an independent car testing a... 13 Sep 2017
.@ACEA_eu attack #cities for wanting breathable air! https://t.co/RlhZdAS3FT @EU... 14 Sep 2017
How should we solve problem of rapid increase in #aviation emissions​? https:/... 14 Sep 2017
6 peasant farmers shot dead for palm oil plantations. #Peru must protect #Enviro... 14 Sep 2017
Over 100 scientific studies confirm #biofuels policies increase food prices: htt... 15 Sep 2017
.@juliepolie from @transenv at EPC @US2EU event on #sustainable road #transport ... 15 Sep 2017
@ePURE_ethanol @transenv @BasEickhout @pepeblancoEP @javorbenedek @EleonoraEvi @... 15 Sep 2017
Are we facing a car loan credit crunch? Could #diesel be the trigger? @transenv ... 16 Sep 2017
Cleaner engines & spinning #sails reduce #emissions in big ships https://t.c... 17 Sep 2017
Más de 100 estudios confirman que las políticas de #biocombustibles suben los ... 17 Sep 2017
La #dimanchesansvoiture #autolozezondag se fête aussi @ #BikeBrussels te To... 17 Sep 2017
#Dimanchesansvoiture à Bruxelles. Une autre façon de vivre la ville et la mobi... 17 Sep 2017
Warnings @FAOnews on growing hunger + evidence of biofuels' negative impact on #... 17 Sep 2017
Además de ser más contaminantes que los de gasolina; coches diésel tb son peo... 18 Sep 2017
Two years after the #Dieselgate, a new study shows that dirty #diesel cars emit... 18 Sep 2017
Un informe cuestiona que los vehículos diésel emitan menos dióxido de carbono... 19 Sep 2017
#Europe a #diesel island in the world - diesel cars worse for human #health &... 20 Sep 2017
How the EU can better align spending with its climate and energy targets https:/... 21 Sep 2017
Scot Gov's plan to cut aviation tax will lose public services £700m & incre... 23 Sep 2017
@Mortenkabell explains how Copenhague reconquer the city for the people. Push to... 26 Sep 2017
@HaraldSigl @CalvAmb @ePURE_ethanol @transenv @BirdLifeEurope @OxfamEU @SiniEraj... 26 Sep 2017
Eficiencia energética de camiones: se podrían ahorrar 5.700 € al año por ca... 26 Sep 2017
To avoid that 20% of trucks run empty, the EU should make distance-based road ch... 27 Sep 2017
Rail freight share could go from 18 to 23%. Open rail market to competition and ... 27 Sep 2017
“Together with electricity, hydrogen can help decarbonise transport” says De... 27 Sep 2017
“Electric trucks are getting cheaper than diesel ones” says Auke Hoekstra, S... 27 Sep 2017
“Technology must get out on the market, not only on the paper” says Magnus L... 27 Sep 2017
¡Qué mala idea volar con #aceitedepalma ! Firma y RT #PeticiónSalvalaSelva ht... 27 Sep 2017
.@A4Europe:"Prospering (...)if aviation taxes abolished" What taxes? No fuel tax... 28 Sep 2017
.@plattsshipping nails it: panic over @IMOHQ 2020 sulphur rules a 'storm in a te... 29 Sep 2017
L'Europe débourse 49 milliards d'€ p/an de subventions à des transports poll... 29 Sep 2017
eTruck early adopters are already reaching cost parity with diesel - @McKinsey ... 29 Sep 2017
Toyota: low volume EVs are our weakness. We need to sell 50,000 to 100,000 EV a ... 30 Sep 2017
"A ciutats contaminades, la salut pública ha de https://t.co/Cb2aG5pxtE limitar... 30 Sep 2017
BHP, world's largest miner, says 2017 is 'tipping point' for electric cars Via ... 30 Sep 2017
#Europe a #diesel island as #USA shrinks @transenv @MAC_europa @EBienkowskaEU h... 1 Oct 2017
Best new ships largely exceeding standard to be met only in 2025. Frontrunners ... 3 Oct 2017
How to navigate our way out of the biofuels quagmire? Also #Aviation #Dieselgate... 4 Oct 2017
"3million #AirPollution dead/year; One of my homes, #London has bad #AirQuality.... 4 Oct 2017
Mañana! 17hs. interesante webinar (en inglés) de @biofuelwatch sobre agrocobus... 5 Oct 2017
All the more a nonsense that you can travel by train! The same trip with @thalys... 6 Oct 2017
Evidence from Antwerp shows OLD diesel is not the problem - NEW cars pollute mor... 9 Oct 2017
#LowCarbonFreight: How can trains compete with trucks and transport more goods? ... 9 Oct 2017
@juliepolie @transenv Conclusion is correct, evidence from Antwerp premature how... 9 Oct 2017
Trucks account for 3% of vehicles but 25% of road transport emissions. Find out ... 9 Oct 2017
A prominent campaigner against #palmoil plantations has been arrested amid a gro... 10 Oct 2017
Ne laisser pas les grand voyageurs entraîner la déforestation – disent 96 ON... 11 Oct 2017
#ClimateChange - More than 170,000 citizens urge @icao not to destroy rainforest... 11 Oct 2017
Truckmakers must be required to disclose efficiency data, say hauliers and DB Sc... 11 Oct 2017
EU's battery industry needs to invest in electro-mobility to create jobs and gro... 11 Oct 2017
.@EP_Transport MEPs demand enhanced car and truck safety standards. All eyes on ... 12 Oct 2017
IMO needs to deliver an initial CO2 reduction target for #shipping emissions acc... 13 Oct 2017
Countries reject plan for #aviation biofuels targets https://t.co/NK5s1xTD4B htt... 14 Oct 2017
Countries reject plan for #aviation biofuels targets https://t.co/NK5s1xTD4B htt... 14 Oct 2017
"Most #biofuels are worse for the climate than jet fuel. Quality should always g... 16 Oct 2017
Around half of EU production of crop #biodiesel is based on imports, not crops g... 17 Oct 2017
@julia_fioretti @WorldBank @A4Europe "...by paying no excise taxes, turnover tax... 17 Oct 2017
What unreasonable taxes?! Airlines pay ZERO tax on fuel, amounting to annual sub... 17 Oct 2017
Such a pity that the panel discussion of the @A4Europe CEO Forum on taxation of ... 17 Oct 2017
17 Oct 2017
Almost half of #PalmOil imported in EU is burned in car engines, @transenv study... 18 Oct 2017
Of all EU rapeseed oil, 60% is consumed in the #biodiesel sector https://t.co/B2... 18 Oct 2017
If you could see London’s air, you’d want to clean it too. Find out what we... 18 Oct 2017
#BigBadBionergy drives landgrabbing & climate change. Call on MEPs to stop t... 19 Oct 2017
Europees parlement stemt deze week. gaan we in Europa heel veel biobrandstoffen ... 19 Oct 2017
Need to make sure that EU #biofuels policy is clear so that we can take the issu... 20 Oct 2017
#BMW raided by @EU_Commission in #cartel investigation. About time! @transenv h... 20 Oct 2017
In 2015, #pollution was responsible for 3 times as many deaths as AIDS, TB, + ma... 21 Oct 2017
Zatrzymaj złe biopaliwa, które napędzają wylesianie i głód- tylko chwilę ... 21 Oct 2017
Less than 24 hours to get your signature in. #ClimateChangeIsReal, the solutions... 22 Oct 2017
#ENVI committee vote on #REDII fails to secure climate friendly use of #biomass ... 23 Oct 2017
GOOD NEWS: MEPs vote to end public support for food-based biodiesel incl. #PalmO... 24 Oct 2017
Belgium railways stay in the 19th century - WiFi unnecessary! #dinosaurs @SNCB @... 25 Oct 2017
These #kids ask Greg Archer from @transenv everything you'll want to know about ... 25 Oct 2017
Calls grow for ‘green clause’ in EU trade deals https://t.co/EcV0SVoLIb #aut... 26 Oct 2017
One for Sergio Marchionne and the @fcagroup to read. https://t.co/rvBsWE6F6y 26 Oct 2017
Los eléctricos emiten menos CO2 que los diésel incluso quemando carbón para g... 26 Oct 2017
Dass #ePkw sogar mit schmutzigem Strom bessere CO2-Bilanz haben, zeigt wie umwel... 26 Oct 2017
Svært at finde argumenter imod omstilling fra fossil til elbiler. Så kom nu re... 27 Oct 2017
Las emisiones de CO2 de los coches eléctricos dependen de las del sistema eléc... 28 Oct 2017
Studie: Selbst wenn sie mit Kohlestrom fahren, stoßen E-Autos über ihren ganze... 29 Oct 2017
@IMOHQ @SamChambers @Splash_247 Green groups are less cheerful. @transenv says @... 30 Oct 2017
Will @EU_Commission help EU carmakers stay competitive or bow to pressure from G... 31 Oct 2017
New EU car CO2 limits in danger amid German automaker lobbying @transenv https:... 1 Nov 2017
Climate change is damaging the health of millions of people https://t.co/NStegnChne 1 Nov 2017
@ACEA_eu .@BEUC disagree - #EVs become the cost effective solution @transenv @MA... 2 Nov 2017
En Europe, les constructeurs tricheurs ne sont pas encore punis par la loi. Heur... 2 Nov 2017
BREAKING News! New Species of #Orangutan Discovered in Indonesia! Share discover... 2 Nov 2017
'Die Lobby': When the industry lobby machine is too powerful, too big to fail...... 3 Nov 2017
En ES, debido a electricidad 40% renovable y 20% nuclear, las emisiones de los V... 3 Nov 2017
Streit um CO2-Grenzwerte in der EU: Emissionsfreie Fahrzeuge? Nur unter einer Be... 4 Nov 2017
On a planet where Exxon calls the shots this is quite realistic. Regulatory back... 4 Nov 2017
Electric cars—even powered by the dirtiest electricity—are still cleaner htt... 5 Nov 2017
Kurzsichtig: Mit der Arbeit gegen eine E-Auto-Quote schadet der @VDA_online den ... 6 Nov 2017
Natural gas emissions will blow Europe's carbon budget at current levels https:/... 7 Nov 2017
The Maldives: NGOs appeal to Kulhudhuffushi council to stop destruction of mangr... 7 Nov 2017
Would toughening the European car emissions targets by 2025 trigger job losses? ... 8 Nov 2017
Juncker’s early Christmas present to the car industry undermines climate goals... 8 Nov 2017
According to @DerSpiegel, even @VWgroup_En (@Volkswagen) finds @VDA_online's #em... 8 Nov 2017
Abgasskandal, Kartelle, Spritverbrauchstrickserei ohne Ende - und dennoch kann d... 9 Nov 2017
So true. The car industry wants to have it both ways. "We will sell millions o... 9 Nov 2017
Can Europe regulate ✈️, one of its fastest growing sources of emissions, or ... 9 Nov 2017
PRESS | EU proposal on #CO2 targets for cars not going the full mile: https://t.... 9 Nov 2017
#ThrowbackThursday @AirFrance sponsored COP 2 years ago. Nothing has changed sin... 9 Nov 2017
@MarosSefcovic @denniksme Faster? 4.5%pa 2015-21; 3.3%pa 2021-30 @transenv 9 Nov 2017
.@EU_Commission surrenders to United Nations’ @icao on aviation #biofuels #COP... 10 Nov 2017
Today's Fossil goes to the ICAO for not having transparency. #FossilOfTheDay #CO... 10 Nov 2017
Today #Brussels #AirQuality's again awful 11 Nov 2017
Electric cars, vans & trucks can decarbize transport, explain @Siemens and @... 11 Nov 2017
U.N. aviation agency severely weakens rules for #biofuels. The remedy (biofuels... 11 Nov 2017
Power-to-liquids is very energy inefficient, and a threat to electrification of ... 11 Nov 2017
FT EXCLUSIVE - "Diesel tax" to be introduced in Budget. Scoop from @PickardJE: ... 11 Nov 2017
10 years ago, in order to create competition, the EU liberalised the rail freigh... 12 Nov 2017
Time for some extra homework: @EU_Commission's ‘Trade for All' strategy has sc... 13 Nov 2017
To everybody who flogged that FT article on CO2 last week as proof of how flawed... 15 Nov 2017
What's behind the 2030 renewable energy target for transport? Loads of food-base... 15 Nov 2017
Argh! The likes of @Nigel_Farage didn’t think of such deep disruptions to the ... 15 Nov 2017
@HaraldSigl @transenv @SeanKellyMEP @pepeblancoEP @federley @ClaudeTurmes @tambu... 15 Nov 2017
If you are at the #COP23 today, come and watch Frontera Invisible, a documentary... 16 Nov 2017
#GHG emissions in most sectors have decreased in Europe - but the transport sect... 17 Nov 2017
Why are EU transport emissions still growing? https://t.co/8EbjOolgW8 @transenv ... 17 Nov 2017
RECONFIRMED: Transport is Europe’s biggest climate problem. Worse, EU transpor... 19 Nov 2017
#WDoR2017 today calls for urgent action on road safety in order for the #EU to m... 19 Nov 2017
Make or buy the battery? McKinsey break down the OEM supply chain strategies htt... 20 Nov 2017
Franse premier wenste 40% reductie CO2 uitstoot auto's in 2030 en afdwingbare EV... 20 Nov 2017
Primo Ministro Francese @EPhilippePM chiede @EU_Commission un pacchetto mobilita... 20 Nov 2017
Does @EU_ENV s #MobilityEU package actually meet EU‘s and Germany‘s climate ... 21 Nov 2017
22 Nov 2017
NOW: EU states meet to weaken car test rules to prevent a new #dieselgate. Gove... 23 Nov 2017
El objetivo de renovables en transporte en la legislación europea es el princip... 23 Nov 2017
La commission européenne présente l'objectif de réduction de 30% des émissio... 24 Nov 2017
@merransmith @J__Moorhouse @globeandmail Take off rose colored glasses on biofue... 25 Nov 2017
2017 UPDATE - The historic track record of solar PV vs the @IEA: reality steeply... 25 Nov 2017
#tesla: we doubled the aerodynamic performance of our truck with optimised desig... 25 Nov 2017
Thought-provoking analysis: The International Energy Agency @IEA is steering the... 26 Nov 2017
Current #biofuels target for transport has only driven unsustainable food-based ... 27 Nov 2017
"Deutsche Hersteller profitieren von einer E-Quote in Deutschland - dann wartet ... 28 Nov 2017
Desde @transenv denuncian cruce de correos electrónicos entre la CE y Airbus so... 28 Nov 2017
MEPs demand dirty fuel ban in the #Arctic and global action on #ship CO2 https:/... 28 Nov 2017
Europe cannot afford to be overtaken on electric vehicles by #China @transenv @E... 30 Nov 2017
En Bruselas se irá prohibiendo progresivamente la circulación de todo coche di... 30 Nov 2017
Unacceptable behaviour against female panelists in Brussels. https://t.co/vd8P4M... 30 Nov 2017
174 scientists urge the Dutch government to stop the use of food crops for #biof... 2 Dec 2017
Dit is een heel belangrijke brief over #biobrandstoffen. Ook voor Belgisch/Vlaam... 2 Dec 2017
BREAKING: Emails show @Airbus writes cleaner aircraft rules; Commission (@Transp... 3 Dec 2017
La contre-attaque de l'industrie pétrolière pour sauver le #diesel...en pleine... 4 Dec 2017
If benefits of free flowing traffic are offset by more cars on road, we don't ge... 4 Dec 2017
High-emitting, food-based #biofuels should still be subsidised, say industry MEP... 5 Dec 2017
Veronica Aneris di Transport&Environment apre il Forum parlando dell’impat... 5 Dec 2017
Electric cars already cheaper to own and run than petrol or #diesel. Study by @d... 5 Dec 2017
Common failures in predicting future oil demand. By Pete Harrison | European Cli... 5 Dec 2017
Wichtige Initiative zur Verringerung der tödlichen Lkw-Unfälle. Auch #Wien unt... 7 Dec 2017
#Truck manufacturers are afraid of really competing with one another - that's wh... 7 Dec 2017
Greetings from Planet #Diesel @w_todts editorial for this month's Bulletin Almos... 8 Dec 2017
.@VWGroup stops sales of D6 van over defeat software. Why is this happening now?... 8 Dec 2017
#Daimler engineers demolish rented #Tesla – a desperate attempt to keep up on ... 9 Dec 2017
New #EV plant in Morocco not Europe disappointing news for #eu jobs @transenv h... 9 Dec 2017
Another sign of the beginning of the end for #diesel? @Volkswagen CEO: "We shoul... 11 Dec 2017
Van use up by 71% since 1996. And most vans are diesels. With our "you can have ... 12 Dec 2017
World leaders at #OnePlanetSummit demand shipping emissions cuts under countries... 13 Dec 2017
#COLOMBIA: 30 international NGOs write to Colombia's @CancilleriaCol condemning ... 14 Dec 2017
Con profundo dolor e indignación condenamos asesinato de Hernán Bedoya, líder... 14 Dec 2017
The things we work on are real. Our tribute to a brave man who dared stand up ag... 14 Dec 2017
Lets not forget that someone's red tape is my air quality, or my food safety sta... 16 Dec 2017
EU #EnergyCouncil ministers’ haven't learnt from past mistakes. The #biofuels ... 18 Dec 2017
NGOs @OxfamEU and @transenv not happy about #Biofuels deal in #EnergyCouncil, wh... 18 Dec 2017
This is very bitter. We know what happens if you set targets for #biofuels but ... 19 Dec 2017
EU ministers want more #deforestation. Increased use of #palmoil for #biofuel wi... 19 Dec 2017
Energieminster haben nichts aus vergangenen Fehlern gelernt. Gestern wurde besch... 19 Dec 2017
@FuelsEurope @Ricardo_AEA This study assumes that emissions from new cars on the... 19 Dec 2017
Deal on #EPBD: step in the right direction, but I'd have wanted more ambitious c... 20 Dec 2017
ALERT - BREAKING #classaction #Dieselgate #NeverAgain #DemandJustice Positive de... 20 Dec 2017
The result of industry colluding to overcharge its customers: German #truck buye... 20 Dec 2017
Join our team next year! T&E is seeking a full-time paid intern to be part o... 20 Dec 2017
EU has just agreed the national climate targets for 2030: -30% in #transport, #b... 21 Dec 2017
Opposition against cheap flights is growing. Dutch writer Hein-Anton van der Hei... 23 Dec 2017
Join our team next year! T&E is seeking a full-time paid intern to be part o... 28 Dec 2017
#ClimateChange - For the first time in more than 40 years, transport is the bigg... 2 Jan 2018
T&E is hiring! We're seeking TWO people for full-time paid internships. Appl... 3 Jan 2018
California wants to ban all fossil fuel cars, vans & trucks by 2040. That's ... 4 Jan 2018
80% of biofuel used in the EU is biodiesel - mainly vegetable oil. In past 10 ye... 4 Jan 2018
Did you know these 5 facts about #biofuels? https://t.co/VAP17Mlq6g 5 Jan 2018
“Starting in 2025, people there will no longer be able to buy a gasoline or di... 7 Jan 2018
Stop à la déforestation et à l’utilisation de cultures alimentaires pour pr... 8 Jan 2018
Before next week's vote, tell your MEP that burning forests and food for fuel is... 8 Jan 2018
Stop burning our forests and our food for energy! Join our partners @transenv to... 8 Jan 2018
.@ecologistas supports @transenv petition to MEPs on renewables directive and bi... 9 Jan 2018
Draft rules for the global aviation offsetting have been circulated by @icao to ... 9 Jan 2018
#Bioenergy: Europe's demand for unsustainable #biofuels harms people. Not just a... 10 Jan 2018
Send a clear message to your MEPs that you don’t want to burn food in your car... 10 Jan 2018
The human cost of the EU #biofuels policy – Hernán Bedoya @Nico_Muzi writes i... 11 Jan 2018
Interesting counterpoint from @transenv as to why CO2 of new cars went up 0.8% a... 13 Jan 2018
Over 15,000 people have already sent emails to their MEPs urging them to stop bu... 15 Jan 2018
Will the EU limit the use of #biofuels? Listen to this short podcast from @bbcwo... 15 Jan 2018
Will the European Parliament concede to pressure to limit the use of biofuels ma... 16 Jan 2018
10 inconvenient facts about the European #biofuels sector. If you are concerned ... 17 Jan 2018
#ChangementClimatique - Un très bon résumé de la face cachée du transport a... 17 Jan 2018
BREAKING: EU Parliament ends support to highest-emitting palm oil biofuel while ... 17 Jan 2018
Car CO2 emissions – as measured in the lab – continued to decline in 2016 de... 19 Jan 2018
Interesting to see/read Marchionne and Zetsche complain about car fuel efficienc... 19 Jan 2018
Car CO2 emissions – as measured in the lab – continued to decline in 2016 de... 20 Jan 2018
West European passenger car #diesel sales mix history 2017: Lowest diesel share ... 20 Jan 2018
Audi continues to use dieselgate defeat devices. 127,000 cars affected https://t... 21 Jan 2018
Last year, sales of petrol cars outstripped #diesel in the first half of the yea... 22 Jan 2018
2% of W.Europe's 2017 Passenger car sales were #plugin last year split almost ev... 22 Jan 2018
Les émissions des #transports hors des clous. La France ne suit pas sa propre s... 23 Jan 2018
"The collision and ensuing environmental disaster in the East China Sea in the p... 24 Jan 2018
A match made in hell: Big Oil and Biodiesel join forces to combat electrificatio... 24 Jan 2018
Emissions in Germany are up again, principally because of road transport. Trucks... 25 Jan 2018
Electric shipping is coming #ship #CO2 @SeasAtRisk @MaerskLine @IMOHQ @IMOclima... 25 Jan 2018
This is also the problem with building segregated cycleways, if you build them m... 25 Jan 2018
Want to know how cities and regions are on the forefront combating climate chang... 26 Jan 2018
Robust European CO2 standards for trucks & semi-trailers would save €84,00... 26 Jan 2018
Research sponsored by the car industry “all has the same fundamental aim,” s... 26 Jan 2018
Eye-opening article on how VW and other European automakers have been monkeying ... 27 Jan 2018
Europe is divided by the air we breath in the East and the West. When we talk ab... 29 Jan 2018
China’s latest energy megaproject shows that coal really is on the way out: th... 29 Jan 2018
Excellent blog by @TheICCT - will the future be shared, electric and autonomous?... 29 Jan 2018
EU citizens are fed up with toxic fumes from #diesel. Time for @EU_Commission an... 30 Jan 2018
Er wusste von den Abgas-Versuchen! Tests an Menschen verhinderte er, die an Affe... 30 Jan 2018
Combined demand for plug-in hybrids and so-called mild hybrids surged 52% to 460... 1 Feb 2018
Dominant operators in aviation and shipping have little incentive to invest in n... 2 Feb 2018
Plus the global aircraft fleet will almost double by 2036 – potentially lockin... 2 Feb 2018
Why aviation and shipping so slow to decarbonise? Many planes and ships keep wor... 2 Feb 2018
If not checked, CO2 emissions from aviation and shipping could reach 40% of all ... 2 Feb 2018
Air pollution from UK shipping is four times higher than previously thought http... 4 Feb 2018
"The industry has legions of researchers... willing to mislead and misinform the... 5 Feb 2018
Spot on op-ed on repulsive, corrupt culture in the 5 Feb 2018
MEPs slam the brakes on the food-based #biofuels bonanza https://t.co/20BpZuddRh... 6 Feb 2018
Palm oil and soy oil accounted for 58% of all #biodiesel production in the world... 7 Feb 2018
Il business delle scimmie: Le imprese automobilistice dovrebbero competere con ... 7 Feb 2018
.@UmicoreGroup to build #EV battery plant in Europe https://t.co/rtn1DKLPUO 10 Feb 2018
@transenv @w_todts @EU_Taxud @pierremoscovici @Bulc_EU @MAC_europa @The_AEF @Car... 10 Feb 2018
Another reason why @scotgov were right to shelve a cut to Air Passenger Duty. Av... 12 Feb 2018
La industria de las mentiras: nuestra opinión sobre el penúltimo escándalo de... 12 Feb 2018
Find out the real cost of flying: .@Bulc_EU @MAC_europa @Transport_EU @icao @IAT... 14 Feb 2018
Este viernes 2ª sesión de #Alimentum. Proyección de "Frontera Invisible", de ... 14 Feb 2018
Small electric vans cost the same as dirty #diesel ones today, but are in short ... 15 Feb 2018
10 #Elektro-Vans sind derzeit am Markt, aber 20 Mal so viele Diesel-Van. Die eur... 15 Feb 2018
La falta de regulación para reducir las emisiones de CO2 en furgonetas es un fr... 15 Feb 2018
Emissions-free electric vans are now as cheap to own as diesel competitors. Dema... 15 Feb 2018
.@BMW claim @Umwelthilfe tests unprofessional. So hand over YOUR test results fo... 15 Feb 2018
Vers une #mobilité #EV pour les véhicules utilitaires ? L’offre est là. 16 Feb 2018
Leyendo 'Las Furgonetas de reparto deben ser eléctricas' https://t.co/pBKycfr09... 16 Feb 2018
@ACEA_eu Most carmakers remain on track to achieve 2021 targets but will need to... 16 Feb 2018
We couldn't have put it better, Martin. https://t.co/XOTkbF82LC 16 Feb 2018
Will taxpayers foot the bill for Dieselgate? https://t.co/MjmFFySKv9 17 Feb 2018
We are hearing more and more that carmakers can't meet electric vehicles demands... 19 Feb 2018
US-investigators find 2 possible defeat devices in @MercedesBenz #diesel cars - ... 19 Feb 2018
"20% du trafic aérien en France est exclusivement métropolitain. On pourrait a... 19 Feb 2018
Our latest blog post about rail, The cost factor, is out https://t.co/T2qEQLxJKb... 20 Feb 2018
How will the future change with electric cars? Some key figures from today's Cam... 20 Feb 2018
IMPORTANT: Another nail in the coffin of the auto industry. Auto suppliers (main... 21 Feb 2018
EU should raise fossil fuel taxes to plug #Brexit budget gap: former officials a... 22 Feb 2018
Stuttgart court decision on banning diesel cars from city centres has been postp... 22 Feb 2018
There is huge untapped potential to electrify ships in Europe. EU should show le... 23 Feb 2018
Public transport in Brussels will be free when air pollution reaches particularl... 26 Feb 2018
.@SMMT do the maths - average diesel emitted 1.9g/km MORE #CO2 in 2017 than 2016... 27 Feb 2018
Enough public chargers planned; infrastructure can’t be blamed for the slow up... 27 Feb 2018
Now Rome joins the list of proposed #diesel bans. Cities lead in the shift to cl... 28 Feb 2018
Neat little video explain the key #shipping negotiations in London this April to... 1 Mar 2018
‘This could be diesel’s Fukushima moment’ https://t.co/LZSa2taYDf https://... 2 Mar 2018
Great blog by @w_todts on how we should end support to destructive #biofuels htt... 2 Mar 2018
Will the EU call the palm oil nations’ bluff? @w_todts editorial of our March ... 3 Mar 2018
Meet en weet over luchtkwaliteit met @OpenKnowledgeBE. Verken de #opensource fij... 3 Mar 2018
1/2 Germany's @ADAC has raised possibility EU6 (not EU6d) diesels could also be ... 4 Mar 2018
Interview by me with @jeppe_juul, new president of @transenv board, in @FORESIGH... 5 Mar 2018
Carmakers, faced with CO2 fines and diesel slump accelerate electrification. By ... 5 Mar 2018
Sales boom of SUVs in Europe is behind rising CO2 emissions from cars, not diese... 5 Mar 2018
EU-wide taxes on jet fuel & plane tickets could help plug #Brexit budget gap... 5 Mar 2018
#SaveTheDate Il 27 marzo a Roma la presentazione del 2° Rapporto nazionale sull... 5 Mar 2018
Toyota will stop selling #diesel passenger cars in Europe already this year. @t... 6 Mar 2018
Émissions CO2 des voitures : la France défend une position plus ambitieuse que... 6 Mar 2018
.@lufthansa afraid this idea might fly! While airlines pay no tax on kerosene or... 6 Mar 2018
Great news - European Court of Justice rules that dodgy ISDS corporate courts be... 6 Mar 2018
If airlines want a slice of the EU budget, they need to start paying taxes. If y... 7 Mar 2018
How Germany’s diesel ban could just export its deadly pollution to eastern Eur... 7 Mar 2018
Happy International Women's Day #IWD2018 We hope to see more women in the male-d... 8 Mar 2018
#Stickstoffdioxid macht krank. In einer neuen Studie hat das Umweltbundesamt ers... 8 Mar 2018
"Who is really governing? At the moment it is the #auto industry." Jürgen Resch... 9 Mar 2018
Nissan announced that the new Nissan LEAF is Europe’s fastest-selling EV: "Cur... 9 Mar 2018
"Consumers are not sufficiently informed by #Volkswagen," on how to fix #emissio... 10 Mar 2018
Germany‘s @BMF_Bund and other #EU member states forego to raise billions of ve... 10 Mar 2018
The #Dieselgate scandal cost more than €10 billion in lost tax revenues to 11 ... 10 Mar 2018
Attempts to create uncertainty over the CO2 merits of electric cars are no more ... 12 Mar 2018
If you wouldn't build your house like this, why would you build your city this w... 12 Mar 2018
Germany’s ban ‘could be Fukushima moment for diesel in Europe’. #Diesel #A... 12 Mar 2018
Sind #Elektroautos wegen ihrer Batterien klimaschädlicher als #Diesel? @transen... 12 Mar 2018
As electricity becomes cleaner both embedded emissions in manufacturing #EVs and... 13 Mar 2018
Estudo da @transenv: Restrições nas principais cidades europeias excluem inade... 14 Mar 2018
@SmetPascal @SPIEGELONLINE Low Emission Zone in #Brussels is not a #Dieselban as... 14 Mar 2018
En moyenne 10 morts par an sur les passages à niveau en Belgique. Voilà pourqu... 15 Mar 2018
16 Mar 2018
Priceless interview by @FredSimonEU for @EURACTIV. Criticises study comissioned ... 16 Mar 2018
.@N_Hulot @SvenjaSchulze68 @Umweltbundesamt @idlserna @minambienteIT @UeEspana h... 17 Mar 2018
Henry Ford didn't invent the car, but he was the first to produce them en masse ... 18 Mar 2018
Decline in year-to-date EV sales just a blip, say experts https://t.co/dj4uNz4Rw... 19 Mar 2018
#Diesel car sales slump will have negligible impact on carmakers' ability to mee... 19 Mar 2018
EU set bar ‘too high’ on advanced #biofuels. "Just because something is not ... 19 Mar 2018
Europe’s top #shipping nations among worst in IMO maritime climate talks – r... 22 Mar 2018
Emissioni navali, Italia tra i paesi più indietro https://t.co/BZ3NTBYQCI https... 23 Mar 2018
EU governments’ support for 70-100% #shipping emissions cut is welcome – ahe... 26 Mar 2018
.@Bulc_EU Sharing vehicles and public transport can end car dominance https://t.... 29 Mar 2018
Sharing vehicles and public transport can end car dominance https://t.co/XR9LHK0Guf 29 Mar 2018
OECD: How shipping can be CO2 neutral by 2035 https://t.co/NkZXJrh7wl @IMOHQ @sh... 30 Mar 2018
#ClimateChange - New regulation to monitor trucks emissions will allow hauliers ... 3 Apr 2018
The other modes won’t wait - Here is why #RailFreight needs to embrace new tec... 4 Apr 2018
Le Canard enchaîné dévoile le micmac gouvernemental et le poids des lobbies s... 4 Apr 2018
New mobility services​ combined with public transport offer the potential to g... 4 Apr 2018
#DieselBan - "Children's right to breathe clean air takes priority over the righ... 4 Apr 2018
Another shocking reminder of devastating effects of #dieselgate - excess #emissi... 5 Apr 2018
Great to see @Daimler stepping up. When series production starts from 2019, how ... 5 Apr 2018
"If the shipping industry can't deliver reductions that meet the Paris targets, ... 6 Apr 2018
Bloomberg Editorial Board: "Countries incl Argentina, Brazil, India, Panama an... 9 Apr 2018
Le SUV, un caprice qui coûte cher à l’environnement | Consommation - https:/... 10 Apr 2018
"In order to decarbonise long haul trucking we need mandates" says @w_todts #Tru... 11 Apr 2018
"VECTO is very important for us to know which trucks to buy and make fuel saving... 11 Apr 2018
US HDV standards present a working example for the upcoming EU HDV standards to ... 11 Apr 2018
"There are a lot of potentiel custumers eager to buy electric trucks in Europe" ... 11 Apr 2018
EU considering interim 2025 target for truck CO2 standards https://t.co/7wYkB0ze... 12 Apr 2018
Business asks Brussels to set exacting CO2 targets for trucks https://t.co/zBgV2... 19 Apr 2018
España defiende el uso del aceite de palma como biodiésel a pesar del daño am... 20 Apr 2018
Murdered land activist adds to rising death toll in Brazil's Amazon #palmoil htt... 23 Apr 2018
Cleaner cars are ready in Europe. So why aren't they on the roads? Find out from... 25 Apr 2018
In Europe, cars are the biggest source of #greenhousegas from transport Find ou... 27 Apr 2018
Global @who #airquality report is out! Cities are still heavily polluted! #Airpo... 2 May 2018
EU unable to contain explosion in unsustainable #Biodiesel imports https://t.co/... 2 May 2018
#diesel emissions scandal: Ex-VW boss Winterkorn charged in US - https://t.co/BC... 3 May 2018
EU rows back on third-party testing of vehicle emissions https://t.co/ehjXTF5uPz... 4 May 2018
The Paris Agreement is about all states and all sectors, so why would ✈️ and 7 May 2018
#Déforestation - En France, 75% de l'huile de palme sert à faire du biodiesel.... 8 May 2018
As the world struggles to fight #climatechange, flying is the most damaging way ... 8 May 2018
Death of diesel - Another major car maker ditches controversial fuel type https:... 8 May 2018
#Ships will be responsible for more than 17% of global #emissions by 2050 if no ... 9 May 2018
Carlos Calvo Ambel, de @transenv, compara los impuestos al diésel en Europa y c... 9 May 2018
New report by @ChangingMarkets exposes the dangerous myths around sustainability... 10 May 2018
Construction machinery is a major source of #AirPollution in our cities. The eve... 11 May 2018
Chinese EV sales are taking off: 73,000 sold in April alone. For reference, U.S... 12 May 2018
Brussels seeks 15% cut in #truck carbon emissions. However, an unusual alliance ... 13 May 2018
Transport is the only area of the EU economy in which emissions are still growin... 13 May 2018
TODAY: Want to know how to clean up cars & get more #EVs on the road? Come t... 14 May 2018
Trucks account for 22% of vehicle emissions in the EU while making up less than ... 14 May 2018
A group of leading utilities, investors and NGOs have called on President Juncke... 15 May 2018
This Thursday, @Transport_EU / @Bulc_EU expected to announce new #vehiclesafety ... 15 May 2018
NGO @transenv has said amendments to the EU #renewables directive proposed by me... 15 May 2018
The French government authorised Total to refine up to 300,000 tonnes of crude p... 16 May 2018
In less than 1 hour @EU_Commission is set to announce legal action against EU st... 17 May 2018
Truckmakers, your customers (i.e. logistics companies, retailers, hauliers, good... 17 May 2018
EU battery plan an opportunity for Europe to do batteries cleaner and better #Mo... 17 May 2018
Le "biodiesel" à base d' #huiledepalme n'a de bio que le nom ! Il est 3 fois pl... 18 May 2018
The EU is taking the bloc’s biggest economies (Germany, France, Italy, UK) to ... 18 May 2018
Thanks to @transenv for publishing the story of our citizens science campaign on... 20 May 2018
We are extremely sad to hear that our board member and fellow activist Mariano G... 20 May 2018
Destrossats per la mort del nostre company Mariano González (@marianotej, coord... 20 May 2018
I'm extremely sad to hear that our colleague in @transenv board Mariano Gonzalez... 20 May 2018
Lunedì la presentazione dei dati del monitoraggio dell’NO2 fatto dai cittadin... 21 May 2018
The car is highly inefficient in cities https://t.co/ZFbVyLqkOk 22 May 2018
Our recent report #FalsePromise shows that certification is no guarantee that @T... 22 May 2018
@gillespargneaux, @PDurandOfficiel, @jo_leinen et @MicheleRivasi dénoncent vive... 22 May 2018
Ce soir on instruit le procès des dits #biocarburants. Révolution verte ou dé... 22 May 2018
Desde @transenv, organización europea de transporte y medio ambiente en cuya Ju... 23 May 2018
First #diesel ban a reality: Hamburg bans driving in city centre https://t.co/Fy... 23 May 2018
El #Aceitedepalma no está solo en casi todos los alimentos procesados. Además ... 23 May 2018
Delighted to be hosting an event on the future of #biofuels, #palmoil and the re... 24 May 2018
An unexpected roadblock for electric cars might be the apathy of car dealerships... 24 May 2018
236 Leiders uit Indonesië willen dat Europese auto's niet langer rijden op #pal... 24 May 2018
¿Por qué es mala idea el "biodiesel" de aceite de palma? 1. Es tres veces peor... 25 May 2018
El cultivo de palma aceitera incide en el grave problema de desplazamientos forz... 28 May 2018
236 Indonesian community leaders call to stop EU subsidies for biofuels made fro... 28 May 2018
Did you know that diesel cars burn half of the palm oil we consume in Europe? M... 28 May 2018
Le auto #diesel bruciano metà dell'olio di palma consumato in Europa. Il #biodi... 28 May 2018
[Transports 29 May 2018
Did you know that #diesel cars burn half of the #PalmOil we consume in Europe? ... 29 May 2018
Kein Regenwald in den Tank! @peteraltmaier @BMWi_Bund @bmu @SvenjaSch... 29 May 2018
Los coches #Diesel consumen la mitad del #AceiteDePalma que se utiliza en Europa... 30 May 2018
Mañana es la última ronda de negociaciones de la Directiva de Renovables. Podr... 30 May 2018
31 May 2018
"It looks like the European Commission is trying to block Parliament's plan to e... 31 May 2018
Vous aussi, faites pression sur les gouvernements européens et la Commission UE... 31 May 2018
I più grandi consumatori di #PalmOil (olio di palma) in Europa? Le nostre vettu... 31 May 2018
Comenzaremos con @CalvAmb, de @transenv, quien nos contará la relación entre a... 2 Jun 2018
Rappel : le biodiesel, notamment celui à base d'#HuileDePalme, est tout sauf un... 2 Jun 2018
Germany considers sinking VAT on long distance rail. Would reduce the unfair adv... 3 Jun 2018
4 Jun 2018
The German transport minister said that consumers should be able to see where th... 4 Jun 2018
Emissions testing will improve with new post-Dieselgate laws, but NGOs like @beu... 5 Jun 2018
The group that exposed the VW diesel scandal says even the newest, cleanest dies... 6 Jun 2018
Nederland verwerkte afgelopen jaar niet minder, maar méér #palmolie tot autobr... 6 Jun 2018
BREAKING: Motorists forced to burn more rainforest to meet EU green energy targe... 6 Jun 2018
En Europe, entre 2008 et 2017, les voitures ont consommé plus d'#HuileDePalme q... 6 Jun 2018
Les européens consomment désormais autant d'huile de palme dans leurs moteurs ... 6 Jun 2018
caro @Corriere, questo video (che spezza il cuore) dovrebbe stare nella rubrica ... 7 Jun 2018
Il #biodiesel non è per niente bio! Oltre metà dell'olio di palma consumato in... 8 Jun 2018
This orangutan tried to fight off a bulldozer nears its forest home https://t.co... 8 Jun 2018
23 Kilo #Palmöl verbrauchen Sie im Schnitt jedes Jahr. Vor allem, weil es unser... 8 Jun 2018
Olio di palma, via dai biscotti ma riappare nei motori. Ora di dire stop a quest... 8 Jun 2018
El consumo de #aceitedepalma se incrementó en Europa un 7% en 2017, mayoritaria... 9 Jun 2018
Tiens, le @canardenchaine relève qu'à l'occasion de la consultation publique c... 9 Jun 2018
L’autorisation délivrée au pétrolier d’ouvrir une raffinerie dédiée dan... 10 Jun 2018
EU cars burn 38 times more palm oil than Nutella uses globally! Palm oil biofuel... 10 Jun 2018
In 3 dagen tijd tekenden 65.000 mensen de petitie tegen #palmolie in #biobrandst... 11 Jun 2018
Avis à mes ex-confrères et consœurs : l’huile de palme et l’huile de colz... 11 Jun 2018
Em apenas 3 dias, 65.000 Europeus disseram não à queima de floresta tropical! ... 11 Jun 2018
89 groups worldwide call on @icao to stop and reverse #aviation growth, not gree... 11 Jun 2018
#Daimler #mercedes told to recall 238,000 cars because of #diesel #defeatdevices... 11 Jun 2018
Indonésie : l'huile de palme condamne les orangs-outans à l'extinction #HuileD... 12 Jun 2018
To @JunckerEU: making palm oil a poster child for free trade would be a spectacu... 13 Jun 2018
Dear Dutch delegation in #trilogue Dutch Parliament wants out, EP wants out...... 13 Jun 2018
Latest from the #REDII trilogue: compromise shaping up around a 32% headline tar... 13 Jun 2018
EU: Geen Palmolie meer in Europese autotank !! De EU besloot vannacht tot een (... 14 Jun 2018
Palm oil to be phased out in EU by 2030 via @EURACTIV The palm oil biodiesel bo... 14 Jun 2018
BREAKING: EU ends target for food-based biofuels and phases out palm oil in cars... 14 Jun 2018
Dziękuję wszystkim za RT i podpisanie petycji. Dziś #UE postanowiła: zużyc... 15 Jun 2018
"We need to be targeting all the dirty cars on the road" says @GregGtarcher, Di... 15 Jun 2018
#EU to phase out most harmful biofuels https://t.co/huajywTQgA 15 Jun 2018
Nevada solar contracts set a new record, about 2 cents a kilowatt hour. Five yea... 15 Jun 2018
12 European countries put UN’s weakened aircraft CO2 scheme on notice https://... 18 Jun 2018
Should we really be looking at stronger targets for electric vehicles, @RicardoM... 20 Jun 2018
Talking of monstrous demand for renewable energy, hydrogen for transport has a p... 20 Jun 2018
Los fabricantes europeos de automóviles invierten 7 veces más en producción d... 21 Jun 2018
Europa está perdiendo la oportunidad de asegurar un futuro para la industria de... 21 Jun 2018
Sauberer #Verkehr – nur wie? Bundesregierung uneins über CO2-Vorgaben für Au... 21 Jun 2018
Die Zukunft der Autoindustrie hat längst begonnen. Leider nur in China. Dort in... 21 Jun 2018
Why do European carmakers invest 7 times more in electric vehicle production in ... 22 Jun 2018
European or imported Russian gas unlikely to be better. Proponents of gas in tra... 22 Jun 2018
@autolibfr & @ParisbyVelib setbacks to shared mobility @transenv https://t.... 22 Jun 2018
Shame they’re not as proactive in the countries where they sell millions of co... 22 Jun 2018
BREKEND Pensioenfonds #ABP zet eindelijk eerste stap met fout palmoliebedrijf. ... 23 Jun 2018
EU countries adopt law requiring manufaturers to disclose fuel consumption data ... 25 Jun 2018
Natural gas is a $22bn distraction for EU shipping that won’t decarbonise the ... 26 Jun 2018
#Report: EU Shipping’s $22bn Natural Gas ‘Distraction’ #PTIDaily @transenv... 26 Jun 2018
After @fiat now #Italie join the #plugin race aiming for 1 million cars by 2022 ... 26 Jun 2018
Ook voor de scheepvaart blijkt aardgas geen brug naar een koolstofneutrale toeko... 26 Jun 2018
Europejscy producenci samochodów inwestują 7x więcej w produkcję pojazdów e... 27 Jun 2018
Already 2 years ago we showed that natural gas vehicles an expensive, ineffectiv... 27 Jun 2018
#Airpollution from cars and vans racks up health bills of nearly £6bn every yea... 27 Jun 2018
Consumers are ready for #electriccars, it is only a question of supply says @beu... 27 Jun 2018
Lots of rumours flying this evening - further weakening of rules, states possibl... 27 Jun 2018
Le diesel Euro 6 sono pulite? Poche per ora. Ma non si dice. https://t.co/cWlYD... 28 Jun 2018
#ClimateChange - Aviation fuel made by a refinery running on renewable electrici... 28 Jun 2018
NEW | Airlines eye massive #carbon handout, by @climatemegan: https://t.co/vz2gx... 28 Jun 2018
“I think the Renewable Fuel Standard of the United States has been a failure.... 28 Jun 2018
Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire https://t.co... 29 Jun 2018
Varias organizaciones españolas pedimos al Gobierno que promueva un área de co... 29 Jun 2018
#Nestle suspended by #RSPO over conduct breaches. Interestingly, the same articl... 29 Jun 2018
In #Norway in June more pure electric BEV new passenger cars where sold than pur... 2 Jul 2018
3 Jul 2018
Now, this is seriously bonkers, @icao. ‘Green oil’ is in the same basket as ... 3 Jul 2018
Las empresas de distribución @enagas y @Naturgy y de transporte @tuSEAT y @Reps... 4 Jul 2018
@ACEA_eu .@BMWi @NissanElectric @MercedesBenzEQ @RenaultZE are you happy @ACEA_e... 5 Jul 2018
Right after careful consideration and several chats with knowledgeable people, c... 6 Jul 2018
7 Jul 2018
“Ocho de cada diez clientes que llegan preguntan por coches de gasolina. Luego... 8 Jul 2018
Otro asesinato en Colombia por defender su tierra frente a las plantaciones de p... 8 Jul 2018
Today at 8.30 is starting in Marseille the first legal proceeding against a ship... 9 Jul 2018
Nissan Shares Tank as It Admits That Some of Its Factories Faked Emissions and F... 9 Jul 2018
Also this from @transenv https://t.co/pQhzaeAEZS https://t.co/18GDXfnKmt 9 Jul 2018
That old canard! It wasn’t just the French gov that delayed the introduction o... 9 Jul 2018
.@BorisJohnson bows out blaming the EU for unsafe blind spot trucks in his resig... 10 Jul 2018
Spain: An electric car could save the consumer an average of €1,439 a year on ... 10 Jul 2018
@MaxSalini hai la chance di lasciare un'impronta nella storia della mobilità, ... 11 Jul 2018
Non potrebbe essere detto meglio : "I #diesel hanno i giorni contati" @Teresarib... 12 Jul 2018
"Les jours du véhicule #diesel sont comptés !" Dixit la ministre espagnole de ... 12 Jul 2018
Smaller vehicles lost 9%p market share, 2015-17. Meanwhile, larger vehicles, wit... 12 Jul 2018
With limited availability of #BEVs and #PHEVs and a meagre 3% of advertising spe... 14 Jul 2018
SUVs, not declining #diesel sales, are to blamed for rising CO2 emissions from n... 16 Jul 2018
Der #SUV-Boom ist maßgeblich dafür verantwortlich, dass die #CO2-Emissionen au... 16 Jul 2018
Climate Commissioner @MAC_europa and the @EUClimateAction department are despera... 16 Jul 2018
Climate Commissioner @MAC_europa and the @EUClimateAction department are despera... 17 Jul 2018
[Pollution #Automobile : Les pneus] Chaque année, des millions de tonnes de par... 18 Jul 2018
US manufacturer @boomaero is bringing back the priciest and dirtiest way of flyi... 18 Jul 2018
T&E has developed policy recommendations based on the findings of our resear... 19 Jul 2018
“Diesel drivers can’t pay for the massive mistakes of the car industry,” G... 20 Jul 2018
As if flying doesn't warm the planet enough, a group of investors including @ric... 20 Jul 2018
#AutoElettrica: investimenti e nuovi posti di lavoro in #Cina. E in #Europa? Le ... 20 Jul 2018
BREAKING: German carmakers also colluded on particulate filters for petrol cars,... 20 Jul 2018
Tell Carnival to stop its cruise ships destroying the Arctic https://t.co/9Gx8ZJ... 23 Jul 2018
Spain’s new Government to end low tax on diesel - good move! @transenv https:... 24 Jul 2018
FT Exclusive: The EU has found evidence that carmakers are already manipulating ... 24 Jul 2018
Documents reveal: Commission scientists find car industry cheating emissions aga... 25 Jul 2018
«Les constructeurs avaient promis de changer. Maintenant, il est clair qu’ils... 26 Jul 2018
The devil is in the detail of Europe’s 2050 transport emissions model, writes ... 26 Jul 2018
Extreme global weather is 'the face of climate change' says leading scientist ht... 29 Jul 2018
Modelling the future of transport: the European Commission's 2050 strategy https... 30 Jul 2018
Earth's resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes Study says the da... 30 Jul 2018
Drivers put at greater safety risk without more widely used tyre pressure monito... 1 Aug 2018
Volkswagen’s chief executive said Wednesday that the carmaker was looking at s... 2 Aug 2018
Trump administration to freeze fuel-efficiency requirements https://t.co/mOuxfmz... 2 Aug 2018
Ils crachent plus de CO2, ils tuent davantage de piétons, ils consomment plus d... 2 Aug 2018
The busiest day for air travel the weekend where Europe may hit the highest reco... 3 Aug 2018
A wind turbine manufacturer buys an automotive EV battery manufacturer. The fut... 4 Aug 2018
Three years after #Dieselgate, automakers are still exploiting ‘the lawful but... 6 Aug 2018
At the height of the diesel emissions scandal in 2015 engineers at Volkswagen bo... 6 Aug 2018
If @icao intends to get serious about cutting carbon from international aviation... 6 Aug 2018
Air travel the ‘fastest and cheapest way to fry the planet’ #climatechange h... 7 Aug 2018
Exxon’s algae #biofuel initiative is, in many ways, a lobbying tactic, Collins... 8 Aug 2018
Electric cars: What's happened to the ads? https://t.co/PNiRvtswws https://t.co/... 8 Aug 2018
Are you an #Arctic #photographer? We need your help to end heavy fuel oil use in... 8 Aug 2018
New blog: Judging by advertising spend, car manufacturers aren't keen on promoti... 8 Aug 2018
#Pollution : dans les grandes villes, respirer c’est comme… fumer https://t... 10 Aug 2018
10 Aug 2018
Why your summer city break is as bad as smoking? "Cars are the worst cause of #... 11 Aug 2018
The number of passengers using public transport increased by 7 per cent to over ... 15 Aug 2018
Change The Question! #BrusselsForPeople #CitiesForPeople https://t.co/ic1qFHfcid 16 Aug 2018
15 Stunning Photos from The Last Place on Earth - The Leuser Ecosystem, one of t... 17 Aug 2018
Which? found that 47 out of 61 diesel car models tested exceed the latest Euro 6... 19 Aug 2018
CONFIRMED: #Dieselgate and the prospect of #diesel bans in German cities is driv... 20 Aug 2018
Automobilbranche: Keine Angst vor Umweltschutz Umweltgesetze sind nicht der Grun... 20 Aug 2018
ICYMI Blockbuster articles about #airpollution in London by @lesliehook in @FT (... 22 Aug 2018
The cascade of corporate scandals for Volkswagen seem to become a neverending st... 22 Aug 2018
Ranking: @NABU_de fordert Hafenverbot für "schmutzige Kreuzfahrtschiffe" Great... 22 Aug 2018
"By 2030, a quarter of European car manufacturing jobs would be at risk if elect... 23 Aug 2018
Según los servicios científicos del Parlamento federal alemán 1 de cada 4 emp... 23 Aug 2018
Can Europe defeat a palm oil 'monster' of its own making? #PalmOil #Deforestati... 23 Aug 2018
Shipping giant @maersk announces trial run of #Arctic sea route - but @cleanarct... 23 Aug 2018
For the record...and future reference: "NASA has declared automobiles are offici... 23 Aug 2018
.@Maersk’s #Arctic ambition raises environmental concerns https://t.co/g5czZAP... 24 Aug 2018
Hoy en @Planeta_Futuro cuento por qué Maersk y las nuevas rutas marítimas del... 25 Aug 2018
Electric cars exceed 1m in Europe as sales soar by more than 40%. Milestone reac... 26 Aug 2018
Now is a faulty seatbelt!!! Volkswagen and Seat are selling vehicles that have a... 27 Aug 2018
BREAKING: New Wind & Solar now competes even with existing Coal & Gas: ... 27 Aug 2018
More than half of UK motorists think diesel cars should be banned from urban are... 28 Aug 2018
European truckmakers who always claim to be leaders on fuel efficiency offer 7% ... 28 Aug 2018
@auto_schmidt @PatrickMcGee_ @MockPeter @InsideEVs @IPFletch @transenv @w_todts ... 28 Aug 2018
BREAKING: Carmakers have cheated European drivers to the tune of 150bn euros sin... 29 Aug 2018
Enough EV chargers in Germany, say industry body, but car supply is missing #emo... 30 Aug 2018
Happy 28th birthday to @transenv! https://t.co/AgZhPnTglX 31 Aug 2018
Ending the cheating and collusion Our newest report on fuel efficiency tests for... 1 Sep 2018
Looks like the lack of will from car manufacturers to sell EVs isn’t only an E... 4 Sep 2018
€700. That's how much European drivers could save every year if the EU Parliam... 4 Sep 2018
Cars & vans are choking our cities and making them noisier. Next Monday @Eur... 5 Sep 2018
#ZeroEmissionCarsBetter https://t.co/luH6GI5oBV 6 Sep 2018
Protected bike lanes don't just keep cyclists safe. They can also improve traffi... 6 Sep 2018
"Le nombre de bornes n'est pas un obstacle à l'électrique", dixit @transenv ht... 7 Sep 2018
Only 5% of EV charging happens at public charging points - new T&E report La... 7 Sep 2018
Some carmakers argue that lack of charging infrastructure is the reason why cons... 7 Sep 2018
No, los cargadores públicos no tienen la culpa de que no tengas un coche eléct... 7 Sep 2018
These fleet operators in the UK 7 Sep 2018
Copenhagen has decided to go electric on all busses in 2025, to establish own ai... 7 Sep 2018
People everywhere are rising in their cities! The mayor of Chortkiv, Ukraine too... 8 Sep 2018
DECEPTION: The truckmakers' lobby @ACEA_eu is sowing confusion on the European C... 10 Sep 2018
Dear MEP: Today you have a once-in-a-decade opportunity to clean up cars and van... 10 Sep 2018
.@EleonoraEvi Did you know that 84,400 people die prematurely in Italy each year... 10 Sep 2018
@ACEA_eu Every time the EU proposed CO2 targets for new cars, @ACEA_eu cried wol... 10 Sep 2018
Nearly full @EP_Environment for the car #CO2 vote. @Miriamdalli amendments sho... 10 Sep 2018
MEPs voted for a stronger sales target for zero and ultra low emission cars of ... 10 Sep 2018
The Parliament vote raised emissions reduction targets on the carbon emissions f... 10 Sep 2018
...The vote shows that MEPs recognise the benefits to drivers, jobs, the clima... 10 Sep 2018
#GCO Karima DELLI après une agression en plein visage par des gaz poivres. Cet... 11 Sep 2018
MEPs put pedal to metal and boost car CO2 limits and #EVs MEP @Miriamdalli Repor... 11 Sep 2018
El Parlamento Europeo mete prisa a la Comisión para que electrifique el parque ... 11 Sep 2018
Air pollution laws too weak to protect citizens’ health, EU auditors find http... 11 Sep 2018
The European Parliament votes to trigger #Article7 process against #Hungary, in ... 12 Sep 2018
.@ACEA_eu Secretary General Erik Jonnaert, went even further than that. He said ... 13 Sep 2018
Croisières polaires - "Il faut interdire le fioul lourd en Arctique comme il l... 13 Sep 2018
Here's the good link: https://t.co/RBgIeWL2VT 13 Sep 2018
Por fin! @iberdrola instalará red de 200 puntos de carga,incluyendo carga super... 13 Sep 2018
"Electrification is the most efficient and cost-effective pathway" according to ... 14 Sep 2018
⁦⁦@CarnivalPLC⁩ ‘s pollution is BAD NEWS for polar bears! Stop burning u... 15 Sep 2018
TAKE ACTION: Cruise ships rely on taking tourists to pristine Arctic landscapes.... 16 Sep 2018
Today Sunday 16/9: demo at Passengers Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) against cruise mu... 16 Sep 2018
Enlightening read on the prospects of electrifying all transport. https://t.co/N... 17 Sep 2018
Today's the 3rd anniversary of #Dieselgate. Three years on, there are 43 million... 18 Sep 2018
En España. tenemos más de 3 millones de coches diésel Euro 5 y Euro 6 (los qu... 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018
[Transports] #Dieselgate 18 Sep 2018
"We need a culture change in the car industry," @GregGtarcher tells @EUROCITIESt... 18 Sep 2018
#Transports — 5 millions de véhicules diesel polluants en plus sur les routes... 18 Sep 2018
Los nuevos vehículos #diésel europeos –con homologación Euro 6– emiten 5 ... 19 Sep 2018
Die #IAA18 zeigt: Der Markt will E-Lkw. Dennoch fordert der @VDA_online eine hoh... 19 Sep 2018
I.e., if truckmakers were to sell a tiny share of electric trucks in 2025 (2.5% ... 19 Sep 2018
The truck lobby is pushing for zero- and low-emission trucks to count multiple t... 19 Sep 2018
@ACEA_eu Despite all the fanfare about electric trucks, Germany's @VDA_online an... 19 Sep 2018
Remember the Nokia snake game? We brought it back to life to show why #ZeroEmiss... 20 Sep 2018
Die wegen der #Klimakatastrophe dringend erforderliche Senkung des CO2-Ausstoße... 20 Sep 2018
From deforestation to forest fires to illegal clearances, it’s time to tell th... 20 Sep 2018
'¿Contamina mucho mi coche?' Hoy estamos en la Plaza de Callao de Madrid para r... 21 Sep 2018
Invisible killer: Ella Kissi-Debrah could become the first person to have toxic ... 22 Sep 2018
No te pierdas el nuevo episodio del podcast de @pasa_electrico , en esta ocasió... 22 Sep 2018
"Older diesel vehicles such as those of the Euro-4 standard sometimes have LOWER... 22 Sep 2018
Learning from #dieselgate: After @volvocars @Porsche will stop selling #diesel c... 23 Sep 2018
Remember the Nokia snake game? Well, we resurrected it from the dead! The objec... 23 Sep 2018
We heard the same in the Netherlands and Belgium. What about France, Germany, It... 23 Sep 2018
Europe has the capacity to recycle its ships, new data shows – yet shipowners ... 24 Sep 2018
Nuovo studio: Investire nella mobilità a basse emissioni di carbonio rafforzer... 24 Sep 2018
3 years after #Dieselgate scandal, a diesel car that passed the EU’s new on-ro... 24 Sep 2018
"To improve cyclists and pedestrians safety we need to revive direct vision" say... 25 Sep 2018
"Truckmakers are redesigning their trucks anyway so while they're at it they sho... 25 Sep 2018
Carta a la ministra en una coyuntura que no se presenta más que una vez cada di... 25 Sep 2018
"Solo en España la estafa fue de 12 mil millones de euros desde el 2000. Es muc... 25 Sep 2018
Un rapport de @transenv démystifie la voiture #électrique et répond aux attaq... 26 Sep 2018
So... One week before the European Parliament decides and 2 weeks before the Mem... 26 Sep 2018
James Nix from @TransEnv says at #EnergyVisions he is sceptical about the HDV pr... 26 Sep 2018
Did you know that each year more than 400,000 people die because of emissions in... 30 Sep 2018
Pedimos a las Comunidades Autónomas que apoyen 4 puntos en el Consejo Consultiv... 30 Sep 2018
El 40% de los #europeos ve “muy probable” que su próximo coche sea eléctri... 1 Oct 2018
Poll - 40% of Europeans say the next car they buy or lease is likely to be elect... 1 Oct 2018
Ipsos poll - 60% of Europeans surveyed think that the government should require ... 1 Oct 2018
MEPs on Monday will decide on how much CO2 they will allow cars & vans acros... 1 Oct 2018
Los españoles, los más proclives de Europa a comprar un coche eléctrico o de ... 1 Oct 2018
Maggioranza italiani la sogna elettrica - sondaggio Ipsos Per il 56% degli itali... 1 Oct 2018
Poll - 8 in 10 Europeans surveyed (83%) support increasing public transport thro... 1 Oct 2018
Stop choking progress to #ElectricVehicles support ambitious car #CO2 regulation... 1 Oct 2018
What the EU doesn't deliever on CO2-reductions on cars, MS needs to deliever to ... 1 Oct 2018
@BasEickhout It means that EU car manufacturers commit to the transition to zero... 1 Oct 2018
40-50% new cars in Sweden are company cars. Same in many parts of Europe. Could ... 2 Oct 2018
Every time a European driver fills up their fuel tank, how much money are they s... 2 Oct 2018
Tomorrow the @Europarl_EN will vote on new #emission standards for cars and ligh... 3 Oct 2018
#eMobilität wirksam forcieren: Auf EU-Ebene für niedrigeren #CO2-Grenzwert fü... 3 Oct 2018
Liikennesektorin päästöt edelleen nousevat. #EPlenary äänestää tänään ... 3 Oct 2018
"I am proud to stand here and defend an ambitious legislation that protects the ... 3 Oct 2018
The European consumer organisation speak out in support for cleaner cars https:/... 3 Oct 2018
Remarkable, if true https://t.co/w8BEFpPoZU 3 Oct 2018
Environmental NGOs (AEF, Aviation Environment Federation @The_AEF -, along with ... 4 Oct 2018
108 organizations around the world have signed our position paper "13 Steps for ... 4 Oct 2018
Auch #Lkw-Verkehr muss Beitrag zum #Klimaschutz leisten. VCÖ, SPAR und Logistik... 4 Oct 2018
Intervention of @SystemChangeAT at European #Aviation Summit in Vienna interrupt... 5 Oct 2018
El gobierno de @sanchezcastejon tiene la oportunidad de demostrar su compromiso ... 5 Oct 2018
Finally, the environment was put on the agenda when activists for #StayGrounded ... 5 Oct 2018
@FuelsEurope Who’d like to fill up with synthetic fuels? For a 70l tank that... 5 Oct 2018
Today, dozens of citizens are taking the streets to ask for a cleaner air in #Be... 7 Oct 2018
Uitstekend artikel in @tijd over autoindustrie en pogingen van Europa om CO2 pro... 7 Oct 2018
More than 1000 people gathered today to ask for ambitious actions on #AirPolluti... 7 Oct 2018
In the @FT today - a @transenv report shows the aviation industry going backward... 8 Oct 2018
.@EBienkowskaEU clear that buying old diesels in Germany to sell east is not a e... 8 Oct 2018
End of the ICE Age? In the film a squirrel is in perpetual pursuit of an elusiv... 8 Oct 2018
El transporte por carretera es el mayor emisor de GEI en España. Si nos creemos... 8 Oct 2018
Germany and Visegrad, aided by EU Commission, block ambitious car emission cuts.... 9 Oct 2018
Suecia, Irlanda, Luxemburgo, Eslovenia y Dinamarca se desmarcan del acuerdo, que... 9 Oct 2018
Deutsche Regierung hat aus #Dieselskandal nichts gelernt und blockiert niedriger... 10 Oct 2018
Good the EC bioeconomy strategy acknowledges there are limits of a bioeconomy. O... 11 Oct 2018
Grids, renewables and e-mobility. How to get the maximum out of the three? Find ... 11 Oct 2018
EDF plans to build 75,000 EV charging stations by 2022. There are now powerful c... 11 Oct 2018
VW CEO uses scare tactic against stricter emission rules despite claiming to be ... 12 Oct 2018
The European Commission recognised fumes from #diesel exhaust as a carcinogenic ... 12 Oct 2018
Is the EU about to re-run the #biofuels disaster with #biogas? Large-scale bioga... 12 Oct 2018
"40,000 die a year because of air pollution...that's thirteen 9/11s a year!" 12 Oct 2018
1960: Un carril más es la solución... 1970: Un carril más es la solución... ... 13 Oct 2018
.@LucyGilliam from @transenv tells us about their report on the aviation decarbo... 13 Oct 2018
Under reported: Despite overall auto sales faltering, EV sales in China are stil... 14 Oct 2018
27.2 °c in #Paris in October for the first time in history. #WeDontHaveTime htt... 14 Oct 2018
Verstopfte Straßen im Frühverkehr? Autos brauchen viel Platz, transportieren a... 15 Oct 2018
"We have the hope that we will all be driving on wind/solar, but we need to lear... 15 Oct 2018
"DSO and TSOs have no incentives to invest specifically on smart charging" says ... 15 Oct 2018
"We must look at opt out system for smart chargers" says Shane Slater, Executive... 15 Oct 2018
"There are hurdles to bi-directional charging, like lack of interconnection regu... 15 Oct 2018
#Dieselgate: Suspecting that software was used to manipulate emissions of 95,000... 15 Oct 2018
Roughly 80 per cent of the world’s existing and planned battery production cap... 16 Oct 2018
Hunger is on the rise: 821 million people don't have the privilege of eating a s... 16 Oct 2018
Detroit & Torino didn't falter because of environmental regs, they declined ... 16 Oct 2018
Did you know that @Trade_EU is currently negotiating #FreeTradeAgreements that c... 17 Oct 2018
Train ou avion ? Londres-Paris, Bruxelles-Paris et Paris-Lyon bien plus rapide ... 18 Oct 2018
Inspiring cartoon by @KarikaturaLv #ReclaimTheStreets #Vélorution https://t.c... 18 Oct 2018
British MPs call to bring forward the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars... 19 Oct 2018
#HuileDePalme — Quelques semaines après la publication du dernier rapport du ... 19 Oct 2018
En bloquant un amendement qui aurait pu mettre un terme à une niche fiscale fa... 19 Oct 2018
Les images de Chloé, la voiture électrique chinoise «made in Wallonia» https... 21 Oct 2018
Ontbossing en intimidatie: @ING, @ABNAmro en @Rabobank laten nietsvermoedende be... 22 Oct 2018
¿Cómo puede España llegar a cero emisiones de CO2 del transporte en 2050? Fi... 22 Oct 2018
The sum of #ElectricVehicle announcements by automakers is 50% higher than any g... 23 Oct 2018
Nuevo informe T&E confirma: El uso de #gas (GNC y GNL) en el #transporte no ... 24 Oct 2018
@CalvAmb @LaVanguardia @transenv Pues el artículo de @LaVanguardia ha desaparec... 24 Oct 2018
El gas natural no és una alternativa sostenible a la gasolina i el dièsel. Un ... 24 Oct 2018
Using fossil gas for transport is as bad for the climate as using petrol or dies... 24 Oct 2018
Wir setzen uns für ambitionierte EU-Emissionsziele für den Güterverkehr ein u... 25 Oct 2018
European Parliament backs road toll discount for zero-emission trucks #CleanerT... 25 Oct 2018
Muchas veces me preguntáis por la compra de un coche a gas como "mal menor" par... 25 Oct 2018
Along the lines with its commitments related to respect for the environment, Car... 25 Oct 2018
Niedrige #CO2-Grenzwerte für Lkw sind gut fürs #Klima und gut für die Wirtsch... 26 Oct 2018
De grandes entreprises comme Carrefour, Geodis, Nestlé et Unilever demandent de... 26 Oct 2018
Shipping emissions talks stall in London Governments' total lack of urgency in ... 26 Oct 2018
Obviously what we are doing in @transenv is not enough. Transport is the worst o... 26 Oct 2018
One of the biggest global environmental measures ever. Good news for air quality... 29 Oct 2018
We are an expert partnership of @TheICCT @FIAFdn @GlobalNCAP @c40cities & @t... 30 Oct 2018
#Mobilità – Secondo uno studio dell'Ong Transport&Environment nessun bene... 30 Oct 2018
Two-thirds of Europeans support the introduction of low-emissions zones (LEZ) ba... 31 Oct 2018
Two-thirds of EU citizens support city bans to tackle air pollution – poll #Cl... 1 Nov 2018
"Children's right to breathe clean air takes priority over the right to drive al... 4 Nov 2018
Sehr ehrlich oder sehr zynisch? https://t.co/RjbTQfj2H6 4 Nov 2018
The European diesel car boom was ineffective at reducing climate-warming emissio... 6 Nov 2018
In der #EU fahren laut @transenv 43 Millionen Diesel-Pkw, die auf der Straße me... 6 Nov 2018
It is unacceptable that in 2018, 7,000,000 people will die prematurely due to ai... 6 Nov 2018
"This #EUDieselSummit is NOT a closed door conversation between car CEOs and sen... 6 Nov 2018
We have to stop old dirty cars being moved from the West to the East @w_todts at... 6 Nov 2018
Jürgen Resch (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) explained that one of the main effects of #... 6 Nov 2018
Commissioner @EBienkowskaEU is "very concerned with dirty diesels going East. Th... 6 Nov 2018
.@EBienkowskaEU on #dieselgate "If we can all work together, we can turn the ev... 6 Nov 2018
EU to hold of joining @icao's aircraft CO2 scheme #CORSIA. Yesterday, the Commis... 6 Nov 2018
Svenska politiker måste sluta önskedrömma om att internationella avtal ensamt... 6 Nov 2018
Beyond belief! The German Federal Motor Transport Agency, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesa... 6 Nov 2018
La société civile et les villes proposent une série de mesures pour répondre... 7 Nov 2018
Europe's diesel boom has not lowered CO2 emissions; subsidies don't make sense b... 7 Nov 2018
In Milan, while cycling around the city, levels of PM10 and PM2.5 measured with ... 7 Nov 2018
Just one in 10 urban buses sold in Europe now fully electric – new analysis E... 8 Nov 2018
Good report: clear message It's no longer OK to buy diesel buses. We've got to m... 8 Nov 2018
Another week 2 more diesel bans in Germany : Cologne & Bonn #Dieselgate ... 8 Nov 2018
Fully electric buses account for only 9% of urban bus sales in Europe, according... 9 Nov 2018
Exxon is running a(nother) major advertising blitz about its algae biofuel resea... 9 Nov 2018
https://t.co/FB9qgTVi6w 9 Nov 2018
More proof poorly designed tax & incentive schemes lead to PHEVs transportin... 10 Nov 2018
No surprise: Smartphone data from Deliveroo riders and drivers shows that bicycl... 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018
One of the most, if not the most, impactful and effective global policies tackli... 11 Nov 2018
UK supermarket Iceland has had its new Christmas TV advert banned after a watchd... 12 Nov 2018
#StopPollution : Jour J pour @GrandParisMGP ! Les ONG en appellent à l’action... 12 Nov 2018
Climate and inequality are one and the same agenda. Illustration by @fabiantod... 12 Nov 2018
Voting data shows MEPs from countries with auto jobs are less likely to vote for... 13 Nov 2018
▶️ @Nuriablazs (Ecologistas en Acción) en @Lanoche_24h: "El diésel ha sido... 13 Nov 2018
Big day for #CleanerTrucks today Businesses want them; Hauliers too. Citizens de... 14 Nov 2018
NEW Comment | EU must not blindly sign up to a weak #aviation #carbon market B... 14 Nov 2018
Surprise, surprise... more than half of ALL the #PalmOil used in Europe in 2017 ... 16 Nov 2018
Le marché européen du bus #électrique en forte progression selon @transenv ht... 16 Nov 2018
Today from the National square in Amsterdam and more then 200 locations people c... 17 Nov 2018
Les députés infligent un camouflet au gouvernement en votant un amendement con... 17 Nov 2018
BREAKING: We've boarded a ship filled with dirty palm oil. The palm oil belongs... 17 Nov 2018
SO WORRYING! We can't think of any precedent in Germany. What's going on!? ... 18 Nov 2018
More than half of that boat's content will be burned in cars & trucks #NotIn... 18 Nov 2018
Saviez-vous que l' #HuiledePalme est aussi dans les biocarburants? Elle est la c... 20 Nov 2018
Se ve que el mercado español es el que más le preocupa al Comisario! 20 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018
Más de una decena de organizaciones ecologistas unimos nuestras fuerzas para la... 21 Nov 2018
21 Nov 2018
This right here is the biggest problem - palm oil itself is actually a pretty la... 21 Nov 2018
New poll finds 82% of Europeans are unaware diesel has palm oil added to it: htt... 21 Nov 2018
82% of Europeans are NOT aware that #diesel fuel has #PalmOil added to it. 21 Nov 2018
87% van de Belgen weet niet dat er #palmolie in hun #diesel zit (maar wel dat da... 21 Nov 2018
"La France se bat?" @brunepoirson ✖️ Les ✈️ sont défiscalisés en 23 Nov 2018
L’Italia è il secondo maggiore produttore di biodiesel da #oliodipalma in tut... 24 Nov 2018
8 in 10 Europeans don't know they are putting palm oil in their cars' tanks. An... 24 Nov 2018
"#NotInMyTank: Kein #Palmöl für #Biodiesel! Palmöl im Tank zerstört einzigar... 25 Nov 2018
Seeing is believing: How redesigning trucks can eliminate blindspots #SafeVehic... 26 Nov 2018
L’87% degli italiani non sa di mettere nei propri serbatoi #oliodipalma. I bio... 26 Nov 2018
Do policy makers in Western-Europe realize that mobility patterns are changing a... 26 Nov 2018
Air pollution from road emissions cost the EU €45 billion in health impacts in... 27 Nov 2018
Read T&E’s full report – How to decarbonise European transport by 2050 ... 27 Nov 2018
Radically cleaner air travel is possible. Governments will have to drive out the... 27 Nov 2018
Powering European ships with batteries, hydrogen or ammonia will decarbonise the... 27 Nov 2018
Battery electric trucks along with catenary – trucks running under overhead po... 27 Nov 2018
Europe must sell its last internal combustion engine car during the early 2030s.... 27 Nov 2018
Transport emissions have taken a wrong turn. Tomorrow the European Commission ne... 27 Nov 2018
German Federal Statistics Office confirms diesel car #CO2 benefits just offset b... 27 Nov 2018
Der er brug for handling for at få transportens udledninger ned i EU. @transenv... 27 Nov 2018
El transporte se podría descarbonizar en Europa en 2050 https://t.co/4S70T46QD3... 27 Nov 2018
More investment into #emobility going to China - now Jaguar Land Rover invests ... 28 Nov 2018
Como #NoMeVoyAMarte, ya he firmado para decirle a la Comisión que haga lo posib... 28 Nov 2018
Nosotros tampoco nos vamos a Marte. Seguiremos en esta lucha por vivir en armon... 28 Nov 2018
Electric cars will power 200,000 new jobs by 2030 – new study by the European ... 29 Nov 2018
Europeans use more palm oil in cars than in food and cosmetics together. This is... 29 Nov 2018
Mr. Samuel Kenny (@transenv): "Co roku w wypadkach, w których uczestniczą samo... 30 Nov 2018
Did you know that their forest could be burning in your car's fuel tank? Sign th... 30 Nov 2018
"Transport is already Europe’s climate public enemy number one, and still grow... 30 Nov 2018
✍️ @Nuriablaz y @crismestre nos cuentan en @eldiarioes por qué es important... 1 Dec 2018
„Stoppt Blutdiesel! Regenwald raus aus dem Tank.” - Jetzt unterschreiben! ht... 1 Dec 2018
Interesante. @tuSEAT se va a China a impulsar vehículo eléctrico, mientras que... 1 Dec 2018
El biodiésel se fabrica a partir de aceites vegetales. En el caso de España, e... 2 Dec 2018
After days of freezing cold, inspiring exchanges, superb planning and team work,... 3 Dec 2018
First, DHL had to build its own electric van, the StreetScooter, to last-mile de... 3 Dec 2018
150.000 firmas en una semana piden a @EU_Commission acabar con uno de los mayore... 3 Dec 2018
Tomorrow @transenv will participate in @nordenen event about transport decarboni... 3 Dec 2018
But without agreeing negotiating lines with sufficient member states before head... 4 Dec 2018
A massive win! “The Norwegian parliament’s decision sets an important exampl... 4 Dec 2018
Über die Hälfte der europäischen #Palmöl-Importe landet im #Tank. #Regenwald... 4 Dec 2018
Timeline of the end of the combustion engine (ICE), according to @VW chief strat... 5 Dec 2018
Did you know that 7 in 10 Europeans want to end subsidies for fuel made from #pa... 5 Dec 2018
Major breakthrough when shipping also moves to science based targets to stay bel... 6 Dec 2018
Enhorabuena a nuestras compañeras de @ecologistas por 20 años de lucha por un ... 7 Dec 2018
Today, at #COP24, starting 16:45, hosted by @transenv & @oekoinstitut, side ... 7 Dec 2018
WATCH NOW: Our side event at #COP24 on ✈️ and 7 Dec 2018
Incredible. Merkel's party CDU discussing changing tax status of NGO @Umwelthilf... 7 Dec 2018
Nous soutenons cet appel à éliminer l'huile de palme et de soja de nos carbura... 8 Dec 2018
PRESS RELEASE: Civil Society representatives denied entry to Poland to participa... 8 Dec 2018
Lo sai che c'è #OlioDiPalma nel biodiesel? Sta causando #deforestazione e uccid... 8 Dec 2018
Fingers crossed: other countries may follow Norway. [#Indonesia's Trade Ministry... 8 Dec 2018
Airlines are failing to take up the most efficient planes in sufficient numbers ... 9 Dec 2018
Don’t let European carmakers lose the race to electrification @peteraltmaier... 10 Dec 2018
An important warning and reminder to @EU2018AT for tonight's negotiation. https:... 10 Dec 2018
#EU - und damit auch Österreich - kann #Klimaziele im Verkehr nur erreichen, we... 10 Dec 2018
The #FossilOfTheDay at #COP24 goes to #Austria @EU2018AT for: - not wanting to s... 10 Dec 2018
Will @EU2018AT get any better tonight and move towards good deal with @EUparliam... 10 Dec 2018
No deal on cars CO2. @au20182 still not willing to meet @Miriamdalli even a thir... 11 Dec 2018
Warum im Verkehr verstärkte #Klimaschutz-Maßnahmen nötig sind? Weil der reale... 11 Dec 2018
@EU2018AT was the #FossilOfTheDay yesterday and unfortunately it honoured the in... 11 Dec 2018
https://t.co/MeefKXwwXo 11 Dec 2018
Mehr als die Hälfte des gesamten #Palmöl|s in #Europa wird im Verkehrssektor v... 11 Dec 2018
Peak infernal combustion engine (ICE)? https://t.co/GcB09qKNQQ 12 Dec 2018
Option 3: Differentiate the ticket tax based on the aircraft’s NOx emissions d... 12 Dec 2018
Option 2: Tax flights to destinations outside Europe according to tax bands base... 12 Dec 2018
España debe apostar por la reducción de estándares de CO2 y posicionarse con ... 12 Dec 2018
Rapid #EV uptake in #Bavaria? Government aims at 70% #EV share among newly regis... 12 Dec 2018
MEPs back €10bn allocation for cleaner and safer transport in EU budget https:... 12 Dec 2018
#COP24 URBAN PATHWAYS presenting at the COP side event on “Decarbonisation of ... 12 Dec 2018
HUGE: the EU General Court upheld a complaint by the city authorities of Paris, ... 13 Dec 2018
Deswegen sagen wir ganz klar: #NotInMyTank, kein Palmöl für Biodiesel! https:/... 13 Dec 2018
Aujourd'hui devant @AssembleeNat avec @APEnvironnement @onevoiceanimal @amisdela... 13 Dec 2018
Avantage fiscal sur l'huile de palme dans les carburants, «un cadeau fait à To... 14 Dec 2018
¿Ya has firmado nuestra petición dirigida a la @EU_Commission para que acabe c... 14 Dec 2018
Varios orangutanes han reclamado hoy en la Plaza de Callao de Madrid el fin del ... 14 Dec 2018
Did you know that 7 in 10 Europeans want to end subsidies for fuel made from #pa... 16 Dec 2018
"Hay coches de gas que contaminan tanto o más que un diésel o un gasolina." Ar... 16 Dec 2018
In Europe, we use more palm oil in our cars than in food and cosmetics combined!... 17 Dec 2018
Most plug-in hybrids today emit over 100g CO2 and are rarely charged - @EU2018AT... 17 Dec 2018
BREAKING: EU gives boost to affordable cleaner cars, but deal is not good enough... 17 Dec 2018
- Real-world checks: monitoring, then Commission to assess feasibility in 2027 a... 17 Dec 2018
- Zero and low-emission vehicles : bonus only (no malus): 15% sales in 2025 and ... 17 Dec 2018
After more than 9 hours of tough negotiations, Europe finally has a deal on the ... 17 Dec 2018
"This new law means that around a third of new cars will be electric or hydrogen... 18 Dec 2018
Nunca pensé que saldría en el @elprogramadear en @telecincoes, pero a veces la... 18 Dec 2018
EU targets mean that around a third of new cars will be electric or hydrogen-pow... 18 Dec 2018
"Not fast enough to hit our climate goals,” activists @transenv say of #EU dea... 18 Dec 2018
BREAKING - After years of tireless NGO campaigning, the @EU_Commission just anno... 18 Dec 2018
Germany could survive collapse of its #car industry, study finds. Let's avoid th... 18 Dec 2018
Palmöl raus aus Biodiesel! Unterschreibt jetzt die internationale Petition: htt... 18 Dec 2018
L'olio di palma è usato per il biodiesel, ma l'87% degli italiani non lo sa. Po... 18 Dec 2018
19 Dec 2018
"Die neuen Grenzwerte sind eine Richtungsentscheidung, die nicht mehr umzukehren... 19 Dec 2018
Huge victory in France! The French Parliament just voted to end tax incentives t... 19 Dec 2018
Transport users are ready to make the switch to zero emission trucks. Now regula... 19 Dec 2018
“First, Norway. Now France's National Assembly voted to stop tax incentives fo... 19 Dec 2018
Surprise, surprise... more than half of all the #PalmOil used in Europe in 2017 ... 19 Dec 2018
Our 2018 Battery Price Survey has found that the volume-weighted average price o... 20 Dec 2018
Transport users are ready to make the switch to zero emission trucks. Now regula... 20 Dec 2018
"Je voudrais que la France envoie un signal d’autant plus fort que l’Europe ... 20 Dec 2018
Majority in Council 20 Dec 2018
Ecologistas en Acción y @CactusTeatro realizamos en la madrileña Plaza de Call... 20 Dec 2018
BREAKING: For the first time, EU governments just agreed to cut CO2 emissions fr... 20 Dec 2018
We forgot to add 20 Dec 2018
Los países de la UE pactan reducir en un 30% las emisiones de CO2 para camiones... 20 Dec 2018
BREAKING: For the first time, EU governments just agreed to cut CO2 emissions fr... 21 Dec 2018
Purdue University: Palm oil is still unsustainable. "But what is the alternative... 21 Dec 2018
Just reminded myself that the distance between NYC and Chicago is almost exactly... 22 Dec 2018
Es werden in den kommenden Monaten weitere neue Abschalteinrichtungen (nicht nur... 24 Dec 2018
Surprise, surprise... more than half of all the #PalmOil used in Europe in 2017 ... 26 Dec 2018
Non mettere #oliodipalma nel tuo serbatoio. Non contribuire alla deforestazione ... 26 Dec 2018
"Airlines pay zero tax on the fuel that they use and this exemption amounts to a... 27 Dec 2018
Flying is the fastest way to fry the planet #ClimateActionNow #climatechange #ai... 27 Dec 2018
¿Qué hace un orangután en un depósito de gasolina? En Europa más de la mita... 28 Dec 2018
ExxonMobil, Shell, BP and Chevron are among the highest emitting investor-owned ... 29 Dec 2018
L'avion pour les nuls : - moyen de transport le plus utilisé des français pour... 29 Dec 2018
Climate change is increasing the events of clear-air turbulence — the invisibl... 30 Dec 2018
What is an orangutan doing inside a fuel pump? In Europe, more palm oil is used... 30 Dec 2018
A brilliant campaign @transenv raising awareness of EU ruling on damaging #biodi... 31 Dec 2018
Ti sembra giusto che 25 oranghi al giorno muoiano 31 Dec 2018
#EVs: Almost a third of new cars sold in Norway in 2018 were pure electric, a ne... 3 Jan 2019
Europe uses more palm oil to make biodiesel than to make cookies. The EU subsi... 3 Jan 2019
#EVs are now mainstream in Norway. Half of all new cars sold in 2018 were electr... 4 Jan 2019
The top driver of palm oil consumption in Europe is 'green' fuel called 'biodies... 4 Jan 2019
Ikävää tietoa biodieselistä. Sademetsiä on suojeltava ja palmuöljyn käytt... 4 Jan 2019
@Privatecarfree Discussion by NGO @transenv here: https://t.co/oO5Gdx9hTe 4 Jan 2019
Central England Temperatures from 1772-2018. Each stripe is coloured according ... 5 Jan 2019
Europe uses more palm oil to make biodiesel than to make cookies. The EU subsi... 6 Jan 2019
November was W.Europe's best #electriccar (BEV) registrations month on record ac... 6 Jan 2019
What a pity the #EU & #Germany didn’t seize the same opportunity from #die... 7 Jan 2019
Since buses with zero tailpipe emissions have matured, buying hybrids is a waste... 7 Jan 2019
To start the year off right, we received our trophy for the Transport Environmen... 7 Jan 2019
De TU van München heeft uitgezocht wat voor ramp biobrandstoffen zijn voor de b... 7 Jan 2019
Year-on-year winners and losers in UK car registrations, via @SMMT: Plug-in: +2... 8 Jan 2019
Demandons à la Commission européenne d'exclure l'huile de palme de nos carbura... 8 Jan 2019
L'Europe utilise plus d'#HuileDePalme pour faire du "biodiesel" que pour faire d... 8 Jan 2019
As Europe works to phase out palm oil use in biofuels, new report by @biofuelwat... 9 Jan 2019
ClientEarth is today at top EU court to defend Brussels residents’ right to #C... 10 Jan 2019
.@MatthijsvMilt opinion voted on today - supporting safer truck design, making i... 10 Jan 2019
The study also pointed to the health effect of the production of #PalmOil in cou... 10 Jan 2019
We need more e-buses in European cities to help tackle the air pollution crisis,... 10 Jan 2019
Overview of automakers' EV investments: ➡️$300 billion = about the GDP of De... 10 Jan 2019
The growing impact of #palmoil on #deforestation has been well documented - and ... 10 Jan 2019
Stop all'#oliodipalma nel #biodiesel! @ap_legambiente nell'intervista su @Radioc... 10 Jan 2019
“The discrepancy between official measurements of vehicle efficiency and actua... 11 Jan 2019
An electric car in the Netherlands emits 6x less CO2 than a comparable gasoline ... 11 Jan 2019
Remplacer pétrole 12 Jan 2019
75 % de l'huile de palme que nous consommons est sous forme de carburants. En f... 12 Jan 2019
Partout en Europe, les citoyens se mobilisent pour que la Commission écoute les... 12 Jan 2019
En février, la Commission européenne pourrait entériner la fin de l'huile de ... 12 Jan 2019
Hoy los orangutanes de Borneo han tomado las inmediaciones del Mercat Central de... 12 Jan 2019
Un orang-outan privé de forêts et des militants de @AnvCop21 et @Alternatiba_ ... 12 Jan 2019
Che ci fa un orango nel motore? #savepongo Firma la petizione #notinmytank per c... 12 Jan 2019
380 activistes et 27 actions partout en France pour dire à la Commission europ... 12 Jan 2019
#NotInMyTank À Annecy nous étions une vingtaine de militants contre l'huile de... 12 Jan 2019
A #Dijon on a le #sensdeleffort et on sait que l'union fait la force On sait au... 12 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019
[COMMUNIQUÉ 13 Jan 2019
La mobilisation semble faire tache d'huile @EU_Commission @MAC_europa : citoyens... 13 Jan 2019
Inacceptable. le PDG de @Total met la pression sur @AssembleeNat et demande le r... 13 Jan 2019
Join us for discussion with leading industry players on how to rip benefits from... 14 Jan 2019
UK air pollution plan rehashes failed strategy for transport https://t.co/KoCsbk... 14 Jan 2019
Dites à la Commission Européenne : pas d’huile de palme dans nos réservoirs... 14 Jan 2019
Ion age: why the future will be battery powered A briefing by @adamvaughan_uk fo... 15 Jan 2019
Help mee! Stop het gebruik van palmolie voor biobrandstof! Spaar het regenwoud e... 15 Jan 2019
A Europa utiliza mais #OleoDePalma no biodiesel do que nas bolachas. Isto causa ... 15 Jan 2019
Sapevi che l'Europa considera l’#oliodipalma un combustibile "verde" per il bi... 15 Jan 2019
Kein #Palmöl in den Tank #NotInMyTank - seid ihr auch dieser Meinung? Dann unte... 15 Jan 2019
Aż 51% oleju palmowego importowanego do Europy trafia do samochodów. Polityka ... 16 Jan 2019
La Commission européenne a le pouvoir d’empêcher que l’huile de palme, une... 16 Jan 2019
Biodiesel. Het was weer een groen sprookje dat niet werkte. Voedsel in uw benzin... 16 Jan 2019
#NoPalmInMyTank #JeRouleSansPalme Thanks to my colleagues for their support ! 17 Jan 2019
Are you one of them 17 Jan 2019
.@EUCouncil sign off off deal on car and van CO2 regulations - 2030 car targets ... 17 Jan 2019
Fordert mit uns von der #EU-Kommission: Stoppt #Blutdiesel! #Regenwald raus aus ... 17 Jan 2019
#oliodipalma, un disastro nel motore oggi su @ilmanifesto. E la cosa grave è ch... 17 Jan 2019
'Voer een Brusselse nulemissiezone in' by William Todts #AirPollution #EVs https... 18 Jan 2019
Sales of new #diesel cars in Belgium collapsed to a new record low. Only 10 year... 18 Jan 2019
Olio di palma tra diesel e deforestazione: petizione per eliminare i sussidi. Ma... 18 Jan 2019
Contro la legge che incentiva l'#oliodipalma nei biocarburanti c'è la campagna ... 18 Jan 2019
#Legambiente dice basta al #biodiesel con #savepongo, oggi su Il Venerdì di @re... 18 Jan 2019
No to palm oil in #biofuels! In a powerful letter to the @EU_Commission a wide a... 19 Jan 2019
L'huile de palme sortie de la liste des biocarburants https://t.co/l4AyuhWxo9 19 Jan 2019
Les dernières forêts tropicales, et l'incroyable biodiversité qu'elles abrite... 19 Jan 2019
Příští týden budou v evropských metropolích probíhat demonstrace za sní... 19 Jan 2019
Indonésie : l'huile de palme condamne les orangs-outans à l'extinction https:/... 20 Jan 2019
Mañana 21 de enero, a las 12:30, los orangutanes de Borneo visitarán la Delega... 20 Jan 2019
La alternativa al #diesel no puede ser el aceite de palma #AceitedePalma #NoEnMi... 21 Jan 2019
What's the future of #palmoil in #eupol's policy for biofuels? Meet up with @The... 21 Jan 2019
A côté de l'#HuileDePalme, très forte augmentation de la quantité d'#HuileDe... 21 Jan 2019
Non mettere un orango nel motore! #SavePongo e firma la petizione #NotInMyTank p... 21 Jan 2019
Looks like some apes are gathering in front of the EU Commission to say #NotInMy... 21 Jan 2019
Palm oil to fuel cars and trucks kill Orangutans. This must stop. #NotInMyTank h... 21 Jan 2019
Across cities in Europe today, SumOfUs members are coming together to fight agai... 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019
#DYK? 51% of all EU #palmoil imports goes into cars. Although 3x worse than regu... 21 Jan 2019
Hoy le hemos trasladado a @MAC_europa que casi 600.000 personas han firmado ya c... 21 Jan 2019
Soms liggen zaken wat ingewikkelder. Biodiesel niet altijd groene optie. https:/... 21 Jan 2019
Also, our primate friends invaded the EU offices in Berlin today! #NotInMyTank h... 21 Jan 2019
Our primate friends didn't miss Paris either! #NotInMyTank https://t.co/3pj3Ihd2lg 21 Jan 2019
21 Jan 2019
Please share: Save-the-Date: 3rd International Shipping Conference, 18th March 2... 22 Jan 2019
Nous sommes avec @amisdelaterre @AnvCop21 @SumOfUs_Fr @greenpeacefr @onevoiceani... 22 Jan 2019
.@MercedesBenz announce new battery manufacturing in Poland. As @transenv said w... 22 Jan 2019
Pokud zítra odpoledne v našem hlavním městě narazíte na lidoopy, nedivte se 22 Jan 2019
Swedish climate activist @GretaThunberg is now on her way to #WEF2019 in Davos, ... 23 Jan 2019
OUCH! The Dutch logistics industry rips truck manufacturers' body @ACEA_eu for "... 23 Jan 2019
Quasi 600000 cittadini hanno chiesto a #Europa di smettere di distruggere le #fo... 23 Jan 2019
¡No al aceite de palma! Acabo de firmar una petición para que la Comisión Eur... 23 Jan 2019
The study also estimates that at least 7% of global soybean expansion caused di... 24 Jan 2019
Based on the most recent available satellite assessments, the study estimates t... 24 Jan 2019
Palm oil and soy oil for biofuels linked to high rates of deforestation - new st... 24 Jan 2019
“Low ILUC risk biofuel is a theoretical concept and implementing it would be l... 24 Jan 2019
Secondo quanto emerge da uno studio dell'Ong @transenv il 51% dell'#oliodipalma ... 24 Jan 2019
EU airline emissions grow despite industry's own climate targets. Flights are ge... 24 Jan 2019
#climat Action de Greenpeace, des Amis de la Terre et d’ANVCop 21 devant le Pa... 25 Jan 2019
A côté de l’#HuileDePalme, de plus en plus d’huile de #soja dans nos moteu... 25 Jan 2019
21 million more #electric vehicles will drive worldwide by 2030 & #battery c... 25 Jan 2019
Misure europee e nazionali per mettere l'Italia sulla giusta rotta per decarboni... 25 Jan 2019
Sabías que el aceite de palma tiene 3 veces más emisiones de GEI que el diesel... 25 Jan 2019
New Study by @transenv : #PalmOil and #Soy for #biofuels linked to high rates of... 25 Jan 2019
"The continued expansion of the #PalmOil production is responsible for serious h... 26 Jan 2019
#Riseforclimate Happening now in #Brussels 27 Jan 2019
Vandaag weer met tienduizenden op straat voor het klimaat. Weer of geen weer... ... 27 Jan 2019
Please sign this petition. #MercyForAnimals #LoveMotherEarth 27 Jan 2019
People try hard and avoid buying cookies containing #PalmOil. However, more than... 27 Jan 2019
Que se passe-t-il quand on ferme une autoroute qui transportait 90 000 voitures ... 27 Jan 2019
Join our campaign for smarter, cleaner and safer transport! T&E's shipping... 28 Jan 2019
Why is this #orangutan in a fuel pump? What happened to her #rainforest home? W... 28 Jan 2019
Perché c'è un orango nella pompa di benzina? La sua foresta è stata rasa al s... 28 Jan 2019
As a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, it's time for the #shipping ... 29 Jan 2019
O Óleo de palma incorporado no gasóleo está a contribuir para a desflorestaç... 29 Jan 2019
De helft (!) van #palmolie in EU wordt zg. #biodiesel. Voor die palmolieplantage... 29 Jan 2019
Europe uses more #palmoil to make #diesel than to make cookies. The good news? T... 30 Jan 2019
https://t.co/iktBOXDIXm 30 Jan 2019
'What is the economic benefit of flying very wealthy people around at a faster s... 30 Jan 2019
For cleaner air and our climate, we need an EU sales target for zero-emission tr... 30 Jan 2019
Europeans are forced to burn #Palm Oil in their diesel cars. Citizens don't know... 31 Jan 2019
CORRECTION: This is not about particles but NO2 limits, one of the main air poll... 31 Jan 2019
Über 600.000 Menschen unterstützen uns im Kampf gegen die Zerstörung des Rege... 31 Jan 2019
Big day today, as the @EU_Commission will decide on the future of harmful biofue... 1 Feb 2019
.@rozathun Cynthia’s story is one we wish we didn’t have to tell. MEPs have ... 1 Feb 2019
Es sollte einfach sein: kein Palmöl im Tank. Worauf wartet die @EU_Commission ?... 1 Feb 2019
Please take a moment to watch this film. It shows why it’s so important to mak... 1 Feb 2019
Bruciare o non bruciare #oliodipalma nei serbatoi. Perché i cittadini devono es... 1 Feb 2019
We won't let dangerous lorries continue to cause heartbreak & tragedy to fam... 2 Feb 2019
Der EU-Umweltkommissar @KarmenuVella stellt klar: Wenn die #Stickoxid-Werte na... 2 Feb 2019
For cleaner air and our climate, we need an EU sales target for zero-emission tr... 3 Feb 2019
Why is this #orangutan in a fuel pump? What happened to her #rainforest home? W... 3 Feb 2019
When #PalmOil entered Guatemala it stripped people of their ancestral lands. htt... 4 Feb 2019
Aviation got these tax breaks when it was "new industry just getting started". T... 4 Feb 2019
Europeans are forced to burn #PalmOil in cars. Please SIGN https://t.co/9IX7G8kW... 4 Feb 2019
E̶u̶r̶o̶p̶e̶’̶s̶ ̶b̶i̶g̶g̶e̶s̶t̶ ̶p̶a̶l̶m̶ ̶o̶i̶l̶ ̶... 4 Feb 2019
NEW | EU set to tighten rules on palm oil for biofuels By @SaraStefaninii: htt... 4 Feb 2019
Sur ce sujet, comme sur d'autres, le #Parlement européen est le seul garde-fou ... 5 Feb 2019
Legal obstacles no barrier to introducing aviation✈️ fuel tax in Europe 5 Feb 2019
This afternon from 14:30hs: Join @UmicoreGroup, @ristori20,@northvolt, @Groupe_R... 5 Feb 2019
.@transenv selvitti: "Lentopolttoaineiden verottamiselle ei mitään esteitä EU... 5 Feb 2019
Cinq jours que l'on attends la décision @EU_Commission pour mettre fin a #huile... 6 Feb 2019
@Signformyfuture Wat nu? https://t.co/PrcY6U8fUt 6 Feb 2019
Europe’s biggest palm oil problem is not Nutella or Oreo cookies. It’s diese... 6 Feb 2019
New electric bus orders will nearly double numbers of zero-emission models on th... 6 Feb 2019
Air pollution threatens the health of 4 billion people in Asia and the Pacific. ... 6 Feb 2019
Llevamos ya cinco días esperando el acto delegado de la @EU_Commission para par... 6 Feb 2019
The free fall of new #diesel cars sales sees no end. In 2018, 56.7%of all new c... 7 Feb 2019
Le imprese chiedono quote garantite nelle vendite di camion elettrici #CleanerTr... 7 Feb 2019
Uppgifter: stopp för förslag om palmolja Var står Cecilia Malmström? @Malmst... 7 Feb 2019
The EU also needs to stop forcing crop-based #biofuels into our cars. It’s not... 7 Feb 2019
A good read before tomorrow's decision: @JunckerEU @TimmermansEU @MartinSelmayr ... 7 Feb 2019
Snälla @MalmstromEU : Stoppa farliga biodrivmedel https://t.co/2jr5pwe1rD #palmolja 7 Feb 2019
Es aquí y ahora. Luchar contra el #cambioclimático no admite demoras ni demago... 8 Feb 2019
Vouloir remplacer le charbon par la #biomasse, le pétrole par l'#huiledepalme, ... 9 Feb 2019
BREAKING: EU classifies palm oil diesel as unsustainable but fails to cut its su... 9 Feb 2019
La commission 9 Feb 2019
Quand la parole politique ne se traduit pas en acte, cela nourrit la colère. @F... 9 Feb 2019
EU-Komm: Palmeolie til biodiesel er ikke bæredygtigt, men kan alligevel bruges ... 9 Feb 2019
@EU_Commission refuse d'acter l'interdiction de l'#huiledepalme dans les carbura... 10 Feb 2019
Agrocarburants : au niveau européen aussi, le gouvernement français joue le je... 10 Feb 2019
@KlausRiede @KKpernick @TomHall @tinycarebot @Suey_geo @danielgranj @MelissaBWhi... 10 Feb 2019
@moitzfeld @KlausRiede @KKpernick @TomHall @tinycarebot @Suey_geo @danielgranj @... 10 Feb 2019
EU acknowledges #PalmOil #Diesel is unsustainable but fails to cut its subsidise... 11 Feb 2019
Commission sends an important signal by deciding palm oil diesel is unsustainabl... 11 Feb 2019
A UE classificou biodiesel produzido a partir do óleo de palma como insustentá... 11 Feb 2019
Tomorrow Europe can take a big step forward in making trucks cleaner! And help b... 11 Feb 2019
BREAKING: The EU has agreed a deal that will see the roll-out of cleaner publi... 11 Feb 2019
The new law is the bare minimum – a much faster uptake is needed. And public m... 11 Feb 2019
But the other half of the targets can be met with so-called ‘clean’ buses wh... 11 Feb 2019
Romania 11 Feb 2019
Half of these targets will have to be achieved by procuring zero-emission buses,... 11 Feb 2019
National public procurement targets for clean buses will range from 24% to 45% i... 11 Feb 2019
At least a quarter of these will have to be clean buses in 2025, and at least a ... 11 Feb 2019
The new targets will affect the 75%+ of buses that are publicly procured. 11 Feb 2019
¡La Comisión Europea reconoce por fin que el aceite de palma es insostenible! ... 11 Feb 2019
Shameful and irresponsible. @EU_Commission concedes palmoil diesel has high defo... 12 Feb 2019
Vergognosa decisione della Commissione Europea: pur riconoscendo il carattere in... 12 Feb 2019
be loud! urge changes! @EU_ENV draft act consultation on high #ILUC risk #biofue... 12 Feb 2019
La Commissione Europea fa finta di togliere olio di palma dal biodiesel, con sot... 12 Feb 2019
.@ecologistas en acción y coalición #NoEnMiDepósito (#NotInMyTank) llaman a p... 12 Feb 2019
Zu viele Schlupflöcher - der Vorschlag der EU-Kommisssion ist viel zu halbherzi... 12 Feb 2019
Oltre 600mila cittadini hanno detto NO all’#oliodipalma nel biodiesel con la p... 12 Feb 2019
EU Commissie constateert in haar wetsvoorstel: “palmolie daadwerkelijk géén ... 13 Feb 2019
We rijden massaal op plantaardige olie (en dat is bijzonder schadelijk). 13 Feb 2019
Roser Garí nos traslada un desgarrador testimonio de cómo el cultivo del aceit... 13 Feb 2019
European Commission classifies most palm oil fuels as unsustainable https://t.co... 13 Feb 2019
The rise of run commuting - by @SimonIanCook | Should cities acknowledge this in... 13 Feb 2019
Die Europäische Kommission weist Medienberichte zurück, laut denen die Kommiss... 13 Feb 2019
#EuropeanCommission decided today: putting #PalmOil in your tank is unsustainabl... 14 Feb 2019
“The limit of 40 micrograms [of toxic NO2 pollutant] a year is legally binding... 14 Feb 2019
La #TransiciónEcológica en Baleares se basa en el acuerdo de París y las pol... 14 Feb 2019
Virginia Raggi:"Diesel Euro3 fuori dalla Ztl di Roma da Novembre 2019." Misure d... 15 Feb 2019
@virginiaraggi in conferenza stampa dichiara che i diesel euro 3 saranno banditi... 15 Feb 2019
La UE reconoce el biocombustible de aceite de palma como insostenible pero no lo... 15 Feb 2019
Great event @TfL City Hall with @SadiqKhan @rozathun on truck safety. HGV’s in... 15 Feb 2019
Safer lorries will save lives. I'm proud that London is leading the world with o... 15 Feb 2019
What's up with those Norwegians and #rainforests? Why so fixated on #palmoil? Re... 16 Feb 2019
Lamentamos que el MOVES incluya camiones y furgonetas a gas ya que no tienen nin... 16 Feb 2019
EU biofuels policy #NotInMyTank #NoEnMiDeposito https://t.co/NsWrZi3agv 17 Feb 2019
“The Commission gives with one hand what it takes away with the other.” http... 17 Feb 2019
How does the new #WLTP #CO2 (g/km) data match up against #NEDC? German January ... 17 Feb 2019
Climate Cartoon of the day - School Strike! @BJennings90 https://t.co/mQcGBHLYYf 17 Feb 2019
Cynthia’s story is one we wish we didn’t have to tell. MEPs have a unique op... 18 Feb 2019
Europe 18 Feb 2019
Trialogue starting in 10 minutes. Another attempt to deliver more ambition to cl... 18 Feb 2019
And NGO @transenv is very clear about its expectations in an op-ed for @eaTransp... 18 Feb 2019
REMEMBER: Right now trucks 19 Feb 2019
The targets will be reviewed in 2022 – when the law WILL need to be made more ... 19 Feb 2019
And manufacturers whose new truck sales are more than 2% electric and hydrogen v... 19 Feb 2019
That will mean fuel savings 19 Feb 2019
For the first time, automakers will have to cut the carbon emissions of trucks t... 19 Feb 2019
Congrats to our MEP and Green leading candidate @BasEickhout for reaching an agr... 19 Feb 2019
@ACEA_eu Please report accurately: it's a voluntary benchmark. It rewards automa... 19 Feb 2019
La #UE acuerda reducir #emisiones de #CO2 de los camiones un 30 % en 2030 https... 19 Feb 2019
Minister of environment from ivory coast says #slowsteaming should be deployed a... 20 Feb 2019
“The only way for Europe to compete with other territories is to focus on qual... 20 Feb 2019
Heute Anhörung zu 20 Feb 2019
Belgians joining the growing chorus of countries calling for aviation to be prop... 21 Feb 2019
Lorry safety shouldn’t end at our borders. We’re delighted to see the Europe... 21 Feb 2019
22 Feb 2019
#Palmöl im Autotank? Ich glaube es hackt. Die #EU entscheidet in den nächsten ... 22 Feb 2019
Soutien à @ANV_Paris pour son opération #SortonsMacron 23 Feb 2019
#NotInMyTank Sagen Sie der Europäischen Kommission, dass Wälder und Wildtiere ... 24 Feb 2019
"The positive is we now we have a list, we have options," @FaigAbbasov a #shippi... 25 Feb 2019
La campagna #NotInMyTank ha dato i suoi frutti, ma noi vogliamo di più! La @EU_... 25 Feb 2019
Existing UN #carbon credits will do nothing to offset #aviation industry polluti... 27 Feb 2019
A toy helicopter is what convinced the @volkswagen CEO that electric cars could ... 27 Feb 2019
I've just told @MAC_europa to stop subsidies to palm oil diesel. #NotInMyTank #P... 27 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019
Add your voice to the #EU consultation on damaging #biofuels - so many lead to d... 27 Feb 2019
The case against #diesel continues to gather momentum. We have to fight not jus... 28 Feb 2019
.⁦@transenv⁩ ⁦Outline how vehicle taxes need to be developed in response t... 28 Feb 2019
Carmakers are investing $300 billion in electric vehicles. 45% of that in China.... 1 Mar 2019
Geef de @EU_Commission via haar eigen publieksconsultatie een finaal zetje: zeg ... 1 Mar 2019
Endspurt, noch bis zum 8. März unterschreiben 1 Mar 2019
Abbiamo tolto l’#oliodipalma dai biscotti e lo abbiamo messo nei serbatoi: ma ... 2 Mar 2019
Da un lato c’è l’Indonesia che si oppone alla Direttiva che accusa le piant... 2 Mar 2019
Over 200 battery #electric cars will be on the road by 2023 but we need to avoid... 3 Mar 2019
Kein #Palmöl in den Tank! Wir haben nur bis zum 8.3. Zeit, der @EU_Commission m... 3 Mar 2019
Europeans don't want to burn palm oil in their cars. Tell EU Vice President @Tim... 3 Mar 2019
‼Il tempo sta per scadere‼Entro l'8 marzo partecipa alla consultazione pubbl... 4 Mar 2019
Firma para decirle a la Comisión Europea #NotInMyTank, contra el uso del aceite... 4 Mar 2019
Il serait temps d’appliquer le principe pollueur-payeur au le transport aérie... 4 Mar 2019
Utsläppsmålen i EU för tunga transporter räcker inte. "Jämför man med det ... 4 Mar 2019
Head of Daimler world’s largest truckmaker OK for European higher taxes on CO... 5 Mar 2019
Olej palmowy w paliwie? 5 Mar 2019
Aviation is the most polluting form of transport but in Belgium pays no tax. It... 5 Mar 2019
La expansión de aceite de palma para producir "biodiésel verde" para el transp... 5 Mar 2019
¿Qué hacer para que los barcos contaminen menos? https://t.co/UM1RSIsK2A por @... 5 Mar 2019
5 Mar 2019
German electric car market remained Europe's largest market for the second conse... 5 Mar 2019
Trump's America overtakes ‘green’ Europe in the electric car race. EU carmak... 6 Mar 2019
L'America di Trump (e nonostante Trump) supera l'EU per vendita di EV. L'europa ... 6 Mar 2019
Why is the international aviation *regulator* tweeting industry talking points? ... 6 Mar 2019
«Comment rendre la taxation de l’aviation plus écologique» Les pistes de ... 6 Mar 2019
¡Solo quedan dos días para decirle a la @EU_Commission que no queremos #Gasofa... 6 Mar 2019
"we will have to preclude you if it happens again" The UN aviation which wants ... 7 Mar 2019
Biodiesel, segnalazione all’Antitrust per pubblicità ingannevole 7 Mar 2019
#Biodiesel, @Legambiente @mdcnazionale e @transenv segnalano all’#Antitrust la... 7 Mar 2019
[Lecture 7 Mar 2019
#Endspurt: Nur noch bis morgen können wir der @EU_Commission sagen, dass: 1) de... 7 Mar 2019
EU-kommissionen har tagit fram förslag på regler som ska fasa ut palmolja ur d... 7 Mar 2019
Noch heute unterschreiben 7 Mar 2019
Somos mais de 58.000 os subscritores que não querem o #ÓleodePalma nos #biocom... 7 Mar 2019
Sieht so #Informationsfreiheit aus? Tausende geschwärzte Seiten bekam #Frontal2... 8 Mar 2019
ENIdiesel+ "fino a -40% emissioni gassose"? Non era vero niente... Biodiesel, se... 8 Mar 2019
But you want to treat it as a separate country by claiming (falsely) that it's e... 8 Mar 2019
@icao @vinvanoort @Iberia @aena @AesaSpain @ENAIRE @AirEuropa @SpainMFA @fomento... 8 Mar 2019
Oh my god. This is ridiculous!! COME ON #malaysia #sarawak we have enough palm o... 8 Mar 2019
BREAKING: European antitrust authorities plan to fine carmakers Daimler BMW and ... 8 Mar 2019
Last hours to protect rainforests, their people and wildlife. Tell @TimmermansEU... 8 Mar 2019
Lots of work to do indeed! #InternationalWomensDay is a reminder that all of us ... 8 Mar 2019
Probably the most important climate news of the year. “When one of the world... 10 Mar 2019
"At least three European carriers – @_austrian @easyjet @VirginAtlantic – ha... 11 Mar 2019
You are trying not to eat #PalmOil? Try not burning in your tank. while it is bl... 11 Mar 2019
BREAKING: @CarnivalPLC made a bombshell claim in today's @tradewindsnews that it... 11 Mar 2019
Volkswagen accelerates the push for electric cars, spelling out the end of the i... 12 Mar 2019
Environmental advocacy group @transenv calls @VWGroup's expanded electric vehicl... 12 Mar 2019
UN SR on the right to food @HilalElver presented report on visit to Indonesia: "... 12 Mar 2019
"Es mejor para el bolsillo y sin duda para la salud de nuestras hijas e hijos un... 12 Mar 2019
El aullido de las orangutanas. Os estamos vigilando, @MAC_europa @TimmermansEU y... 12 Mar 2019
“There is no such thing as green palm oil or soy biofuel. Governments and oil ... 13 Mar 2019
BREAKING: EU labels palm oil in diesel as unsustainable The Commission decided t... 13 Mar 2019
Palm oil for biofuels has been declared (largely) unsustainable by EU Commission... 14 Mar 2019
Quieres trabajar para @transenv ???? Entra en : https://t.co/AQMsSgmxEo Tu emple... 14 Mar 2019
Veel genodigden op event '100 Jaar Luchtvaart in Nederland'. En ook wat ongenode... 14 Mar 2019
Un documento reconoce este combustible como insostenible debido a la deforestaci... 15 Mar 2019
Over 35,000 people have marched for the climate today in Brussels. Some media ... 15 Mar 2019
Wow. Question of @GrueneBundestag shows:In 2018, German transport minister had 1... 16 Mar 2019
Scientists say there may not be any orangutans left in 10-20 years. Why? The p... 17 Mar 2019
EU-Kommission: #Palmöl soll nicht mehr in Biodiesel https://t.co/WaPyPPPRPQ #FA... 17 Mar 2019
EU verbannt #Palmöl aus dem #Diesel – Deutsche Umwelthilfe wertet Entscheidun... 17 Mar 2019
Palmöl raus aus dem #diesel: Naturprodukt weniger nachhaltig als Mineralöl #p... 17 Mar 2019
Try shifting deliveries to 2020 to lower fleet average CO2 emissions when target... 18 Mar 2019
Poluição do ar em Portugal estará a causar o dobro das mortes estimadas - Um ... 19 Mar 2019
The way we move is changing: Yoann Le Petit & Jens Müller argue in the new ... 19 Mar 2019
“Vast areas of forest continue to be cleared for soy, beef, palm oil & oth... 19 Mar 2019
La aplicación de la restricción de emisiones de SO2 de buques en el Báltico h... 20 Mar 2019
Happy to have been invited to comment on decarbonising European transport today ... 20 Mar 2019
On prend de plus en plus le vélo et les transports publics pour aller travaille... 22 Mar 2019
Total is gaming the system and increasing imports of #PalmOil for diesel so they... 22 Mar 2019
A good read from ⁦@Gardiner_Beth⁩ as today’s ⁦@gdnlongread⁩ . Only omi... 22 Mar 2019
Unusual footage of an airplane producing its contrail, from above! Also a remin... 25 Mar 2019
Car-sharing continues to increase. The shift away from owning (private cars) wil... 25 Mar 2019
Volvo is seeing huge demand for its #EVs and expects sales to rise even further ... 25 Mar 2019
To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need to be ambitious. Transport has to ... 25 Mar 2019
This is the world’s first ‘direct vision’ standard – it will help avoid ... 26 Mar 2019
A historic day for road safety in the EU. Read our full press release on the pr... 26 Mar 2019
Green pressure group Transport and Environment @transenv called for Euro governm... 26 Mar 2019
Goed nieuws : einde van de vrachtwagens in de vorm van een baksteen, waarbij de ... 26 Mar 2019
@transenv Unfortunately our country is planning the suprresion of an electric ra... 26 Mar 2019
Transport ministers are discussing now the long-term decarbonisation of transpor... 27 Mar 2019
Siri, what will sustainable transport people be tearing their hear out about in ... 27 Mar 2019
27 Mar 2019
@SilkeCo @transenv Not so sure :-/ look at how @BMWi sells it’s i8... at the e... 27 Mar 2019
German finance minister wants to extend electric car incentives, calls for compu... 27 Mar 2019
Today’s @Europarl_EN vote on #CO2cars means more savings at the pump, less pol... 27 Mar 2019
.@icao want responsibility to regulate aviation emissions and are establishing p... 28 Mar 2019
THIS thread is spot on 28 Mar 2019
Remote sensing brilliantly used to catch truckers switching off exhaust controls... 28 Mar 2019
Join our team! T&E is hiring a Europe Digital Marketing Officer. Help us get... 29 Mar 2019
2018 ETS data out! We're having a look; airline analysis coming soon https://t.c... 1 Apr 2019
@SilkeCo @transenv We are not criticising plug-ins as such, but I think we can p... 1 Apr 2019
✈️ BREAKING: @Ryanair has joined the club of Europe’s top 10 carbon pol... 1 Apr 2019
¿Qué ha hecho la aviación industrial para reducir sus emisiones de CO2 para q... 1 Apr 2019
✈️ BREAKING: @Ryanair staat vanaf heden in de top 10 van grootste Europese ... 1 Apr 2019
“Aviation is Europe's biggest climate failure”. .... #300K2030 https://t.co/... 1 Apr 2019
Hi just like to remind everyone there are absolutely no plans to do anything mea... 1 Apr 2019
I've recently argued for an EU-wide tax on air travel to help combat climate cha... 1 Apr 2019
Unsustainable: https://t.co/hHcUxis5pi 1 Apr 2019
‘Ryanair is the new coal’: airline enters EU’s top 10 emitters list https:... 1 Apr 2019
Ryanair intègre le top 10 des plus grands pollueurs européens https://t.co/NBx... 1 Apr 2019
“When it comes to climate, Ryanair is the new coal” https://t.co/hQUx76KT8u 1 Apr 2019
✈️ Airlines’ CO2 emissions within Europe 2 Apr 2019
Die massive Zunahme des Flugverkehrs macht die #CO2-Einsparungen der anderen Ber... 2 Apr 2019
Le emissioni di CO2 delle compagnie aeree Europee sono cresciute del 4,9% rispet... 2 Apr 2019
Ryanair is the new coal! It's 1st Airline to become Top-10 carbon polluter in E... 2 Apr 2019
Ryanair, Easyjet… ces compagnies aériennes qui polluent plus que des centrale... 2 Apr 2019
Ryanair a émis l'équivalent de 9,9 millions de tonnes de CO2 en 2018 (en hauss... 2 Apr 2019
"Ryanair is the new coal. This trend will only continue until Europe realises th... 2 Apr 2019
With a fall in overall European air freight volumes in 2018 for the first time s... 2 Apr 2019
Por primera vez una aerolínea, Ryanair, entra entre las 10 empresas más contam... 2 Apr 2019
Aviation is Europe's biggest climate failure. The worst thing we can do in respo... 2 Apr 2019
A la une de Libé ce mercredi : et si on arrêtait de prendre l'avion https://t.... 3 Apr 2019
Steigender #CO2-Ausstoß: So sehr schädigt #Ryanair das #Klima https://t.co/JwV... 3 Apr 2019
And governments need to stop pinning all our hopes on a controversial UN @icao o... 3 Apr 2019
Governments and the EU need to wake up, starting with a tax on kerosene and clea... 3 Apr 2019
National carriers and low-cost airlines all benefit from paying no fuel tax and ... 3 Apr 2019
The top 10 growing polluters show that aviation’s ✈️runaway emissions are ... 3 Apr 2019
7/10 der größten #CO2-Drecksschleudern in Europa stehen in DEUTSCHLAND 3 Apr 2019
Enigszins ongelukkige titel in @destandaard, want nee het is niet hopeloos om kl... 4 Apr 2019
I’ve asked IATA how they feel about a frequent flyer levy, since they seem ve... 4 Apr 2019
These are the top 10 fastest growing airline polluters within Europe in 2018 1s... 4 Apr 2019
#Ryanair è la compagnia aerea che emette più #CO2 in #Europa ma non è quella ... 4 Apr 2019
"L'aviation est le plus grand échec climatique de l'Europe" https://t.co/mNctQ... 4 Apr 2019
Media round-up, have I missed any? Ryanair è il nuovo carbone Ryanair is de n... 5 Apr 2019
5 Apr 2019
If true, the result is Europeans breathing 5 Apr 2019
Citi analysts estimate the anti-collusion fine could cost Volkswagen €2.4bn a... 6 Apr 2019
Why the @guardian is putting global CO2 levels in the weather forecast - It's a... 6 Apr 2019
Low-cost airlines✈️ and national carriers 10 Apr 2019
Who said all road vehicles can’t be #electric?! @BYDCompany shows most can be,... 11 Apr 2019
Who truly thinks that the real cost of putting a plane up in the air, burn hundr... 11 Apr 2019
"Stop ordering diesel vans" 5,000 Amazon workers tell Jeff Bezos and the the mem... 12 Apr 2019
Ryanair is now one of the Top 10 carbon polluters in Europe - the other 9 pollut... 12 Apr 2019
@transenv “Ruinair, book more turistification”. La imagen señala a la comp... 13 Apr 2019
This is the amount of plastic served on a 4hrs flight. It’s time for airlines ... 13 Apr 2019
Thanks @BYDCompany for a fantastic visit & showing @tomearlAU and me around ... 13 Apr 2019
Taxis and private hire vehicles are a great early adopter of #electriccars but m... 13 Apr 2019
Campaigners are to use latest figures showing that Ryanair is one of Europe's bi... 13 Apr 2019
JUST IN: Mercedes maker, @Daimler has been accused (again?) of installing defeat... 14 Apr 2019
Sweden's 'Flying Shame': Swedavia, which runs 10 Swedish airports, has seen YoY ... 15 Apr 2019
If only there was something we could do about #ClimateChange 16 Apr 2019
Cette enfant est décédée l'an passé parce qu'elle habitait à proximité du ... 16 Apr 2019
#Milano e #Torino al top della classifica #EUropea delle città per incremento d... 17 Apr 2019
✈️ emissions soar, but the blame falls on governments who for decades have l... 17 Apr 2019
The cities where the chances of dying from transport pollution are highest are A... 17 Apr 2019
More details on this infamous ranking: These are urban arreas with the highest n... 17 Apr 2019
Good news! Expect EU research funding to be much better focused on improved batt... 17 Apr 2019
Exact Horizon Europe amount still up for grabs. Commission proposed €100 billi... 17 Apr 2019
EU’s new CO2 emissions targets may promote "fake EVs". Worth reading by @trans... 17 Apr 2019
I was born & grew up in the city that tops this list. I lived for 6+ years i... 17 Apr 2019
I'm not happy to see that I live in the second city where the chances of dying f... 17 Apr 2019
We got NEVS for you! Words can't describe what we're feeling right now! We are v... 17 Apr 2019
Presenting @transenv 2050 decarbonisation work on freight, aviation & shippi... 18 Apr 2019
WOW: the independent National Infrastructure Commission appointed by the UK Trea... 18 Apr 2019
As the rapporteur for MRV CO2 emissions from shipping, this regulation establish... 18 Apr 2019
BREAKING: EU agrees first-ever CO2 targets for trucks, delivering a 30% cut in f... 18 Apr 2019
Endlich #CO2-Grenzwerte für neue Lkw beschlossen. War höchste Zeit, denn massi... 18 Apr 2019
Og så nåede vi lige at stemme endnu en klimalov igennem 18 Apr 2019
El Parlamento Europeo aprueba que los camiones reduzcan 30 % su CO2 en 2030 http... 18 Apr 2019
CONFERENCE: #DEGROWTH of #AVIATION – 12th -14th of July – #Barcelona. Regist... 18 Apr 2019
The European Parliament agreedsto reward truckmakers whose electric, hybrid and ... 18 Apr 2019
@transenv @EPHA_EU @HealthandEnv @KarmenuVella @EU_ENV @MumsForLungs @ClientEart... 18 Apr 2019
In Indonesia, the #palmoil industry has destroyed 24 million hectares of rainfor... 18 Apr 2019
Les camions vont devoir réduire leurs émissions de CO2 de 30% d'ici 2030 @Lore... 19 Apr 2019
"De voorbije jaren hebben veel autobouwers niets gedaan, veel geld verdiend en i... 19 Apr 2019
A massive cartel involving 5 leading German carmakers has been alleged, and, if ... 19 Apr 2019
The Belgian city of Ghent has reported a 12% reduction in rush-hour traffic, and... 19 Apr 2019
Extremely positive results from essentially banning cars in #Ghent city @transen... 20 Apr 2019
When will electric vehicles become cheaper than their combustion-engine equivale... 21 Apr 2019
For a long time I've wondered what I find so alluring and strangely human about ... 21 Apr 2019
Indeed, transport has become the leading source of carbon dioxide emissions in E... 21 Apr 2019
Message (in a bottle) to University professors: You don't need to fly in order t... 23 Apr 2019
23 Apr 2019
‘How can MPs vote for Heathrow expansion when countries are already suffering ... 23 Apr 2019
In the future our kids will look at this picture and ask us how we could live li... 24 Apr 2019
24 Apr 2019
From today's @POLITICOEurope transport bulletin - growing momentum to tax aviati... 24 Apr 2019
Nuovo piano nazionale per la mobilità sostenibile: non ci siamo. Con il gas fos... 24 Apr 2019
Drastic changes, clear and fast measures are needed to change mobility in Italy:... 24 Apr 2019
.@GretaThunberg Ryanair is the new coal! It's the 1st Airline to become Top-10 c... 25 Apr 2019
"Awareness about #AirPollution is very low, because you can't see it. I would lo... 25 Apr 2019
Join our team! T&E is hiring a Europe Digital Marketing Officer. Help us get... 25 Apr 2019
Our (One) Planet lost 3.6m hectares of primary rainforest - an area the size of ... 26 Apr 2019
Which of the Commission President candidates will follow Greta's example and, if... 26 Apr 2019
Hyperloop, énergie solaire, biocarburants… Pourra-t-on un jour voyager loin s... 27 Apr 2019
Unglaublich 28 Apr 2019
En réalité, l'impact CO2 de l'avion est 14 à 40 fois pire que celui du train ... 28 Apr 2019
Join us 15 May for a debate with London, Brussels, the European Commission, Tran... 29 Apr 2019
BATTLE - Heavy and greedy SUV vs light and shared electric car. Which one should... 29 Apr 2019
The badly needed end of the kerosene tax exemption on flights within our Union, ... 30 Apr 2019
More than 100 maritime chief executives push for speed limits on ships to cut em... 30 Apr 2019
The UK government's plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 i... 30 Apr 2019
Success of Sweden’s flygskam #flyless campaign means rail-only travel agencies... 30 Apr 2019
Thank you @EU_Commission @TimmermansEU @MAC_europa @Bulc_EU! Sign our 30 Apr 2019
Awful but predictable news for the West Midlands and UK automotive as @JLR_News ... 1 May 2019
Air pollué à Bruxelles: L'air aux abords des écoles est trop pollué et dépa... 2 May 2019
New French #CO2 data confirms @transenv worries that even lab car emissions are ... 2 May 2019
Setting a speed limit for ships would reduce shipping's CO2 emissions and protec... 2 May 2019
I'm speaking on @BBC PM program making case for urgent action to cut #shipping e... 3 May 2019
"including emissions from aviation and shipping" This doesn't preclude working... 3 May 2019
CORRECTION: The numbers for greenhouse gas emissions is in million tonnes, not t... 3 May 2019
I trasporti sono diventati il primo settore per emissioni di gas serra in Europa... 3 May 2019
New research showing transport has become our biggest climate problem. Only goes... 3 May 2019
Uber Is Going Public - What Better Time To Talk About Climate Change? @verge @an... 3 May 2019
France and Germany want to invest 5-6 billion euros to create an « Airbus des ... 4 May 2019
#AirPollution - Amsterdam might become first European city to ban petrol and die... 6 May 2019
#WorldAsthmaDay - Ella Roberta Kissi-Debrah was 9 when she succumbed to an asthm... 7 May 2019
Another gift to the aviation industry courtesy of the rail sector. Unless you pu... 7 May 2019
Reducing ship speed doesn't only reduce ghg emissions, it also reduces underwate... 7 May 2019
The Scottish government has abandoned plans to cut and eventually scrap air pass... 8 May 2019
Growing support for the “no regrets” climate policy of taxing kerosene – t... 8 May 2019
Le secteur du transport est devenu le plus gros émetteur de gaz à effet de ser... 8 May 2019
Quarterly #EV sales reach 100,000 units for the first time in the EU. 8 May 2019
Thx for summarising this for an intl. audience: A study claiming EVs pollute mor... 9 May 2019
Attention all Shipping: Stop speeding into a climate nightmare! #ShippingSOS #Cl... 9 May 2019
L’Italia annuncia l’impegno per l’adozione di un’area #ECA (Emissions Co... 10 May 2019
Contrairement à ce qu'affirme la Malaisie, la #deforestation se poursuit pour #... 10 May 2019
BBC News - Climate change 'may curb growth in UK flying' https://t.co/JatxfgNzCX... 11 May 2019
"The inescapable conclusion seems to be that, if we really want to reduce aviati... 11 May 2019
We are making space for cyclist on the Rue Belliard. A new important and symboli... 11 May 2019
Good to see @ExtinctionR challenging the global shipping industry on climate ina... 12 May 2019
BREAKING: leaked @EU_Commission study confirms that Europe is an aviation tax ha... 13 May 2019
“Flying is the fastest way of frying the planet. The kerosene tax exemption su... 13 May 2019
#UrgenceClimat le transport ✈ voit ses émissions augmenter ms est absent du p... 13 May 2019
L’Europe demeure un « paradis fiscal » pour le transport aérien. Taxer le ... 13 May 2019
BREAKING @EU_Commission funded study leaked by @transenv concludes that an EU #k... 13 May 2019
Europe is a tax haven for aviation! Taxing jet fuel would: 13 May 2019
.@transenv'lle vuodettu Euroopan komission raportti paljastaa: Jos EU:n alueella... 13 May 2019
L'Europa è un paradiso fiscale per l'aviazione! La tassazione del carburante p... 13 May 2019
Jet fuel tax hopes lifted by leaked EU report https://t.co/0RtqS5I0Wd 13 May 2019
Le #CompagnieAeree stanno diventando i maggiori responsabili di #emissioni in #U... 13 May 2019
'¿Por qué la UE oculta su propio informe sobre un impuesto al combustible de a... 13 May 2019
Inlassablement le même constat. On annonce le chaos suite à une diminution de ... 13 May 2019
Kerosinsteuer könnte CO2-Ausstoß senken https://t.co/BKV2xdIygQ https://t.co/R... 14 May 2019
Maritime #blackcarbon emissions must decrease – @CleanArctic https://t.co/VtZ... 14 May 2019
"Volkswagen is better positioned for e-mobility than the competition ... we will... 14 May 2019
We are very happy to announce that our petition is now ONLINE, ready for your si... 15 May 2019
Airlines are the new coal ! Airlines are the biggest carbon emitters in four Eu... 15 May 2019
.@AECC_eu claims cleaner #diesel cars are now future proof - conveniently forget... 16 May 2019
The ultra-low emission zone cuts number of worst polluting cars in central Londo... 17 May 2019
MUY PREOCUPANTE: el transporte es el enemigo número uno del clima en España. ... 17 May 2019
Revealed: air pollution may be damaging 'every organ in the body’ #AirPollutio... 18 May 2019
Fuel retailers take stance against #deforestation, cause sharp drop in #Norway... 18 May 2019
Three years after Paris and over a year after agreeing a 2050 decarbonisation ob... 19 May 2019
“These [cruise] ships burn as much fuel as whole towns. They use a lot more po... 19 May 2019
BATTLE - Expensive and unreliable fossil fuels vs cheap and renewable energy. Wh... 20 May 2019
A quarter of Brits have never flown or visited a European capital @TimmermansEU ... 20 May 2019
“For Foucault, understanding the field of visibility – who or what gets seen... 20 May 2019
It's official! Diesel from palm oil is unsustainable, says the EU 21 May 2019
.@EPP lead candidate @ManfredWeber calls for international flights to be put int... 21 May 2019
Esta mañana se publicó en el diario oficial de la Unión Europea el documento ... 21 May 2019
The UK is now the only major european country banning scooters. Time to embrace ... 21 May 2019
Evviva, anche per l’Italia: ora ENI deve convertire produzioni biodiesel a Ge... 22 May 2019
[Aviation ✈️] Avancer en Europe sur la taxe #kérosène ne doit pas nous emp... 22 May 2019
One week into our initiative & we have almost collected 8k signatures 23 May 2019
This is factually untrue. @BirdLifeEurope & @transenv have been arguing agai... 24 May 2019
Want cars that are better for the planet and save drivers money? The European ... 25 May 2019
What has Europe done for us? How about reducing truck blindspots – making our ... 26 May 2019
We've reached 10 000 signatures today! Thanks a lot to you all and especially to... 28 May 2019
La pollution de l'air due au trafic automobile affecte directement la santé res... 28 May 2019
¿Pagará @AlmeidaPP_ y sus socios de ultraderecha la multa por revertir Madrid ... 29 May 2019
Dieselgate: les rappels des véhicules incriminés toujours à la traîne, déno... 29 May 2019
Air pollution 29 May 2019
Owners of dirty diesels affected by #Dieselgate get treated v differently depend... 29 May 2019
The situation is even worse for consumers and public health in Central and Easte... 29 May 2019
If we discovered 75% of cars sold had no brakes, we'd do everything to fix it. Y... 29 May 2019
Diez millones de diésel «sucios» han sido actualizados en Europa tras el «di... 29 May 2019
4 ans après le #dieselgate 33 millions de voitures fraudeuses sont toujours sur... 29 May 2019
Wow. If you live long enough you'll see everything... Electric car myths dispell... 29 May 2019
“Emissions from international aviation increased substantially as a result of ... 29 May 2019
The difference in this debate and say the beef industry is that we don’t force... 29 May 2019
Dutch investigators @InspectieLenT say they have uncovered widespread #fraud in ... 30 May 2019
If the car industry still can't produce keyless cars that can't be stolen automa... 31 May 2019
Yo voto por Ryanair, la compañía con el sucio honor de haber entrado en el top... 2 Jun 2019
Climate change gets 15 minutes at the aviation industry's annual conference. Fly... 3 Jun 2019
'If the European Commission is leading the way towards carbon taxes on sectors h... 3 Jun 2019
Bill Hemmings, director aviation and shipping, @transenv sets the tone at @warts... 3 Jun 2019
Madrid reduce su contaminación a niveles históricos en mayo. El nuevo informe ... 3 Jun 2019
#LOM La fin de vente des 3 Jun 2019
Anyone else going tomorrow to the "Batteries on wheels: the role of battery elec... 3 Jun 2019
VW new #carsharing scheme will near double the number of pure EVs on Berlin‘s ... 3 Jun 2019
les Voitures Electriques #EV ne vont pas plomber les réseaux mais aux contraire... 4 Jun 2019
Los cruceros también 'matan' el mar: solo en 2017 contaminaron más que todos l... 5 Jun 2019
Au conseil des ministres des transports de l’UE aujourd’hui, la France appel... 6 Jun 2019
7 Jun 2019
Nouvel article à lire sur @usinenouvelle : Des nouvelles du Dieselgate : seul ... 7 Jun 2019
How can we surf the 'green wave' 11 Jun 2019
#Infografía Los buques de pasajeros de lujo que atracan en puertos europeos pro... 11 Jun 2019
Wat zou er gebeuren als er belasting komt op kerosine? Bekijk de video van @tran... 11 Jun 2019
roll up, roll up for the contortionist act of the year, as UN tries to reconcile... 11 Jun 2019
Citizens have launched an official petition to end aviation’s 'tax haven' Thi... 12 Jun 2019
Domingo 9 de junio 12 Jun 2019
Italy 13 Jun 2019
The EU elections’ green wave 13 Jun 2019
Right now most EU 13 Jun 2019
Of the bottom two, Bulgaria’s 13 Jun 2019
La mayor parte de los países europeos no cumplirá los obligatorios objetivos d... 13 Jun 2019
Riduzione emissioni entro il 2030, obiettivo lontano per gli Stati Ue ➡️ htt... 13 Jun 2019
Sorpresa...un estudio concluye que los planes de los gobiernos europeos para red... 13 Jun 2019
Schlechtes Zeugnis für Österreichs Entwurf zum Nationalen Energie- und Klimapl... 14 Jun 2019
¿De verdad está Madrid a punto de acabar con la mejor zona de bajas emisiones ... 14 Jun 2019
J’invite tous les parlementaires français qui travaillent sur la #LOM à lire... 14 Jun 2019
Germany’s transport sector climate plans insufficient – ranking for EU membe... 14 Jun 2019
14 Jun 2019
“We can no longer rely on offsetting to deliver long-term climate goals” –... 14 Jun 2019
Jens Müller (@transenv) en @elespanolcom: "¿Se imaginan a París reabriendo el... 14 Jun 2019
15 Jun 2019
Flying is the fastest way to fry the planet. What's the solution, @salondubourge... 17 Jun 2019
@transenv 17 Jun 2019
Paris Air Show 2019: "It's a myth that we have democratized air travel" #PAS19 #... 18 Jun 2019
"Todos los estudios e informes actuales indican que #MadridCentral ha reducido l... 19 Jun 2019
Next week the Dutch are convening a major conference in The Hague to try to conv... 19 Jun 2019
Niños de colegios del centro protestan con mascarillas por la retirada de Madri... 19 Jun 2019
Dutch government seeks European support for taxing aviation fuel. Interview wit... 19 Jun 2019
How the European Union plans to stop greenwashing in banking. Via @forbes #EUTax... 20 Jun 2019
HUGE: This green list could become the gold standard for sustainable finance, mo... 20 Jun 2019
@transenv @oekoinstitut 10/n As Bill Hemmings from @transenv said, it is difficu... 20 Jun 2019
@transenv 4/n Many people are kind of pissed that aviation, a high carbon indust... 20 Jun 2019
Video message from @brunepoirson, State Secretary for the Ecological and Inclusi... 20 Jun 2019
That figure doesn't have a source, so I'll provide it for you. That $129bn is pa... 20 Jun 2019
A reluctant traveler considers the impact of his 2018 flying.[New STAFF BLOG] I... 20 Jun 2019
✈️LATEST: EU countries should agree bilaterally to tax #aviation fuel, Swed... 21 Jun 2019
✈️ 22 Jun 2019
Los malos humos ponen coto a la aviación El movimiento juvenil contra el cambio... 22 Jun 2019
¿Ya sigues a @demadridcentral? #SOSMadridCentral: porque Madrid Central solo ... 22 Jun 2019
BREAKING: CO2 emissions of new cars increased in EU in 2018. What's driving it? 24 Jun 2019
24 Jun 2019
The negotiators for the new Brussels regional governement received an internal c... 24 Jun 2019
More than 200,000 citizens have urged @begonavillacis & @AlmeidaPP_ to keep... 24 Jun 2019
Here's the link to the petition: https://t.co/SfKNHfnCtT 24 Jun 2019
@SilkeCo @transenv Because of #petrol switch in the #SUV sector car industry pus... 24 Jun 2019
Hollandsche file. https://t.co/2uNT7DcmQG 24 Jun 2019
Les opérateurs du ferroviaire rejoignent le mouvement pour la taxation du kéro... 25 Jun 2019
BREAKING: CO2 emissions of new cars increased in EU in 2018. What's driving it? 25 Jun 2019
L'inquinamento delle grandi navi da crociera https://t.co/lX5IAq45wH via @le_sci... 25 Jun 2019
Unfortunately offsetting is yesterday's climate policy, but @eu2019fi 25 Jun 2019
Even the World Health Organisation @WHO goes on record urging @begonavillacis an... 26 Jun 2019
La UE debe dejar de ser un paraíso fiscal para el queroseno, pidió en mayo nue... 26 Jun 2019
Brussels court must enforce proper air pollution monitoring, rules the European ... 26 Jun 2019
Il #biodiesel inquina: l’Antitrust accoglie la nostra segnalazione per pubblic... 26 Jun 2019
Almost two-thirds of palm oil consumed in the EU is burned as energy - new 2018 ... 27 Jun 2019
L'olio di palma nei nostri serbatoi continua ad aumentare a scapito delle nostre... 27 Jun 2019
Burning palm oil for energy must be a contender for the most stupid "green" poli... 27 Jun 2019
Almost two-thirds of #palmoil consumed in EU now burned for energy - new data vi... 27 Jun 2019
Almost two-thirds of palm oil consumed in the EU is burned as energy - new 2018 ... 27 Jun 2019
It turns out planes are even worse for the climate than we thought #aviation #fl... 28 Jun 2019
#Palmoil's share in EU biodiesel production rose to record high in 2018 ahead of... 28 Jun 2019
More palm oil in fuel tanks than in food and cosmetics - a trend that worsens by... 29 Jun 2019
Pese al calor extremo y las fechas, miles de personas salen en defensa de Madrid... 30 Jun 2019
More than 60,000 people protest in Madrid to save the city's clean air plan call... 30 Jun 2019
Largest street protest for environmental reasons in Spain since Nunca Mais (the ... 30 Jun 2019
Deutschland muss die Beimischung von #Palmöl zum #Diesel mit sofortiger Wirkung... 30 Jun 2019
Gli obiettivi del Piano Energia e Clima 2030 sono insufficienti per la decarboni... 1 Jul 2019
Il Piano #clima ed #energia manca di una visione a lungo termine, punta su gas e... 1 Jul 2019
DANGER in @MADRID. It did not take long: Air pollution increases today pursuant ... 1 Jul 2019
Mentre la CO2 globale aumenta a causa del #gas, il Governo celebra nuovi pozzi i... 1 Jul 2019
An airline accepts that it can't cut its emissions by itself. Now's the time for... 2 Jul 2019
Madrid Central: Madrid traffic levels rise as City Hall suspends fines for enter... 2 Jul 2019
#ClimateEmergency - The EU is the second-largest importer of #PalmOil after Indi... 3 Jul 2019
One particular argument used by the #GiletsJaunes caught the attention of 22-yea... 3 Jul 2019
Sign the petition asking for a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene): https://t.co/HmN... 3 Jul 2019
Climate change made European heatwave at least five times likelier https://t.co/... 3 Jul 2019
Négociations bruxelloises: @greenpeace_be @BeterLeefmilieu et @transenv demande... 3 Jul 2019
Palma de Mallorca is the second more polluted city in Europe by cruises. 3 Jul 2019
Hoy hablo en @eldiarioes del intento absurdo, desesperado y carente de argumento... 4 Jul 2019
El alcalde y la videalcaldesa se han comprometido a mantener Madrid Central. Nos... 4 Jul 2019
«L’été, tout se salit plus vite en fonction du nombre de bateaux qui s’am... 5 Jul 2019
L’accès à la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale doit être réservé aux véhicul... 5 Jul 2019
5 Jul 2019
Judges temporarily stops new mayor's decision to suspend fines for cars entering... 5 Jul 2019
Check out @Copernicuseu satellite data to see Nitrous oxides (NOx) pollution fro... 7 Jul 2019
Madrid Low Emission Zone: The judge said "the health of Madrid" was more importa... 7 Jul 2019
Bonjour .@PPouyanne ! Alors on veut planter des arbres pour continuer à polluer... 7 Jul 2019
Cycling should be safe and easy in Brussels everyday, not only when the #tourdef... 7 Jul 2019
10 azioni fondamentali per cambiare davvero - in meglio - clima e aria.… http... 8 Jul 2019
Un juez resucita #MadridCentral - la salud de los Madrileños es más importante... 9 Jul 2019
Many areas of Dublin are experiencing worsening NO2 #AirPollution due to traffic... 9 Jul 2019
The French 9 Jul 2019
The French 9 Jul 2019
The French 9 Jul 2019
Francia establece una "ecotax" en los billetes de #avión Una medida que no abor... 10 Jul 2019
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.@vonderleyen wants to be European Commission president, and yesterday she prese... 11 Jul 2019
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Mercosur deal is another sign that Europe’s biofuels policy is failing. First ... 12 Jul 2019
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Aviation CO2 emissions grew 3.9% within Europe last year – while emissions fro... 16 Jul 2019
This report paints a clear picture of public money subsidising Ryanair’s opera... 16 Jul 2019
Airports with greater passenger numbers, such as Charleroi in Belgium 16 Jul 2019
Why focus on Ryanair? It's the biggest airline polluter within Europe, and we wa... 16 Jul 2019
Nearly half of Ryanair’s struggling airports are in France 16 Jul 2019
52 of Ryanair’s 214 EU 16 Jul 2019
Taxpayers may be propping up almost a quarter of European Union airports served ... 16 Jul 2019
Las turbulencias para el transporte aéreo no cesan. En medio de los debates sob... 16 Jul 2019
Here’s our statement: https://t.co/ylOHVWczC1 #VdL 16 Jul 2019
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For ‘discussions’ read: Ryanair forcing local airports to cut landing charge... 17 Jul 2019
24 ONGs écrivent à .@EPhilippePM pour lui demander ne pas céder au #lobby de ... 17 Jul 2019
24% des aéroports RyanAir seraient déficitaires et subventionnés au détrimen... 17 Jul 2019
⚡⚡Electric surge!⚡⚡ The number of electric car models will triple in Eur... 18 Jul 2019
El cantidad de modelos de coches eléctricos a la venta en Europa se triplicará... 18 Jul 2019
In den nächsten fünf Jahren wird der #eAuto-Anteil in #Europa auf 22% ansteige... 18 Jul 2019
Today's report is a trove of info. Delve into it here: https://t.co/GeU4yArgCc 18 Jul 2019
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⚡⚡Electric surge!⚡⚡ The number of electric car models will triple in Eur... 20 Jul 2019
20 Jul 2019
According to Atmosfair, flying from London to NY and back generates about 986kg ... 22 Jul 2019
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