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Weekly Elsevier

Fermerijstraat 8
1000 Brussel, Belgium

Elsevier is by far the largest weekly of The Netherlands. The sum total of the circulation is usually around 150.000.Elsevier aims to inform, to confirm and to amuse, the three main functions of any opinion journal. Of these three, information is most important.Articles in Elsevier are based on facts. Elsevier journalists choose their subjects after balanced consideration. They want to find out what really happened. This means Elsevier articles form a valuable contribution to actual discussions. The magazine covers a wide range of subjects: politics, social issues both in The Netherlands and in foreign countries, economics, finance, science, art. The magazine aims to publish succinct, informative, factual articles.The website elsevier.nl has the latest news, backgrounds and opinion

Fermerijstraat 8

1000 Brussel



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