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Learning is a never-ending process. Conferences are not just about discussion, but to connect people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities. The key motto of Hilaris Conferences is to unite the Energy of Like-Minded Individuals to mould the future of research which will shape the future of the world.
The Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (CSEG) is a non-profit association which aims to stimulate the sustainable economic development at local and regional level in various sectors like industry, education, tourism, energy, civil society, etc. The organization represents a body governed by public law, established under the Bulgarian Act for non-profit legal entities. The Association was established by an initiative of several Bulgarian local authorities from the South Central region of Bulgaria and branch organizations from different sectors with the purpose to support development of policies, initiatives and projects in the area of: - Protection of environment, and water; - Circular economy promotion with the purpose to larger deploy the model at local and regional level; - Climate change issues; - To increase energy efficiency in public and private sectors; - Transfer of good EU practices and development of sustainable policies at local and regional level; - To foster the production of local sustainable RES energy; - To perform training, dissemination, and awareness raising campaigns in different fields which can contribute for sustainable development at local/regional level; - Development, management, and implementation of projects funded by different EU Programmes
Varna Scientific and Technical Unions (VSTU) is a non-governmental, non-political organization. It is a member organization of the Federation of the Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria (FSTU) which unites 19 scientific and technical unions (STU) and 34 local societies in the major cities of the country.