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The Association for Stroke and Aphasia(ASA) was found on 25th September 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Main goals of ASA:- to reduce the absolurte number of strokes in Bulgaria by 10%- to assure 90% of patients with accute stroke get proper medical tratment in certified stroke unit- to assure that all stroke survivers get equal right and access to all necessary services like rehabilitation and  other therapies in the recovery process- to control and assure the access to facilities and all establishments and public buildings is user friendly for disabled people- to make sure all necessary preventive measures are taken to get proper primary and secondary prevention aginst stroke- work for healthier lifestyle and educate the population- create a full guideline for life after stroke 
Law and Internet Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO & Research centre which supports and performs applied studies, scientific researches, programmes and projects in the field of legal, technological, economic and social issues related to the fast penetration of information and communication technologies both in public and private sectors. The mission of the organisation is to contribute towards the transformation of the society to meet the challenges of the digital world. The main pillars of the values the Foundation rest upon are development of legislation regarding digital environment through legal analyses and ethical reviews, promotion of quality education and lifelong learning, gender equality, protection of children from violence and abuse. To achieve its mission, Law and Internet Foundation initiates innovative and rigorous research projects, education activities, transfer of knowledge and best practices, as well as strong partnerships with national and international institutions.