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is rooted in Europe, where comfort slows down change. In the face of an ecological crisis and increasing polarization, we believe in the transforming power of public space. Through design, we unlock urban potentials, emancipate the individual, overcome opposition,invite participation, and support cultural flourishing. We strive for meaning, inspiration, and new visions for public spaces.
The Institute of Public Policy – Lisbon (IPP) is a think tank of academic origin, which acts in a nonpartisan manner, being independent of any economic, social, political, religious or other interests.We intend to promote a society in which the public debate is more enlightened and the political decision processes more rigorous and informed.Our mission is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the analysis and public debate of institutions and public policies with particular emphasis on Portugal and Europe, through the creation and dissemination of relevant research.We are a multi-disciplinary think tank that seeks to combine economic analysis with political science by developing our work in four key areas of research and debate: European Union economic policy; Public finance and good governance; Democracy and accountability; Social policy.The work of our researchers is presented to the public debate through our own series of publications and regular interventions in the press. We are also strongly committed to strength the scientific and cultural exchange between researchers and institutions in the areas of similarity and in the context of the common problems linking Portugal to Europe and to Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as, secondarily, to the United States of America.