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Lifelong Learning Institute from Iasi focuses research of educational phenomenon during the entire life and training specialists in the field, providing scientific and methodological support for institutes of continuing education and adults in Romania, through the partnership between academic activities and the making activities.
INCSMPS - the Romanian national scientific research institute on labour and social protection has as main thematic fields: forecasting, strategies, modelling; demography, migration; labour market, motivation, productivity; social indicators, social insurance&assistance; labour & social protection legislation. For 25 years, INCSMPS has performed scientific research activities supporting Romania’s efforts to create and develop a sustainable economy, based on modern, European principles. The quality of the researchers’ work, efforts and involvement contributed to the national sectorial policies design and national&international institute's recognition. INCSMPS has organized many scientific events; most of them announced in EU Agenda also: 2006 - “SECURITY THROUGH DIVERSITY”; 2007 - “YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT PARADOX”; 2008 -"FLEXIBILITY AND SECURITY ON  THE ROMANIAN LABOUR MARKET"; 2009 -MuPSoc 2009 "EFFECTS OF ECONOMIC CRISIS ON THE LABOUR MARKETS.PATHWAYS TO RECOVERY"; 2010 -"INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE R&D SYSTEM AND ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE" and the 20-th and the 25-th anniversary conference.
The European Institute of Romania (EIR) is a public institution whose aim is to assist the public administration, the business environment and civil society in understanding and assuming the elements that Romania's accession to the European Union involves.Striving to meet a widely-felt need for expertise in this field, EIR provides high-quality services to its target-groups: policy-makers and advisors, experts and practitioners in EU accession, the academic environment and civil society.