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BMI provides services to the pharma and health care industry in these major imaging areas - Image analysis and reporting - Software solutions for managing biomedical images - Consultancy services in the imaging area The foundations of BMI’s solutions and services are built around our software solution, which is a proven state of the art solution that handles all standard and proprietary image formats in a validated, secure and efficient manner. Among the users today we have both big pharma and the health care industry.
Swedish Peat Reserach Foundation (TorvForsk) is a charitable reserach foundation. Established in 1983 by representatives of the Peat Industry. TorvForsk is to initiate, plan, inplement and evaluate research and development relevant to peat and peatlands. The Congress is a colloboration with the International Peat Society (IPS) which is a non-govermental, non-profit, multidisciplinary organisation of scientific, industrial and regolatory members. The vision of the IPS is to be the authoritative intenational organisation on all of aspects of peatlands and peat.