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The INTERSECT-project is a large (eight years, 40+ partners, 10M€) public private partnership on R&D and (technological) innovation focused on establishing a novel approach to cyber security of Internet-of-Things. This project is funded by the Dutch National Research Council (NWO) in the context of its commitment to the National Science Agenda (NWA) as well as by 20+ other organizations. INTERSCT. is the name of the stakeholder engagement network related to the project.
Domestic wastewater is an important carrier of resources, especially water and nutrients – which are hardly recovered in the current centralised wastewater management systems. The Run4Life project demonstrates an alternative strategy for improving nutrient recovery, based on a decentralised treatment of segregated black water (toilet wastewater), grey water (other domestic wastewaters) and organic kitchen waste. Different innovative technologies are combined to achieve this goal. At 4 sites in Europe, for the first time nutrients will be recovered from domestic waste streams of several 100 dwellings. In collaboration with fertilizer producers, the resulting products will be characterised and the possibilities for their agricultural application will be determined. End users and other stakeholders are a fundamental part of this evaluation to achieve institutional, legal and social acceptance.The Run4Life project receives funding from the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, GA no 730285.