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Public administraytion responsible for the Poland's foreign policy 
The Bureau for Chemical Substances is an institution of governmental administration responsible for issues related to chemicals in Poland. It is managed and represented by the Inspector for Chemical Substances. The  Inspector is supervised by the Minister of Health.In general, the Bureau was formed when Polish legislation was being harmonized with the acquis communautaire, and since then, it has been the Polish competent authority (CA) for chemicals.
The Polish National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union (KPK) operates under the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IPPT PAN), which is one of the biggest scientific establishments of the Polish Academy of Sciences. KPK was appointed in 1999 by the Ministry responsible for scientific research as a result of a national contest in connection with Poland's participation in the 5th Research Framework Programme of the European Union. Since then, our main goal is to promote the EU R&D programmes throughout Poland in various research and industrial areas. It is being achieved through training, consultancy and coaching, facilitating partner search, encouraging project consortia creation and promoting international co-operation. KPK operates as an umbrella for the entire FP7 through a country-wide network with headquarters in Warsaw. The network consists of 10 Regional Consortia of Contact Points, 21 Thematic Contact Points and many Local Contact Points located in different research establishments operating in the field of research and technological innovation. KPK together with the network members provides various services guiding the Polish R+D sector through different EU programmes and instruments connected to the European Research Area