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Working on iPSCs for research or medicines development? Introd...
IMI’s EBiSC project has established a centralised, not-for-profit human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) bank providing researchers across academia and industry with access to scalable, cost-efficient and consis...
SCORES Project: 2nd Newsletter (April 2019)
We are delighted to introduce the second edition of the of the SCORES newsletter. In this edition, we will tell you about ideas behind the SCORES project & update you on its progress. You will also learn more about TN...
AGENDA of 100% Renewable Heating & Cooling for a Sustainable F...
Follow up #100RHC on Twitter @EtipRhc to stay informed about new speakers and latest news on the RHC ETIP platform events!
SCORES Project: 1st Newsletter (November 2018)
We are delighted to introduce this first edition of the of the SCORES newsletter. In this edition, we will share with you a brief overview of the project, invitation to the first workshop co-organized by our partners ...
350,000 jobs created by European tech firms in 5 years
Europe's technology industries are growing fast: turnover is up 5% in 2017, and 2018 is set to mark the fifth consecutive year of growth.
5th CREATE Newsletter - July 2018
The main aim of CREATE is to develop and demonstrate a heat battery, i.e. an advanced thermal storage system based on Thermo-Chemical Materials (TCMs), that enables economically affordable, compact and loss-free stora...
ECO-Binder project - Newsletter July 2018
The ECO-Binder project aims to implement industrial R&D activities related to developing Belite-Ye’elimite-Ferrite (BYF) based low-CO2 binders and demonstrating the possibility of replacing Ordinary Portland Cement ...
E2VENT Project: 6th newsletter - June 2018
E2VENT main goal is the development of an Energy Efficient Ventilated Facades for Optimal Adaptability and Heat Exchange enabling low energy architectural concepts for the refurbishment of existing buildings.
Industry working with farmers - examples of good cooperation b...
Industry working with farmers - examples of good cooperation between the food industry and the farming community