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I got it!

105 pages, 2M
June 2022

European E-commerce Report 2022

Source: ecommerce-europe.eu

Featured Publications in Internet

International Benchmarking of the Digital Transformation 2024

Report, Jun 2024, espanadigital.gob.es

Datos sinteticos

Infographic, Oct 2023, datos.gob.es

Digital Decade - Report 2024

Report, Jul 2024, espanadigital.gob.es

Other Publications in Digital

Webinar on Geospatial Harvesting on data.europa.eu

Presentation, Dec 2022, europeandataportal.eu

Back to the future: Policy pointers from platform work scenarios

Policy Brief, Sep 2020, eurofound.europa.eu

London Calling

Publication, Feb 2023, fpc.org.uk

Open data maturity Malta

Infographic, Jan 2021, europeandataportal.eu

Open data maturity Cyprus

Infographic, Jan 2021, europeandataportal.eu

Let there be light-processed computing

Press Release, youris.com GEIE

Telecom Market Design

Position Paper, Mar 2017, beuc.eu

Harmonising enforcement in methods to calculate GDPR fines

Policy Brief, Jul 2022, digitaleurope.org

How Policymakers Can Foster Algorithmic Accountability

Policy Brief, May 2018, datainnovation.org

International Calls

Publication, May 2020, beuc.eu

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