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Innovation in personal and household services (PHS)
Results of a survey exploring the importance of innovation in past and future developments of the PHS sector.
Industrial relations: Representativeness of the European socia...
Industrial relations: Representativeness of the European social partner organisations: Hotels, restaurants and cafe
Fighting terrorism online: prevention is better than cure
The EU launches the fight against online terrorism with new rules to tackle propaganda and recruiting on social media. But how effective could they be?
Offering solutions to the world’s effort against crime
A side event on lessons from PROTON was held on 18 October 2018 at the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Convention on Transnational Organized Crime
Getting ready for the final step
The members of the PROTON project have met to organise future activities and discuss how to best develop Agent-Based Simulations for crime prevention
Women and terror
PROTON’s member Professor Gary LaFree describes his investigation of the role of women in terrorism
When the remedy is worse than the disease
Dr. Justice Tankebe explains how certain counter-terrorism strategies may lead to radicalisation and argues for his findings to be taken into account in PROTON
Life's hard and then you die - with no choice and no voice...
Life's hard and then you die - with no choice and no voice: Exploring end of life priorities within the homeless population in the UK
When science challenges terrorism
New studies are developing innovative tools that mix social, psychological and economic factors to study the recruitment process of organised crime and terror groups. The balance between fundamental rights and securit...
350,000 jobs created by European tech firms in 5 years
Europe's technology industries are growing fast: turnover is up 5% in 2017, and 2018 is set to mark the fifth consecutive year of growth.