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Riding in the right direction: a Turkish city goes back to cyc...
Tepebaşı is a town of Eskişehir in western Turkey embracing a return to urban cycling albeit with a novelty – the bikes are electric
On the way to spur uptake of electric and hybrid mobility
A major challenge in the automotive industry is to produce a single, integrated drivetrain to work on different classes of hybrid and electric cars and thus meet the growing trend for greater sustainability.
EU Project Boosts Use of E-Vehicles in Valladolid
Municipal staff in Valladolid, Spain, are going electric in their daily work. With a fleet of 13 e-cars, the municipality is leading by example in adopting a more ecological behaviour thanks to EU-funded project REMOU...
Smart city platform to monitor electric mobility
The focus of this year´s European Mobility Week, from 16 to 22 September, is “mix and move“, an encouragement for citizens to change how they travel. Boosting electric mobility is crucial for this, and Valladolid...
23 September 2016 - EU maritime transport: "Much investmen...
23 September 2016 - EU maritime transport: "Much investment ineffective and unsustainable, with a high risk of waste"