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The best of EU Agenda @ 499€/year

Less than 42€ a month for the whole team

Promote your organisation all-year long

Continuous promotion of your organisation.
With the Premium, your organisation is featured in the organisers directory, in our weekly newsletter and in all other organisers pages.
Worthy the annual fee by itself!

Higher impact organisation's page.
Your organisation page gets a better layout with NO competition links.
See example.

Enjoy priority support.
Premium accounts receive support within 1 hour.

Get more options for your conferences

Publish unlimited events, training, webinars.
The other accounts are capped at 100 events per year.

Use links and emails in your events description.
Links/emails are automatically stripped in the other accounts.

Save money on events tickets sales.
With the Premium, you pay only the Stripe fees of 1.4% + 0.25€ for EU cards or 2.9% + 0.25€ for non EU cards. The other accounts are charged twice more.

Profit from 20% off on Premium Events
No discount for the other accounts.

Save time with automatic publishing mechanisms

Sync YouTube Channels.
Your videos are auto-published to the Videos Directory.

Sync RSS feeds.
Your RSS are auto-published to the News Directory.

Sync Twitter accounts.
Your tweets are auto-published to the News Directory.

Enjoy exclusive tools and resources

Generate PDF Publications from your text.
Copy / paste your text to generate a PDF in seconds (see example) and push it to the Publications Directory

Access the 15k+ Events Archive.
Get inspiration by the expired events of your competition.

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