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I got it!

Ms Crystal Jade Lerios


portfolio includes teacher training, teaching Mathematics, consulting for schools and creating learning packages for schools and other organizations.


Some of her most important years were spent at Ministry of Education’s summer camp in Cyprus, taking care of primary school children. There she made a realization early on that it really does take a village to raise a child as she saw in practice how crucial the multifaceted input that was derived from the teamwork of teachers, cleaners, cooks and other staff members from all walks of life, was to uplifting and caring for those children. This lead to her to follow and seek an academic path that acknowledged the importance of taking a multidisciplinary and holistic approach when tackling problem solving in a manner  that has  long lasting and effective benefits.


That is why after her BSc in Mathematics, she grabbed the opportunity when offered to do an MSc in Anthropology of Childhood, Youth and Education at Brunel University as it was the first degree of its kind to be established and is still unique in its deep anthropological exploration on what it is to be a child or to be young. Part of the MSc required conducting empirical fieldwork research. That was when she traveled to Cape Town to and works in a township with children that were prone to joining gangs and street life. Her thesis researched child participation in decision making processes within child-organisations.