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I got it!

Mr Edward Vali

General Partner at Accelerate Venture Partners | Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Expert

Edward Vali is a Blockchain expert, Cryptocurrency enthusiast, and a Venture investor. He is one of the early adaptors of digitalized assets supporting and utilizing the Blockchain technologies for a decentralized sharing economy. He believes new technologies, such as Decentralized Ledger and Smart Contracts, have the potential to bring unbanked population in developing regions faster into the global economy. Edward is also part time Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School. His research and teaching focus predominantly on Capital Market Studies. Edward has been contributor to the European Commission’s PRISM project on Intellectual Capital in Venture-backed Investments. Currently he is engaged with an ambitious Blockchain project that intends to ease the interaction with digital currencies and tokenized transactions for general public, governments, institutions, and the professional investment community.