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I got it!

Dr Nadrian Seeman

Honorable Guest

Nadrian C. Seeman was born in Chicago in 1945.  Following a BS in biochemistry from the University of Chicago, he received his Ph.D. in biological crystallography from the University of Pittsburgh in 1970.  His postdoctoral training, at Columbia and MIT, emphasized nucleic acid crystallography.  He was the first to demonstrate the correctness of Watson-Crick A-U base pairing at atomic resolution.  He obtained his first independent position at SUNY/Albany, where he had the epiphany that led to Semantomorphic Chemistry.  Ever since, he has been trying to implement this approach and its spin-offs, such as DNA nanorobotics and the organization of nanoelectronics by DNA; since 1988 he has worked at New York University, where he is the Margaret and Herman Sokol Professor of Chemistry.  He has won numerous awards including the Sidhu Award, the Kavli Prize in Nanoscience, the Feynman Prize, the Rozenberg Tulip award in DNA-Computation, the William H. Nichols Award,the Jagadish Chandra Bose Triennial Gold Medal, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry.