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I got it!

Dr Neil Boonham

Plant Virologist, Team Leader

Dr. Neil Boonham is a molecular plant virologist who has been specialising in recent years on the development of novel methods and approaches for the detection of pathogens and the identification of pests. He has a particular interest in the development and deployment of field tests as well as the development of highly parallel laboratory diagnostic techniques, based on microarrays and next generation sequencing. He is also an editor for The Journal of Virological Methods. In addition he has supervised a total of 13 PhD students 5 of which have successfully completed their studies, the remaining students are at various stages in the program. He has many recent publications in the field of plant diagnostics and one patent entitled Purification methods and Kits.He has managed a number of large R&D projects funded primarily by Defra and the EU. Currently he is a Coordinator of EU 7th framework project Q-DETECT, Virology Work Package leader of EU 7th framework project Q-BOL, Coordinator of EU 6th framework project PortCheck and Project leader of Defra project PH0305: Novel diagnostic techniques for the detection of pests and diseases of statutory concern.